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Sunday June 5th

Workout for today: Spoon to mouth and walking back and forth to the kitchen to get more food! I am tempted to go for a long walk but I think that would defeat the purpose of letting my femurs rest. ———————————————————– What was your workout? What day do you take a rest day on?

Mixed Feelings About Running.

You know it is a good morning when you wake up at 10, make breakfast, eat it in bed (without spilling one time…that is a first), watch Scrubs, fall asleep again but call it a nap so that you don’t feel so lazy that you ‘woke up’ at noon. Yogurt, apples, banana and a pb … Continue Reading

Sleeping with the lights on.

Billy will no longer take me to the grocery store.  I begged and pleaded for this awesome pinata to fill up with skittles, sour patch kids and milky ways.  I have the perfect place to hang it in my house to keep me entertained during my summer afternoons alone. He reminded me we were there … Continue Reading