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My New Favorite Recipe!

If you remember from THIS POST, my sis and I went to Costco and tried Taboule.  We became obsessed quickly.  My bank account didn’t like my obsession and so I was determined to make it on my own. I think I may have a problem because this recipe yields close to 10 cups and I … Continue Reading

Happy National Running Day.

I decided to postpone celebrating National Running Day until tomorrow.  (Okay, I actually had to force myself to not run because I was starting to make exceptions to the ‘running every other day’ rule because it is a national holiday!  I guess femur recovery doesn’t celebrate this holiday) Instead I swam for 60 minutes after … Continue Reading

My Game Plan for Recovery.

Let’s talk about what lies ahead for me in terms of running…….. But first, last night…….. I repeated my lunch and snack eats for dinner.  Real original.  Food blogger of the year. We were rushing out the door last night because I got home late from buying a table for $40 (can’t wait to show … Continue Reading