Change Hurts and Billy’s Chores

Um, last day of school.  How did that happen? Last day of spin.  Yeah, we will talk about that one later.

It is the end of the year and all of the sudden I am crying over every little thing.

I turn from “I can’t wait until it is summer and leave these little boogers” to “AHHHH DON’T GRADUATE AND LEAVE ME AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE.”

A student wrote on my board a note about how they will miss me.  I made the whole class leave for lunch early so that they wouldn’t see me bawling over how much I care about them.

I have issues.

Yesterday was graduation and I was a mess.  The foreign exchange students that are leaving nearly killed me off.  My mascara was everywhere (even on my chin and a little on my left knee somehow).

After graduation I taught spin and once again, I cried afterwards.  Long story short….the gym I have taught at for the last 4 years is canceling every single one of their classes (pump, yoga, spin, zumba…everything).  They have offered me to teach at other gyms but the times don’t really work for me and the drive is far. I don’t really know what I am going to do.  I loved teaching spin so much but once again….I guess I am supposed to learn something and it is how we handle lame situations that prove who we really are.

Although, I am not a fan of change.

But I am a fan of taking my sister’s kids for ice cream cones.  I really have slowly brainwashed them to believe that I am the greatest human being on the Earth.  I even have a Janae-Sadie date planned for next Tuesday.  (PS We were up North…that is why we didn’t go to my beloved Yogurtland and that is why I opted for something else ha, I really do have issues.)

IMG 6261

IMG 6266

The sister and I got a triple layer brownie from a nearby bakery to share instead.  We were those people that you see in gym clothes (just came from the gym) eating back all of the calories that we burned off times 10.  Life is too short to not include frosting daily.

IMG 6272

And for dinner……..

IMG 6276

You too can own a gansta hoody like mine.  Just go to the mens section in wal-mart and pay $8.99.

IMG 6283

Tuna lettuce wraps.  Celery, carrots and a bunch of other junk thrown into lettuce.  Basically, my normal favorite salad but eaten in a way that is different so that you think I am creative.

I put Billy to work in separating the cheese into baggies for freezing.  He has a hard life.

IMG 6285

Now that I am done with work if you want to pay me to come put wall paper just like ours all over your house I will for just $50 an hour.


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Do you like change?

-At first NO but everything ends up working out so I just have to sit back and chill and not freak out about everything like my OCD ways want me to.

What makes you all sentimental and mushy gushy?

-Whenever the bachelor season ends, my students leaving me for college, estrogen overload and the new Taylor Swift songs or anything that Adelle sings.

Where you happy or sad when you graduated High School?  What about College?

-I LOVED high school and was devastated to have to leave my best friends (and move all of 20 minutes away).  Once I got to college I realized how much more fun it was than high school but was more than ready to graduate because I had a lil’ something to look forward too…..MARRYING Billaroo 5 days later.

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No I do not like change at all! Andy often teases me about it as I really really do not like it!
I get sad at the end of the year when my class leaves me for their next teacher, but I still see them around school so it is not the same really.


Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about your spin class. I know you loved it. Everything ending at once must be hard, but you'll find something else you love to keep you busy over the summer.

I always pictured you as a silly spin instructor. I loved when my old spin instructors were like that. :-)

I'm looking for a gym so I can get back into spin again. It's such a great workout!


Oh nooo why are they cutting all the classes?! That's awful!! BUT this gives you extra incentive to move to London and teach spin here, yes?! ;)

Aww your students are lucky to have such a caring teacher like you! And I am seriously DROOLING over that triple layer brownie! YUM!!


I am SO bad at dealing with change, it's something I really need to work at! If my plans change last minute, I get ants in my pants and just don't know what to do with myself.

Also, I am a Taylor Swift addict. People tease me to no end, but I think she's amazing. :)


I was happy when I graduated high school, college was a combination of sad and very proud… little did I know I'd be back at the same college in a year for my masters lol.

I don't blame you one bit for getting emotional about the kids leaving for the summer, I'd probably be the same way.


I was excited to graduate both high school and college, but found that once I did graduate college I was slightly sad because my routine was so different and I had to find something else to be good at besides my grades.


I'm leaving teaching to go back to school for my graduate degree in Acting. I've probably cried once a day, every day since January. I usually thrive on change, but leaving my kids is COMPLETELY different… Annnnddd… I'm crying again… :)


Milestone moments always get me! Sorry about the gym–that's a bummer!


I can't believe your gym is cancelling its classes! I would totally protest. I'm leaving the city and gym that I've been at for the past 6 months, and I'm completely devastated. I know that the gyms around the area I'm moving to don't have the awesome classes that I'm used to, so I'm slowly adjusting to the fact that I'm going to have to change my routine :(

I loved high school, so it was tough graduating. But honestly, college has so much more freedom and less drama that I wouldn't want to go back.


aw sweetie! sending big hugs – that's totally rubbish that they've cancelled your spin classes. Can't you take a spin bike home with you – afetr all they don't need em any more!


I was SOOOOOOOOOO happy to graduate high school and I am graduating college next year. I'm kinda stuck in between right now, because I LOVE college and I'm having a blast, but I'm also looking forward to graduating… :)


OMG, why are they cancelling classes?!?! That sucks! I'm so sorry….just go there and start a spin/bike class, people will be sure to join in :)


Just wanted to let you know that I am totally feeling what you are saying right now. LOTS of changes going on right here too. It is never easy, but I try to think that change happens because we have done what we are supposed to do in this place and God is moving us on to our next task.


I was sad when I graduated high school and college is still a year off.

You can come teach spin at my gym then come to my step class. We can be teaching besties.


Hang in there lady. When God closes one door for us, he also opens a window that will have a beautiful breeze flowing through it. And if we keep our hearts open to the change that may come, we might be able to experience a little magic in our lives. You are a wonderful woman that inspires thousands of people across the world DAILY! Maybe there is something truly amazing, MIND BLOWING, out there just waiting for you to come experience it.


I think there's something in the water here or it's the changing seasons, but I feel like I've been feeling mushy all the time. I was watching Glee the other day on the treadmill and started crying! How awkward (at least I was in my own home)! It wasn't even a particularly sentimental episode!

I totally want to try lettuce wraps.

That really stinks that your gym cancelled classes! Mine rearranged all of our class times so I couldn't go to any of them, so I ended up quitting the gym :(.


No I do not like change! I get all anxious over the thought of change but once the change happens and I realize everything will be okay or it actually worked out then I'll be okay. It's more of anticipating a change.
High school was okay! I liked it but didn't love it. I'm in college now and I love it!


thanks for mentioning us!! you're the best. serious.

why are they cancelling classes?? weird!

i am sorry you're sad about your students leaving :( i am NOT sad for that day! ah! i can't even wait. we still have a freaking nother week! 5 more days…i don't know if i can make it! bah!

ps, did you know there is a yogurtland at jordan landing? i don't know where up north you were, but there is one. also, it is not as good as orem. i swear. i filled up my cup and was not as satisfied. still good of course, but not AS good. orem must use magic in their yogurt.

happy last day! are you guys having awesome yearbook-signing or assemblies or something fun??


Oh my gosh! Why in the world would they cancel evrey single class, how devastating! I'm so sorry! You will find something else, have faith! It's good that you will miss your students, that means that you really care about what they are going to do with their lives, you are a good teacher!


i tend to hate change also. I'm a homebody so that doesn't help the cause either. I was SO sad to graduate high school, and I know it will be devastating to graduate college because of how close i am with my friends but i'm looking forward to bigger things at the same time! change is AWESOME and necessary!


Change is so hard. I can't believe you're out of school! We still have another week. Yeah, we have to go back after Memorial day!
Our gym cancelled all the night spin classes at the end of last month. I was devastated! That was basically my only cross training. But they said that everyone would want to ride outside in the nice weather. You would think they would check the weather report if they were going to do that!
Love your dinner! If you get bored, you should come up here and visit me!


OH NO, I was like | | this close to tears when I read that about your classes. I'm a fitness instructor too, and I know how much I love even TAKING classes, that's so awful, I'm sorry!

I don't like change much either, but I guess ya just gotta roll with whatever God gives ya because there's definitly something better in store for you !

I get sentimental about anything involving dance. Because I've also been a dancer my whole life, and I'm on a little break, and I miss it like nobody's business.

And I was THRILLED to graduate High School, I was so over the dramatic/let'spartyallthetime mentality of my classmates!

BTW.."Life is too short to not include frosting daily." Literally the best version of 'life is too short' I have ever read. I love it. :D


Couldn't agree more. Change is very hard, but it's through the change that makes us grow that we can move forward to hold the hands of others who are afraid of change..


I like change when it's for the good :)

Yay for the last day of school! But I understand why you would be sad and sentimental about it :(

I am the most sentimental person you will ever meet. I try to hold onto good memories like they are tangible objects, I don't like to let go of good memories. Even just walking past some place where I had a fun time last summer or something and I get all sentimental, haha.

Graduating HS and college were both tough but the change ended up being great because I loved moving on to college and now I love living in NYC! :)


Awe Janae! No more teaching Spin?!? You could move to PA and teach here :) I'd get everyone and their mother to come to your classes!

Have a great day beautiful!


Definitely not a huge fan of change, but it usually turns out to be good in the end!!! :D
Hope you have a wonderful day!


Change can open the door to new possibilities! And brownies make everything better :)


Oh girl, I'm sorry to hear about your class being cancelled! Come play with me during your spare time! Yes, we would have so much fun!

Change is hard, but essential. It helps us to grow stronger as a person and adapt to new and exciting things… Hang in there sweet girl.


This made me think of you:


Yeah for you for spoiling those kids.
I was SO ready to leave college and start teaching becuase I was SO BROKE!!!
(I was only slightly less broke when I started teaching. :) )


That is a lot of change FAST. Poor lady. You will make it through as soon as your summer vacation starts you will be thinking "what forgein exchange students?"


Man, sorry about the spin class. Sucks. I bet your spin students are going to be just as bummed as you. I am not a fan of change.

I was thrilled to leave high school, and move upward and onward, and leave home. It was a really good time for me. I was a little sad to leave college. I could have been a student forever, but I had a great job, and a wedding a month after graduation, so lots to look forward to.

Join in the Warrior Dash craze! Great way to have some fun with friends.


Still lovin' your blog! I look forward to it every day. Can't wait to read about your summer. Enjoy it!


I am so mad at your gym for cancelling classes. I was planning my Utah trip and was going to come a day early just so i could make one of your classes.
I hate change. 3 of my 6 best friends moved away last year and i still get teary eyed thinking about it. We are having a reunioin in September (hence the Utah trip) and I am so excited to see all of my besties together again.
I hated high school and was so ready for college to be over so I could start earning some money. Granted, I was a teacher so the money wasn't great but better than nothing.



This is Kim from HowetoCook! Thanks for the shoutout on our awesome blog! Mindy got me hooked on reading your blog (after she saw you at Yogurtland and didn't dare say hi ;) and now I'm obsessed! Plus, I work with Rachelle Wardle's sister and you would think between her blog and yours I would get hittin' the pavement! :)

I teach 1st grade in Springville and I have been so emotional today too! I usually just kick their little fannies out the door, but today I just want them to stay forever, they thought it was so funny I was crying when they all gave me their cute little gifts and sentimental cards!

Have a great last day!!


Change is always a hard transition! And I think change is meant to shake us up, because when you're entering into a new phase of your life wouldn't it be terrible to enter it moseying along because you're so used to your surroundings and are just going with the flow. (That was a looong run-on sentence). I think we're supposed to be shook up so we wake up and enter into the new phase with eyes wide open!

Anyway. I cried like a baby when I was moving out of my college house, but didn't shed a tear during the graduation ceremony. It was tougher leaving my friends than the actual college. But isn't that the case for everyone?


I can't beileve that your gym is cancelling every class. That sucks!


I am such a basket case when it comes to change and I am so sorry you are going through so much all at once. :( Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you Janae. I will hangout with you every single day of summer if that helps? Do you have a 7 peaks pass yet? Me and my sister are going to start going every single day at 4p.m.

I was SOOO happy to graduate HS. And someday when I actually graduate college I think I will be happy too. :)

Love you and have so much fun on your trip!


I'm a stubborn, stubborn taurus, so I avoid change like the plague and it really irks me when I do have to go through change. But it's funny, once you get used to the change (which normally doesn't take as long as your stubborn brain thinks it will – aka mine), it's actually nice!! I'm sure all the kiddies will miss you greatyl!


what!?!?! why are they cancelling all the classes???!?! thats crazy talk!!! also, I ALWAYS bawl at graduations. especially to see my high schoolers leave me for the real world! so sad!!!

um we are totally hanging out as much as you like… baby d has his swimsuit and is nearly as obsessed with fro yo as i am at this point :) are you working at the school again next year? when does school start?? (not that you want to think about that right now!)

love you!!!!!!! xxxx


I'm not a huge fan of change. I tend to be such a worrier! I'm trying to get better with that though!


That is so sweet that you miss your students so much. I was a mess graduating from high school. It was just dealing with change and the start of a new stage of life. All worked out though and I still am close with my high school friends.


I totally get you on the whole crying about your students thing. I am going to be a mess the last day of school. I have the most fabulous class in the world, and I will miss them so much!


It depends on the change. I love rearranging rooms, and I love changing up my routine (yaaay for spontaneity!), but I always hate major life changes. Waaah!

I'm so jeal you live so close to those little kiddos. Mine live 3 hours away, and it's rare I get to spend a lot of time with them!


Oh no! I can't believe they cancelled all the classes. I would have been upset too. Having to leave both sets of students around the same time. :(

And I have so done the post-gym treat. The irony always kind of makes me laugh but I dont care. Although I must say none of my treats look as good as that brownie you got!


so, I totally didn't know that you could freeze cheese. what else can you freeze? I do the normal ones like bread and huge bags of walnuts (so they don't get weird tasting)… what else is there??! I'll exchange eggplant recipes for advice on what to freeze! lol so now that you have some time off, maybe you could strip that beautiful wall paper and paint the walls? not that it's not glorious, but… yeah. LOL


I totally cry when people leave me too! Esp when we have a bond.

I heard about the 9th golds cancelling all the classes. LAME! SO sorry about that, girl! But things ALways work out :)


Change scares me! Whether it's good change or bad change, I always get nervous!

I hate that you can't teach spin anymore! I hope you can find another place nice and close. Your spinnees are probably so angry. I know I would be if you were my instructor! Good will come out of this though, I know it :)


oh how sweet, i bet they will miss you Janae. Change is good, if you let it be good. You can grow from it if you learn to make the most of it. I vote that you come to TX for the summer. We have a yogurt planet here, they are hiring!


So sorry you can't teach spin anymore! I love looking at your playlists.

I am one of the most sappy/sentimental people and I cry at everything. I thought I was sad for my high school graduation but then my college graduation was 100x worse — I think I cried every night of senior week in anticipation of graduation haha


Enjoy the last day of school. I was done last Thursday, and it was the happiest day of my life. (I don't think I'm cut out to be a teacher if that's how I feel.)

We do the same thing with our cheese!!


Janae is being very diplomatic about the gym situation but I don't work for them so I don't have to be. If I'm too blunt, feel free to take my comment off Janae. Basically the owners of GOLDS GYM are greedy, soulless, jerks who put their endless pursuit of more money above all else. The gym where Janae teaches, and where I have gone to classes for 12+ years, has always been known for it's great classes. Currently they have about 30-40 per week, all canceled. This location is extremely close to BYU. The owners have decided to cut out all classes and lower the price of membership for that gym only to try to capitalize on the student population. They are very aware that they are cutting classes that people love and have been loyal to for years. They are very aware that they are putting numerous teachers out of a job. They are very aware that they are stabbing many loyal clients in the back, they just don't care. Members are livid about it, some my quit or cancel their memberships, but they have such a monopoly on the area that the owners won't feel a thing. I think it is very sad that they have built their business on the monopoly instead of on good and fair principles. I'm a big believer in Karma and can't wait for the day that it kicks them in the gut.


Happy Last Day!!! I still have THREE MORE WEEKS. I teach 3rd and 4th grade, but there is a big graduation for the sixth graders since they move onto middle school. Our principal puts together a slide show and the kids narrate all about their time at our school, teachers they love, and times they remember. I bawl my brains out that night!!!!


I would have to say, most of the time I like change as along as I know it is coming. Something new and exciting!

I get emotional over stupid silly things really. I swear the older I get the more tv shows and commercials make me cry. Lame I know!

High school was a blast, prbly got into too much trouble and could have studied more but when it was time to leave, I was like See Ya! I knew I was moving on to bigger and better things. I love adventure and going new places!



Do you have a YMCA near you?! Mine always needs instructors!! (;

And I agree with Lindsay- CHange is good if you let it!! (;


How awesome that you're so invested in your students! I can't remember how I felt that last year, but I'm pretty sure I didn't cry. I think I was too relieved that I didn't have to deal with SC bologna anymore.

And how the heck did I not know you could freeze cheese? How does it taste once it thaws?


Aaack! I'm so sorry the classes were cancelled–what the heck?! I'm sure teaching spin is in your near future at another location that isn't too far.

I bet your students WILL MISS YOU!! I imagine you're a fav!

Change makes me nervous…I know moving is always in our future as a coach's wife, so its tough to plan at times and really feel rooted in your current place

I was pumped for college, so high school graduation was no biggee ;)


Sorry classes were cancelled girl!! They will miss you for sure!!

Change is good if you yield to it!! :)

What makes me mushy, gushy are my children and sweet things my husband does. Oh, and puppies at the puppy store!!

I was very sad when I left high-school. I lived overseas for 9yrs. and when we left Okinawa I cried!! High-school was soo much fun!!

Your nieces and nephew are soo adorable!!

"Have a great day!!" :)


I see that your cheese bags are Kirkland brand, funny thing about that is that I live in the city of Kirkland in Quebec, Canada!!! Feels like we are connect somehow!!!


Janae, I'm so sorry about your classes being canceled! BUT. You are so strong and know how to get your energy out with any outlet (even babysitting)! : ) I'm praying for you!


You don't have issues, you just have a big heart and are going to miss your kiddos!

Graduating high school and college were bittersweet for me, I remember feeling exctied about the future but sad to leave the lives I created within both experiences! The good thing is, life just keeps getting better and there are always new stages to look forward to!


High school was not for me, but I LOVED college!!! It was bittersweet for me at graduation though, because the next day, I left Wyoming and moved to San Diego with my husband (we'd been long distance for a year). I'm sorry everything is ending all at the same time! Change is hard! But when one door closes, more open :)


I am so irritated about Gold's Gym right now. I can't even believe they are canceling all the classes. I think that's sneaky to do it when all the students are gone for the summer and they can't speak up about it.

I almost went to your class this morning but was just too tired…so I slept in. :( Poop.


Lucky :) omigosh I have two weeks of school left and the kids are readyyyy for summer…


Yeah, no- I'm not so good with change. My Bishop once released me from my calling and I called him a jerk. Don't worry, he was prepared for that.

I get teary eyed at most songs, videos of new babies, What Dreams May Come makes me cry every single time. And I always cry when one of my favorite series DVDs shows that there are no more episodes on the disc. All normal. I'm sure.

So my suggestion for the gym thing is make them think you had a nervous breakdown by showing up every morning and still "teaching" and acting like it never happened. They'll bring it back to avoid a mental health lawsuit.


I am really bad at change. We're talking meltdowns, panic attacks, the whole 9 yards. Well, lucky me married an (amazing) guy who has a job that requires moving to a new country every 2-3 years. YIKES! I have a feeling that by the end of our adventure I'm going to be a PRO at change.


Never commented on your blog before and it's so random that I stumbled across it because I took your spin class like 2 weeks ago or something; and I was like wait a sec I think I've been to her class! (The whole injury and no tension thing sounded very familiar) when I started reading.

I am so disappointed about the classes! Maybe it will make you feel better (or worse) but I totally called and complained. Of course I only did it over the phone so they can't match my ornery complaint with my face that shows up there 6 times a week.

Love your blog, good luck with all the changes.


Awwww I'm with you on change, I suck at it. And wow, last day blues.. my last day of school with my kiddos is today and I'm gonna miss them so much. :(

Btw, I nearly flipped yesterday… I found out we apparently have a YOGURTLAND in town. MUST find immediately!!


i don't like change at all either. i quit my previous job to work at the one i'm now at, and on my last day of work i was crying so hard that i had to leave early bc i couldn't compose myself. and i'd quit!!! yeah i'm a little crazy.

the end of the year is also so bittersweet – there's lots of great things about summer that you will really enjoy, but it can be hard to be away from people you're so accustomed to seeing every day. my advice – eat all the ice cream you can and spend lots of time with friends and family! that's my recipe for success :)

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