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No Gym=No Problem

I know that you have been looking forward to sweaty self portraits all day long.  My helmet size=XXL, I know you think I am kidding but I am not, ginormous heads run in my family. As many of you know, I absolutely LOVE THE GYM. Examples include: -Marathon on a gym treadmill. -Gym pool is … Continue Reading

Working out on the deck……..

The sun woke me up WAY earlier than we were going to leave to go mountain biking this morning so I started my morning reading blogs, that IS what most people in the world do first thing upon waking up.  I got motivated by YOU GUYS to workout even though I was runningless and gymless. … Continue Reading

Tanning our thighs.

Look who we caught trying to get into the whipped cream….we finally had to cover it with a towel to avoid any charlie tongue flavor in our whipped cream.   I dared Billy to climb this tree.  Triple dog dares are sacred to me and he turned it down like it meant nothing to him. … Continue Reading