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Multi-Tasking 101

This week is busy.  The weird thing is that I really enjoy being super busy but I also love to have absolutely nothing on my schedule….does that make any sense?  I guess I just love to work work work and then crash for a few days and never make it out of my cave unless … Continue Reading

It was a glorious morning.

Today was one of those workouts that the stars aligned and I was so happy (even though I was INCREDIBLY sore from pump yesterday!! Do 5,000 lunges make your buns sore too?  I can barely sit down!) 3 miles with walking breaks in between:  8:20, 8:06. 8:12. (I am going to take the next two … Continue Reading

Seat Belt Dance and Zero-Carb Breadtwists.

Please help me.  I need an intervention.  When my friends want to go out to eat and everyone else is being indecisive I step up to the plate and plead for my salad mountain.   I need to branch out, but it is just too hard.  My salad mountain is = to your Whole Foods … Continue Reading

June 7th

Welcome to the page that I can store all of the random photos that I take that don’t make the cut to be on the blog. Billy’s dinner.  I am sorry honey.  I will make you a frozen burrito tomorrow, I promise. Billy hanging out in the front by himself because I refuse to clean … Continue Reading