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Gotta love rest days.

You are welcome, I shaved my arm pits just for you. After my injury I have learned that rest days are just as important for your training and increasing your fitness as tough workouts are.  If you just go go go and never take the time to let your body repair itself, you end up … Continue Reading

Smoothies or Cookie Dough?

Breakfast was a tough choice.  I was making cookies (using my FAVE cookie recipe found HERE) for the peep’s at church and the dough is the best thing I have ever tasted but I knew that eating that for bfast probably would result in a headache and me curled up in a sugar coma on … Continue Reading

I am a runner again.

Watching the lead men and woman of the marathon was SO inspirational to me.  These people are so dedicated, driven and motivated to do everything they can do be phenomenal runners.  They make it looks so easy too!  First place male finished in 2:19.  CRAZY!!!  The two leaders with orange bibs….passing the half-marathoners! It was … Continue Reading