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Shrimp salad and haircuts (not at the same time).

Working out here is the  No more rushing to fit in the rest of my workout and skipping the showers because I want to fit in one more mile even though I am already 10 minutes late to work.  We get to take our sweet time to get up, fuel, run and hangout. The … Continue Reading

Ice Cream Pyramid and My New Running Buddy.

Little Charlie (puppy pics here) is not so little anymore, but he still loves to cuddle with his big sis.  I forsee many beach runs with this bundle of energy this summer. We went into our ‘room’ and this was on the bed.  I keep trying to convince Billy that since he got the magazine … Continue Reading

Dogs, Palm Tree’s and of course Ice Cream.

I think Billy is happy to be home:) I wonder how much ice cream I can consume this summer.