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Triple Tangent Tuesday!!!

Today’s workout (please remember that I have nothing to do all day since I am a teacher and off for summer and I don’t have friends and my husband is smart and busy with school and that is why I am able to live at the gym): 1 hour pump class 30 Minutes elliptical 30 … Continue Reading

Shoes, shoes, shoes.

Billy likes to tease (aka try to tell me something I need to work on in a nice way) me about how many workout shoes I have.  I like to reply by saying that they are absolutely necessary and that without them I would probably sit on the couch half the day watching tween television … Continue Reading

Robot dancing and playing outside!

Obviously the extreme talent of being able to do the robot with perfection runs in my family. I really am addicted to being outside now that it is finally WARM!!! Utah, remember how you snowed two weeks ago?!? I don’t even know what is happening in this picture. Science meets ice cream.  I should have … Continue Reading