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I know you think I exaggerate a lot (okay, Billy tells me I exaggerate a lot) but I am not this time.  In all honesty I have found my new favorite workout clothing line. Anonya (a new company in SAN FRANCISCO) sent me their Lola Run Capri and Tara Hoodie and I am OBSESSED.  Why … Continue Reading

Late to SPIN and NEED help with WEIGHTS!!!

It is getting kind of ridiculous how much I am loving sleeping in this summer.  I guess I am just catching up on all of the months of the 4:45 a.m. wake up call to go run. I was that person that walked into spin class a half an hour late and had a ton … Continue Reading

Halibut and so you think you can dance.

You know you are cool when you force the dog to take iphone self-photos with you.  Poor thing is trying to get away from me and chase after rabbits. 3 main reasons I have been walking the dog multiple times a day. 1-To prove to Billy that I am responsible and would make a great … Continue Reading