I am moving to Italy, I think I would fit in very well there.

First of all, I don’t think Billy will ever let me leave for 48 hours again.  I think he missed me so so much, because I was gone he was forced to watch sports all day with his brothers, eat in-in-out burgers and fries and he didn’t get to deal with crazy estrogen woman for way too long.  Poor guy.

Because I didn’t post twice yesterday (I kind of get obsessed with things like blogging and felt naked not posting twice in one day) I have a lot of pictures to catch you up on…..

We started our Saturday Morning off with a little Gold’s Gym action.  I did a bunch of weights (including push-ups on the ball, ouch) and a little spin with no tension (good for blood flow to heal that silly femur bone that no one really needs anyway).

The gym is perfectly placed across the street from the mall and we ended up being there for over two hours.  I got some interesting looks with my tempo shorts, cardigan because I felt awkward in my gym top, and my Tom’s because I forgot to bring gym shoes.

Good thing the lighting was bad when I took this picture because I was making a creepy face that no one should be forced to see.

Photo 16

Any normal person would obviously go to the pool right after that when it is 75 degrees and eat leftover pizza.  Pretty rockin’ pool for 50 bucks a night.

IMG 0176

I don’t want to start any fights here but thin crust pizza really is the best.  I prefer to be able to fit in more pieces of pizza (aka toppings) than getting full on bread.  Please do not de-follow me because of my strong opinions on such life-altering things.

IMG 0175

And of course we had to get more ice cream with the gift card from this GORGEOUS GIRL!!!! THANKS RUTH, WE LOVE YOU!!!

IMG 0177

So profound and yes, I do get the strangest looks when I whip out my camera and take pictures of random things in public places.

IMG 0181

We then made the drive home but had to end our perfect vacation at our favorite restaurant for a late night (10 pm) dinner.  We literally are obsessed with all things carbs, cheese and sauce so please stick with me as I make you follow my journey to mozzarella bliss.

Go to Terra Mia if you life in Utah Valley…..like now.

IMG 0187

My sis had a KILLER COUPON (she is a coupon maniac) and we got all of this food for $10…..I felt guilty because it felt like stealing.

IMG 0183

Bruschetta to die for and a margarita pizza that made my heart melt with each bite.

IMG 0184

Oh yeah, and there may have been a monstrous calzone with pesto, tomatoes, mozarella and chicken.  I really could live off of this for the rest of my life.

IMG 0186

Basically, with the coupon we ‘had to’ order $35 worth of food to get $25 off…….that is the only reason we ordered dessert (if you are a new reader….I am being completely sarcastic and would order dessert no matter what even if that meant I had to do dishes in the back afterwards to pay for it).

IMG 0189

Perfect ending to a perfect vacation……Thanks sissy:)

I hope all you Boston runners/cheerers/city livers are having an amazing time.  I AM CHEERING YOU ON and SO excited to read ALL ABOUT IT!!!



What is your favorite food to have at the pool or beach?

-You guessed it for me….ice cream.

Do you order desserts at restaurants?

-Not all of the time but you better believe I do when the madre is taking me out on a date or when we have a coupon.

Do you do more online shopping or mall shopping?

-I get scared to order clothes/shoes online so definitely the mall when I need retail therapy.


-Yes and yes…..with my tissues on one side, my pom poms on the other side and a box of chocolates on my lap.

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mmm that calzone sounds great! did your sis use a restaurant.com coupon? those are the best, but in my area most are for pricy places so we can't get quite as good of an offer as you two did!

at the beach/pool i love french fries or ice cream cones!

i hardly ever get dessert at restaurants… i usually am full or cheap…unless we specifically go out to eat for dessert!

i do more mall shopping. it's hard to order the right size online!

mmm i'll probably stalk the internet obsessively monday night. i have class all day, so unless i bring my laptop & pretend to work while staring at results online, i can't watch, sadly enough


Ice cream is my go-to poolside snack. I actually gave it up for lent because I can get out of the control with ice cream sometimes ;), and I thought that we might need a little break.


I need some good thin crust pizza after reading your last couple posts! That margherita pizza looks particularly amazing!

I'm not sure that I'll be able to watch Boston. I think work will get in the way, tragically. Work gets in the way of all awesome running things.


Yay, you did the ball push-ups! Ok, so when you get really good at them, your next move is to lift one leg up in the air and do the push-ups that way–alternate legs with each rep. SUCKY but they really work your core. I'm kind of stuck on this one because when I get to push-up #3 I pretty much lose control (balance) and roll off of the ball like a moron. Wah wah wah wah….

Now to answer your questions:
1) Pool food = anything FRIED
2) Yes, I order dessert and I REALLY hate sharing it.
3) Online shopping. I live in Yuma, AZ, and there is no real mall here. UGH.
4) Yes! I can't wait to see Kara Goucher rock it!


Oh my word, in my perfect world I am a pizza-holic!!! Seriously. Love it way too much!


No I don't order anything.. In fact I realized this morning how badly I NEED clothes. We're too far from civilization to even order food. SIGH…

YES I'm watching the marathon!


As a New Yorker I'd never argue with you – thin crust is the best!! Looks like a fun vacation.


Great!!! You need to go back to St. George in 2 weeks and 6 days (not that I am counting!!!) for IM St. George! Then we could meet each other, and you could see me all disgusting and sweaty, and I am all about eating ice cream!


I rarely order dessert because restaurants meals fill me up. I like to go home, wait an hour, and then eat a cheap dessert at home.
Thin crust pizza is the best, and ice-cream cones are MEANT to be eaten by the pool/beach!
I never used to be able to buy clothes online when I lived overseas so I get to now and it's awesome!


all of that food looks yummy! In regards to coupons…has your sis watched "extreme couponing" on the TLC channel? Let's just say I was VERY impressed how these ladies could rack up a bill to $700-$1000 and walk away with barely paying a dime! :)

I prefer mall shopping. I like to touch it, try it on, etc.!

Yes, I will be watching the Boston Marathon! I hope Kara Goucher wins for the elit women!!

Have a safe drive home!! :)


I am so happy to see that you had an amazing vacation! You deserved it :) I am finally catching up on your life the past two days after I was crazy busy! Have a great trip home!


-Food at the pool or beach?? Naw… All I want is a HUGE Diet Coke w/Lime wedges or a DDP.
-We rarely order desserts at restaurants. If we want a treat after dinner, we usually hit up Maverick for fro yo. ;)
-I'm a little hesitant to order clothes/shoes online, so unless it's something I've already tried on and know my size, I'll hit the mall.
-I may check it out while I'm at work… We may have to just turn off the patient education videos and turn the Boston Marathon on instead. :)

PS: So glad you and your sis had a good time in St. Geezy. :)


You are so adorable and that pizza looks AHHH-MAZING!!!

I just got back from Wal-Mart and got a movie from Redbox and decided I wanted to be like Janae and needed some snacks…Skittles, Licorice, Sour Patch kids and Fish!! WooHoo! I'm ready for afternoon movies!

I'm not running Boston this year, I did it in '07 and '08. I will be cheering Kara Girl on from PA, though!!


Your sister's bathing suit is ADORABLE! Where is it from??


I almost always order dessert…I can't help myself!

That pizza looks AMAZING…


Wow! I can't believe you got all that food for $10!!

Ha! Ha! I love the sign "Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards!" That's awesome!

I occasionally order a dessert but not all the time.

I also love thin crust as well. I love when it is crispy and crunchy!


Thin crust ROCKS!!! =)


Sounds like an awesome vacation!!!!!! :D
We don't usually order dessert….we pretty much always already have somethin' sweet at home!!!


THIN CRUST PIZZA IS THE BESTTTTT! And I love ordering desserts and pretty much always do!!! I hope you had a great weekend…get back to Billy! I bet he is going crazy without ya! :)


I'm so glad you had a fun trip! I actually almost never order restaurant desserts. Usually get myself too stuffed at dinner. I'm feeling like I'm missing out, though!


What a lovely vacation! That final dinner looks fab, by the way :)

-ICE CREAM. I'm totally with you on this one :)
-Only on special occasions…or when the dessert menu is calling my name :)
-Mall. You have to try things on!
-Sadly, no…silly time differences….

Have a FANTASTIC day!


All that food looks amazing! It doesn't help that I can't have pizza for another week(lent)!

Yes I'll be watching the Boston Marathon ..cheering on MY MOMMA:)!!!


yummmy! I usually don't get dessert cause I gorge on the main course. But my favorite would have to be the molten lava cakes from Chilis. yum!


YOU'RE NOT RUNNING BOSTON?!?!?!?! please tell me this is a joke.

p.s. Thin crust is THE best, I agree 150%.


The beach = ice cream sandwiches, always.

I only order dessert if someone is willing to split it with me, sometimes I have to beg. :-)

Wish you were here in Boston, I wanted to meet you so bad! Someday we will meet and eat ice cream!


favorite thing at the pool is definitely an ice cold drink of some sort…prefer soda but try to convince myself I need water :) I also like to snack on chex mix like ALL the time. I do also always find a need for a snickers ice cream bar at the beach as well :)
I usually do not order desserts at restaurants but I ALWAYS want to…they look so good. So then I usually end up stopping on the way home for ice cream :)

I have to work all day tomorrow but hoping I can catch some boston updates!!

Love you girl! You are so sweet! Thanks for the comment earlier. Hip is feeling so-so today. Still trying to decide what to do about it…push through it? or face it head on with the doc? May run tomorrow to see how it feels. I better get to see you this week!!!


Do they play the Boston Marathon on TV?! I may have to record it if they do!


Just had to say, I just found your blog and I am in love with it – it's in my google reader now! Only thing is, I'm starving after reading your blog posts!!


WOW that pizza looks SO GOOD!!! i order dessert if it looks good!!!!!! and if im not too full! :D but i tend to save dessert- um i watched the London Marathon!! the boston one isnt airing overseas.. on my teli -BOO


OMG!! That looks delicious! Where in Utah Valley is that at??


I wish I could watch Boston – but I'll be diligently working away, randomly check for updates on my phone!

There is a pillow floating around our house that says the same thing…"stressed is desserts spelled backwards". My mom got it for me when I was having a melt down about one thing or another.


You know how to have a good time (and eat well) on vacation! I want to hear more about your sister's couponing abilities! I'm always impressed when people are good couponers, because I'm pretty much terrible.


your calzone looks awesome!!! I love eating great food on vacation–and hitting up the gym as well :) Looks like a fab time you had!


Glad your getaway was fun:)

Thats funny about your cardigan and tempo shorts. Once I went on a run to meet my friend for coffee and then we decided to go out to dinner instead. Not only was it nicer restaurant with lots of tourists, but apparently they frown upon wearing tempo shorts and underarmor, so I had to put on his peacoat. Then I ended up just looked like a creeper who was only wearing a peacoat and running shoes. Super classy.

Mmmmm frozen grapes are the best at the pool/beach. Gotta eat em' quick though.

& yes I'll be watching at my gym…..cheer for Kara out loud while on the treadmill. I don't even care if people stare at me. Girl is gonna take it this year, I know it!


What is that dessert? WOW! it looks so gooooood!

I think Italy would love to have you ;-)


I loved the quote about tissues, pom poms, and box of chocolates.

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. Acknowledge your feelings and them let them go………hug.


It looks like you had a fabulous time!
I love coupons, too… I use the spend $35 get $25 off all the time :)


You are the bomb.com! It's been sent!


Sounds like a great weekend!

You bet I'll be watching Boston tomorrow! :)


I love that you and your sister are having such a good time! In Belize, we'd always have ceviche and plantain chips by the pool or on the beach. I only shop online for things I know I won't need to return! But lately, all my shopping has been at lululemon. :)


THIN CRUST all the way!

I see the crust as just a vehicle for the toppings :)


hehe youre welcome!!! glad your sister could take you out to get in an AWESOME spring bbreak!!

ps I cry EVERY YEAR I watch the boston marathon. without fail. I LOVE YOUUUUUU get tan for me :)


I COMPLETELY agree about thin crust pizza being best. When you do end up going to Boston, make sure you go to Cambridge1 – they have seriously my favorite pizza in the whole world. It's flatbread and they have a TON of incredibly delicious combos for toppings.


looks like you had an awesome time!!!

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