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Morning Kisses!?!?!

I found my match……there is another living thing that loves mornings as much as me!! As soon as I open my eyes I am awake and ready to party.  It takes Billy a few minutes to wake up and run around but my new little buddy is waiting and ready to attack me with kisses … Continue Reading


The winner of the ANONYA giveaway is……. Girl….EMAIL ME ASAP SO WE CAN GET YOU THOSE AWESOME CAPRIS!!!!!  

Craptastic run with a REALLY bad hair day.

No comments on my hair, I am well aware of its weirdness and I will work on it later today. We set out to do 8 miles around the most beautiful lake ever. Every step my lamesauce shins screamed at me.  Dare I say it was worse than running a 1/2 marathon on a femoral … Continue Reading


Look who I caught reading hungryrunnergirl on his ipad?  Hopefully he learned about how to eat large amounts of sugar/produce and workout like a mad person. We tried to tire Charlie out by taking him on a long walk but he still managed to….. do this……. Rest In Peace Mr. Fluffy Dog Doll.