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I promise I am wearing shorts.

After teaching spin last night I was hungry.  I wanted to wait to eat dinner with Billy after he got home at 9 p.m. but decided I should have a little appetizer.  While debating on what to have I went through the checklist…. Grains- check Protein-check Dairy-check Fruit and Veggies- check Healthy fats- check Ice … Continue Reading

You know you are addicted to blogging when…….

You have dreams with your blog friends in them………. Your camera battery dies when you are out with friends and you nearly have a panic attack (okay, I will be honest, I had a huge panic attack) so you make Ashley email you late that night with the pictures she got with her camera……. You … Continue Reading

Do you count calories?

Billy put on his apron last night and got to work in the kitchen because it is logical that he cook after studying and school for 15 hours that day because I was to busy laying in bed catching up on old episodes of The OC.  That is how to make a marriage work. I … Continue Reading