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HungryRunnerDadio Guest Post

As you know my dad had a little health scare that encouraged him to lose some weight.  He has lost a total of 23 lbs in 44 days and he has stuck to his new ‘diet’ and exercise program longer than ever. We need him around so that he can see me win a marathon … Continue Reading

One hour spin class!?!?!

I think I lost my brain this morning.  I guess I forgot how to pack for getting ready at the gym.  Actually, I didn’t forget but somehow I managed to lose my work shirt at the gym. I looked everywhere for it and it was nowhere. Maybe someone decided to steal my 2.99 shirt that … Continue Reading

Whole Wheat Pasta and Homemade White Sauce

Somehow the weather went from beautiful pool weather……. to tornado city.   I guess this is my punishment for washing my hair. Green striped shirts that are 2.99 at Forever 21 are cool, don’t ask questions…just take my word for it. We went on over to the bro and sister in-laws for dinner.  They just … Continue Reading