Sandwiches, Fireworks and the Winner Is……

We didn’t end up getting our special toy yesterday because they were SOLD OUT but our little (okay big) treat will be in our loving arms in 2 weeks via snail mail.

We are getting an IPAD.

You might guess where our priorities lie when we don’t own a washer and dryer, the scooter is Billy’s main source of transportation even in the winter and every time I leave my mom’s house I am carrying grocery bags full of food that I snatch from her pantry.

We are obsessed with any and all Apple products and how could we live without the IPAD?!?!

I already bought Kara Goucher’s new book and it is just waiting patiently to be downloaded to my ipad.  I will savor each and every one of her words.

Not only did we leave empty handed but it was also snowing.  April 9th, 2010.  Time to rethink this whole living in Utah thing.

I was not about to let my hair get wet…..I mean I washed my hair on Thursday and I have at least another 2 days until I have to wash it again.

Photo 10

We spent the evening at my parents house and I whipped up a quick dinner of bbq chicken with melted string cheese on ciabatta bread.  So Good.  I think Billy fell in love with me all over again.

IMG 5238

We watched the Jazz game and as we were driving home someone decided to set fireworks off for me and Billy, that was really thoughtful of them and we appreciate others celebrating our coolness.

IMG 5247

We ended the night watching ‘Just Friends,’ an oldie but a classic and I may have had to drink a few crystal lite strawberry energy packets in order to stay up past 11.    You know Sunday is my favorite day right?  Sleep in, laziness, church, food and tummy time.


The WINNERS of the MOD BOD giveaway are……..

Screen shot 2011 04 09 at 10 40 44 PMScreen shot 2011 04 09 at 10 40 24 PM

Screen shot 2011 04 09 at 10 43 58 PM

Screen shot 2011 04 09 at 10 45 46 PM



Are you a MAC or a PC person?  Do you get excited about the latest technology?

-MAC all the way and I didn’t really care about technology before I met Billy but now I am hooked……he showed me how awesomesauce it all is.

Are you going to read Kara’s book, ‘Running for Woman?’

-I CAN’T WAIT….AHHHHHHH, I am obsessed with her and I will find her while I am in Boston. Maybe I can get her to do a guest post:)

What are your all time FAVORITE comedies?

-Mean Girls, anything with Sandra Bullock, and basically all romantic comedies.

What NBA team do you cheer for?

-The Jazz!!! Even though I don’t know any of the players anymore.  I sure miss John Stockton and Karl Malone.

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ooh i was thinking it might be an ipad! i kinda want one too cause i'm totally a MAC girl. :) once i got my macbook i could never go back to a PC. but i do think that my husband having a PC is nice because sometimes i run into things (school things) that dont work well on my mac. c'est la vie though….macs rock!


My mom hinted at me not to buy Kara's book…I think because it's going to be in my Easter basket this year :) Can't wait to read it!
Congrats on the ipad purchase! I am a Mac girl too.


I'd say I'm half Mac half PC haha. I love my iPhone and iMac, but for most of the stuff I do for my job (stats), PC's are easier with those types of programs.

My favorite comedy and favorite movie of all time is Dumb and Dumber. That movie (and ice cream) will cure any bad day! :)


Totally a Mac person, hands down! Yes I think I will read the book after I finish Revolution. Good book to read before my June marathon. One of my favorite old classic movies is A Summer Place. I mean the things they said back then are shocking. Although I think it is meant to be a drama but I find parts of it humorous. I don't cheer for NBA, they sweat too much that I can't enjoy watching it.


It was snowing the other day here to, but then again I do live in Alaska, so we are a lot further north!

I can't wait to read Kara Goucher's book! I am obsessed with her as well! I saw her speak at a marathon expo last year and was stoked to see her in person!!


I want to read the new book once finals are done with!

This is my first week with a Mac (my PC took a 5 foot fall…=/) & I'm already completely hooked. I got the macbook pro and now I'm on it all the time. Plus, it makes stalking all the blogs that much better! ;-)


Mean Girls! And lately Easy A has been getting a lot of play around here.

I am writing this on a MacBook Pro, but I also use a Windows XP convertible table and a Windows 7 netbook. I think I prefer Mac, but I also think Windows can do some things Mac can't, so I use both. I want to switch my Windows 7 phone out for an iPhone though! I also covet the iPad, but I genuinely can't think of a reason why I need one, so I'll have to wait for my husband to become a rich lawyer before he'll agree to getting one.

I want to read Kara Goucher's book. You should find her in Boston and get her to sign your iPad.

Can we still be friends if I admit I hate basketball? Cause I totally do. I'm originally from Pittsburgh and we didn't have a local basketball team to cheer for.


Definitely a Mac girl! I went to get my husband a new iPhone yesterday and it took all my strength not to walk out with an iPad…I mean, even the covers for them are cool!!


oh my gosh, you are going to love love love the ipad. My boyfriend just got home (we've been on the hunt for the ipad2 for a few weeks) and we are obsessed. I just got a macbook about a month ago, so now we are both totally apple dorks. Best decisions ever!!


We are a Mac family all the way. I have the Macbook air and hubby has the macbook Pro and iPhone and we think we are super cool :)
I want Kara's book!


Mac all the way… I am even reading this blog on my new iPad! Love it!
Good luck in Boston next week! I'll be cheering on runners between miles 10 and 11 in Natick!!!


I love my iPad so I am super excited for you! I got the cutest cover off Etsy, it is grey with white elephants. I am trying not to go crazy on aps, but here are the ones I love: Words with Friends, Netflix, Stratergy, Kindle, CNN, Weather Channel, and the best game ever Plants versus Zombies!


I wish I were a Mac girl! Only thing apple I have is my iPhone, which I love and use to read and comment on blogs!
I love Kara I read an article she did in shape a year or 2 ago and it's what got me running.
What's your plan for Boston?
Don't worry it will be the first of MANY bosons for you!


i feel ya on the snow. come on spring, where are you!? it's april showers, not snow, right?! geez.

and i'm a pc person. macs are ew. i dealt with them so much in college i could break one if i ever owned one. lol.


P.S. Mean girls is my all-time favorite movie i still quote it! And I cheer the Orlando magic bc that's where I'm from!!!


I know how you feel about the snow!!! I am so tired of it!
I love both Macs and PCs, We have a PC Desktop and I have a Macbook, so that way we are getting the best of both worlds lol


AHAAH SNOWING!?!!?! its SO hot in london… i bet you are jealous.. hehe!.. im such a mac person.. like for real.. if you give me a PC I will get so fed up and iwll probably slam it down and chuck it out the window- i have no patience for those things!


You definitely have to do a little review on Kara Goucher's new book. I think I may buy it after I read Born to Run.


It is SO funny that you posted about your love for MAC when I JUST wrote about my big purchase yesterday…(!!

I am officially a MAC person and I am loooooooooving it!! I think it is DEFINITELY awesomesauce. ;)

I was trying to explain why I like the mac more than the pc and I came up with this…with a PC you can only go in straight lines and make right angle turns, whereas with a Mac you can go in circles, zigzags, squiggles…it's much more free form and intuitive. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

…and you will become obsessed with your iPad. My iPad is what made me want to buy a MAC. I think my heart is in the shape of the Apple logo.


Let me know when you are coming to Beantown!


LOVE everything mac…and you will absolutely love your ipad…I seriously cant get enough of mine…it is amazing for reading books on…so much easier than carrying books around everywhere!!


Oh! and I really want to buy that book as well :)

have an awesome day!


That pic of you is too funny! Boo to April showers!

ipad! woo-hoo! you and Billy will get so much use out of that sucker! I didn't know KG was releasing a book–I'm finishing the Long run right now and will likely upload that to my Kindle!

Have a fantastic Day Janae!!


Very exciting about the iPad! I have a Dell laptop that I love, but I'm an iPhone girl. Maybe one day I'll be able to afford an Apple laptop. I'd love to read Running for Women – I need to add it to my list. Hope you have the best Sunday ever!


Are you a MAC or a PC person? Do you get excited about the latest technology?
PC but really I just want it to work, we like techology that is more video game related in this house :)

Are you going to read Kara's book, 'Running for Woman?'I have been reading it and rereading it for 2 weeks. I went into B&N in my home town and they got it out of the back for me after it had just been check in. They only had 2 copies and now there is only 1. Meant to be….I think so!!!

What are your all time FAVORITE comedies?
Best in Show, Space Balls, and My Blue Heaven….I am showing my age with 2 of those lol

What NBA team do you cheer for? I don't care about basketball at all, neither does the husband lol so sad!


How did I win?!
Thanks Janae!!!

..and I totally agree, macs & sandra bullock


MAC all the way!

Just got my mac in Jan, never going back to PCs.


I'm not all that into it, but my husband is ALL ABOUT the technology. He's an absolute computer genius. Well, not just computers. Basically anything to do with electronics… computers, cell phones, iPads, Xooms… he will buy anything broken that he can find, fix it, and resell it. I'm so proud of him!


Random aside about your dinner: I hope you consider corn a vegetable. I totally do :)


oh totally with you! We don't have cable or a washer or dryer, but we do have new garmins. haha.
Lucky winners! What a great giveaway. Happy sunday friend.


oh totally with you! We don't have cable or a washer or dryer, but we do have new garmins. haha.
Lucky winners! What a great giveaway. Happy sunday friend.


apple all the way! my mom gave me an iphone for my birthday. i am in heaven and trying to ignore the email from verizon with my most recent statement showing the new monthly payment :( boo.

bummer about the ipad being sold out but most definitely worth the wait. we're seriously considering getting our two older kids both an itouch for christmas this year (they'll be 7 & 9 … too young?). they won't leave my iphone alone, they love my moms ipad and i don't want them near my macbook!

sadly, i'm not a jazz fan. it's nothing personal. i prefer anything over sitting in front the TV unless i'm watching icarly or modern family (or, on my macbook .. lol).

p.s. thanks for visiting my blog janae. i've come across so many great blogs from your site and it's been great to read of people in my home state!


I am a mac fan for sure!!

Kara Goucher has a book coming out?? She is my idol ha… I have a huge poster of her in my room at school!!


A guy that went to my high school is playing for The Jazz this year! I've been to a couple of Pacer games this year because my boyfriend bought season tickets, but other than that, I don't really follow basketball.


The ipad is fun! My boyfriend is obsessed with everything apple so he has one, fun to read blogs on!


I LOVE strawberry crystal light energy. Maybe a little too much.. :)


We are currently PC people, but my husband the techie, wants us to go all Mac…works for me ;)



A reluctant Mac person. I have the phone and iPod and I recent abandoned my beloved PC/Windows for Mac and their OS.

I am definitely going to read Kara's new book, just as soon as I actually order it…


Okay, so speaking of blog-stalking, I found your blog on a friend of mine's sidebar and I have to say that you are freakin' hilarious!!! I love reading your posts and I wish I had time to run like you! I am a 6 foot non-runner who tries to run. I did the St. George marathon the year it rained for 20 miles and that pretty much cured me of running another one!! I am doing the Bryce Canyon Half this year and hope I don't die! (I just had baby #3 so the body is shot) Anyways, thanks for the laughs and the inspiration– you are awesome!


I've never quite been too OCD about calling people out on their typos, but since it made me laugh out loud and remind me exactly of something I would do myself: it's APRIL 9TH 2011 BABY, earth to Janae earth to Janae! Apparently someone had too much last New Year's Eve that they woke up and didn't remember it was a new year… ;)


Haha this post made my day :) My husband wants an IPAD so bad! I personally am a PC person but only because I have to be. We have everything else Apple products. I love my ipod touch and the Apple TV!
I love a lot of comedies but two have the rank of #1: The Princess Diaries and She's the Man


I'm in the process of looking for a laptop and I have considered the Mac, but the price scares me away, so I'm probably gonna end up with something else, but I hear they are phenomenal!
My favorite comedies are : Friends (of course) there are so many movies, can't really narrow it down.


An Ipad! I'm so jealous!!! I want one. I don't have enough knowledge to pick between a MAC or a PC. I've never used a Mac.

Definitely going to read Kara's book!! Can't wait!

I love Mean girls, and Bring it On and all those stupid comedies!

Not much for basketball but if I was I certainly wouldn't cheer for the Minnesota Timberwolves-ha!

Hope you're having an awesome weekend and your quad is doing OK. I think about you and pray for you so often. Such a bright girl with a great head on her shoulders you are:)


I am obsessed with all things apple!!! I am hopefully getting an ipad for my birthday on Thursday I reallllly want one!!!!!


NBA: Celtics…since I know what basketball is. Bird as in Larry Bird, is my nickname.

comedy: I like the romantic ones. If hugh Grant is in it it is a big +. Love sandra Bullock but not All about Steeve, that one was terrible.

Yes I will buy Kara's book, for sure.


I love Macs! All the way!

And, that sandwich looks freaking amazing!


i <3 your philosophy on washing hair. because it's mine too.

i also <3 just friends. hilarious!

aaaaaaaaaaaand the celtics have my heart. and the sox. and the pats. no matter where i end up moving in life i'll always be a boston girl.


iPad 2?! Awesome, I'm definitely a Mac person. Zoolander is one of my favorites, and romantic comedies with Ashton Kutcher like Just Married and A lot like Love.
I must read Kara's new book! I definitely think she should do a guest post + a giveaway on your blog :)


Brian is PC all the way… so i could care less. However, I have an ipod touch & love it with all my heart….


I'm a PC. Of course my hubby works for Microsoft and they are an amaizng company with amazing benefits. We are very loyal and don't even Google (we Bing). My hubby admits that Apple has the Ipod/Iphone thing down so we do have I Pod touches but that's as far as it goes.
I just got an HP laptop that was less than half the price of a Mac with the same features (according the the hubby).
Go Mavericks!


haha my parents worked for microsoft for 20+ years so i feel like a total traitor but i LOVE my macbook pro… i was the first one in my fam to go mac but my dad has since followed suit ;)

I don't have a particular preference for the apple operating system (I mean, there are some nifty features but windows 7 is pretty nice as well) but I htink the design of the hardware itself is a lot nicer/prettier/shinier for macs. And i"m in love with the multitouch trackpad shenanigans. haha.. :)


We had snow this April too. not cool. So not cool. Congrats to the winners!!!

I use a Mac at work and PC at home. I really do like the Macs. They are just so expensive!! I <3 my iPod touch though.

I will definitely have to check out Kara's book. I saw her in Chicago in August when she was super preggo at the Chicago RnR Half. She looked great and was a wonderful speaker!!

Hmm favorite comedies… definitely Mean Girls, anything with Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Ashley Judd or Sandra Bullock in it. I think they are all hilarious!!

I don't really pay attention to the NBA but to avoid getting jumped by people in Boston, I say "go Celtics!"


I'm still a PC person – typing this out on a DELL laptop. But I'm not anti-Mac, I just have learned to appreciate PC's more (much easier to get at the inner workings of a PC; Macs you essentially have to take in to get fixed).

I'd love to have a Mac to get used to using though.


Mean Girls is my fav, too :)

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