This hurts to write.

Femoral Stress Fracture.

No Boston and no running for that matter.

It is what I do from this point forward that truly shows what kind of athlete and person I am.

This is what makes me, this is who I am.

Of course I feel like crap and I have stopped wearing mascara because every time I hear the word Boston (unless we are talking about a Boston creme pie) I start to cry uncontrollably but that is okay and that is normal.  Boston has been my number one dream/goal/obsession/thought/love affair for the last 6 months and now it is gone (for this year that is).

At least I know I can pull off a 1:30 half-marathon when I have a femoral stress fracture….don’t know if that is Bad A or I am just mentally not very smart and blocked the pain and ran through it.

I try to be my most positive self here on the blog because I know that a lot of you reading this are going through WAY HARDER things in your life and hungryrunnergirl is a bright spot in your day so if you are having a bummer day already maybe check back at about 4 for a post about cuddling the iPad or me eating ice cream for the 24th day in a row.

I definitely feel like throwing in the towel and letting silly worries like…..who is going to read my blog anymore now that I can’t run Boston and that I am out of the game for a while or that I am going to loose my speed/motivation and dedication to running……..but I CAN’T.  All I can do is hope for the best, give a big hug and remember that MANY STAR ATHLETES (if not all) have experienced MAJOR setbacks and they COME BACK stronger and smarter than ever.

It is the hard times in life that show us what we are made of.  I am showing myself and the world that this too shall pass and I will cry and let myself feel sad but it is only going to make me a stronger and more passionate runner than ever before.

I will be there next year Boston and Heartbreak Hill… will wish you never met me.


During this recovery process I will be writing a series of posts dedicated to injury prevention and recovery along with the normal everyday randomness…..hope you still come back to read:)


What would you do……

Still go to Boston and cheer everyone on or switch your plane tickets (remember we are poor) so you can do the New York marathon in November?

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I was just diagnosed with a tibial stress fracture (my first) along with a partial tear in my achilles. Talk about a double whammy. I have been crying like a crazy fool for days, but I will do what I must to heal and be smart about it. I know when the fracture happened and I went to the doctor that evening for an xray (which I learned from your blog is too soon to see anything) and was told only shin splints. SO, I kept training and racing. I completed 3 short triathlons and a few local races with the longest being the PapaJohn’s 10 miler. I was suppose to race my 4th tri this morning and the Derby Half Marathon next Saturday. Instead, i’m sitting on the couch with my kitty sporting a boot. I’m heartbroken. I’m training for my first half Ironman tri (July 12th) but i’m so limited now. Reading your blog helps with the mental healing process. We all fall but it’s how we get up and rise above that defines who we are. Thank you for your blog and I will be doing lots of catch up now that I have the time.


Hi Jane,

I just came across you blog. I know you had this injury a couple years ago but was wondering how the whole recovery process went. I found out 6 weeks ago on an MRI that I have a femoral neck stress reaction/fracture. Im pretty much pain free at this point and ITCHING to get back to running but was told 2-3 months from the MRI. KILLER! Can you please let me know how your recovery went and any cross training that you did. Was it better to just rest and not prolong the recovery process or did cross training help? Im excited to hear back from you!



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