The best part about our hotel room is the leopard print chairs.  I heard that just like the travel shampoos in your hotel room you can take the chair home with you.  Good thing the room is under the sister’s credit card.

IMG 0163

We worked up quite the appetite by napping by the pool and walking around the outlet mall.

We were on our way to eat at Cafe Rio when we realized that we could eat there any time (and we already do a few times a week) so it was time for a change.

As we were driving around we saw a little place called ‘Bent Fork’ and it was an answer to my prayers.

By ‘liking’ them on facebook we got a free appetizer.  We decided that we would be quite content just drinking that salsa straight up for the rest of our lives.

IMG 0166

After taking 28 minutes to decide what we wanted to eat (I don’t know about you but ordering the right thing is kind of a big deal to me and I usually have to create a pro’s and con’s list before I make the final decision) we decided on Chicken Cacciatore and Margherita Pizza to share.  We also got hooked up with a salad that had the best house dressing and garlic bread on the side.

IMG 0168

Fresh mozzarella deserves an award.

IMG 0170

Look how healthy we are……whole grain pasta…..that totally cancels out the cream sauce, pizza and ice cream right?

IMG 0171

Seriously, it was heaven (and Billy if you are looking at the credit card statement, I apologize in advance but to justify it we have leftovers for lunch today and I really really love you so much and you are my berry best friend).

Dear Yogurtland,

Do not be offended or feel like I cheated on you but you have me addicted to fro-yo and you don’t have a store in Southern Utah so I had to go for the next best thing but believe me you are still my favorite.

IMG 0174

I started the night without any of my cardigan buttoned but then I kept spilling on my white shirt and had to button the cardigan more and more.  If you count correctly, that means I spilled on myself 4 times over the course of the evening.

We thought we were so funny and kept saying how we were going to go for round 2 of ice cream at Dairy Queen (across the street) at midnight but we are old women and I am writing this at 10:30 p.m. and I can’t even remember my middle name I am so tired.  The sun takes it out of you and my body is working hard digesting 45,000 calories… is hard work people.

P.S. I burned my finger on my curling iron and it was quite traumatic.

P.P.S. We are hitting up the gym this morning and I am hoping they have one of those arm bike thingees (where you arms do the cycling) I am craving some cardio and a sweaty forehead.


When was the last time you burned yourself?

-Before the curling iron…..I accidently touched the frying pan while making my omelet yesterday.  I am trying to learn that touching hot things hurts real bad.

Would you choose pizza or pasta if you could only choose one?


What was the last new to you restaurant that you tried? Was it a good experience or did you wish you stuck to an old classic?

-I am not usually one to branch out and I usually end up wishing I stuck with my favorites but TONIGHT WAS AMAZING….I might have to drive the 3.5 hours down here more often for sun and the Bent Fork.

Do you spill on yourself very often?

-Every meal, no joke.

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Can u and sister take a roadtrip to see me…pretty please?? :)

I burn myself all da time getting things outta the oven. Lame.

Hmmm, i think pizza.

We have have tons of awesome local restaurants around here. It takes good food to be the fattest state u know! ;) i normally have my standard order at each one tho.


spill is my middle name, especially if i'm wearing white. my mother never used as much bleach as when we were kids.

and i'm not girly enough to burn myself on a curling iron. only a stove. damned those muffins.


Pizza for sure-ESPECIALLY margherita pizza with fresh mozzarella. My hubby just built a brick oven off our deck. I think I will be eating this for every meal! Glad you're having fun:)


Pizza. Especially Chicago style. Every time.


ah yum i LOVE the bent fork!! we have them all over Colorado so i'm definitely an expert orderer from that restaurant :) glad you're having fun with your sis!


I somehow manage to burn myself every time I use the oven or curling iron. Pizza every time.

New restaurants – on vacation,yes. Everyday life – I prefer the "tried and true." You would think I'd get tired of always getting the same thing, but I don't.

PS I tried roasted broccoli on my salad last night and loved it! :)


Love your Toms! I really want to get a pair!

I love margharita pizza!! And I'd pick pizza over pasta for sure!

My husband and I went to a restaurant we hadn't been to in a couple of years, so it seemed kind of new because I'm pretty sure the menu had changed and the food tasted better!


You guys are hilarious. Seriously.

"Craving a sweaty forehead." -best line of the post.

Have a great weekend!


Okay is that the best dinner ever? Pizza…garlic bread….chips and salsa. AH!

Also, I love that we have matching shoes! I was hesitant about getting bright red shoes, but they are so fun!


I feel jealous that you can have Cafe Rio whenever you would like. Why don't the southern states partake in such a glorious franchise? Maybe because the lettuce and cilantro rice aren't deep fried…


Sounds like an AWESOME food weekend. That chair is epic-ly awesome, I want it.

P.S. I LOVE your cardigan, where did you get it? Actually I love all your outfits (where do you shop)?


I probably eat more pizza than I do pasta, but if I had to choose, I'd probably pick pasta because it's more versatile.


I burned my temple with a hair dryer recently. I left a hideous red mark for days. I still cannot figure out how I burned myself with a hair dryer. I think that probably takes talent.

Pasta. I am a fiend for Italian and I haven't found pizza that I love here yet (we've only been in Central Ohio for 4 years, so maybe I'm rushing the process).

Glad I'm not the only one that constantly spills on myself. The worst is when we go out for sushi because soy sauce stains like crazy. I'm never gonna get it out of some of my favorite shirts.


I love love love reading your blog!! Please don't ever stop posting.


I burn myself a little too often when cooking. I even have a few scars from oven burnings.


Looks like you two are having an awesome time!!! LOVE the food pics!! I just sent you at hug, if you want to check it out I posted it here today: Sorry I'm a little late, I wanted to still send one to you though!! Enjoy the rest of your trip with the sis!!


Yogurtland IS bomb, I can't find anything else as good where I live :)

And I think it's HILARIOUS that you took 28 minutes to order. But if it's any consolation, great choices… that pizza needs to be in my life!


Looks like you are having a great time! :) It's so nice that you and your sister get along so well and are so similar.


pizza over pasta!! Looks like you had fun! I had fro yo last night and it was amazing :) Sometimes branching out can be fun, for sure–have a great workout!!


No joke, I grew up in a house with a chair almost identical to that one – leopard print and all! It had been my great grandma's and I LOVED it!!
I burned myself last week, cooking.
We live in NYC so we try new places all the time. We have our faves, but there are too many places here not to explore!
I use about 3 napkins every meal hoping I won't get food on me and I purposely avoid things like chicken wings because I know I'll end up with half the suace on me!
Glad to see you're having such a great time!


You are so funny! I love the cardigan's REAL purpose! This trip looks like what you totally needed to savor that love and support that is all too important during your tough time! Thinking of you and sending many virtual hugs from Cooper and I!

I posted the pics of the fro-yo EMZ and I ate as we cheers'ed you! ;)


Love the leopard chair. Darling!

And you and HungryRunnerSistah…. are freaking gorgeous. You guys sucked up all the gorgeous genes… lucky chicks!

I'm literally drooling over the food pics. That pizza looks TO DIE FOR. :)

Have a fabulous weekend girl. :)


sounds like you had an awesome time! pizza…..every time!


yup, all my clothes has a little dribble stain down the front. I'm a spilloholic. My boyfriend can't comprehend how so much food ends up on the floor…we need to get a dog


I'd love 2 hang out with you and your sis! I might just have to one day!! You girls know how 2 have some good girl time!! :)

pizza-hands down. I rarely eat pasta…I think I ate too much of it when I was a kid so, I got burnt out!! When I was younger I always stained my clothes at birthday parties!

So happy that you're having a nice weekend!! :)


I think pizza would win every time.

I want that cheetah chair! Wouldnt it be cool if they had them on those safari buses??


I'm a big spiller. I have LOTS of stained shirts in my closet :).

I would probably pick pizza, but I hate having to choose! I love carbs!!

Glad you're having a fun trip!


You and your sister are beautiful. I love how much you love each other. Im sorry Ive been a bad blogging friend, but I was wondering if your running the Boston Marathon still? I feel so out of the loop and you make me happy so I try to catch up with you when I dont feel too terrible. But I thought the Marathon was coming up and I just wanted to wish you good luck.
Anyways, I hope your doing great.
Love ya, Jenn


First of all, I am McLovin' that chair. Sass, class, and just-plain-cuteness all in one piece of furniture. Perhaps you can squeeze it into one of those really large handbags? haha

Don't remember the last time I burned myself, but the worst burn I ever got was accidently pumping out a full squirt of hot glue from a glue gun onto my bare knee. I was 10 and hadn't started shaving my legs. Enough said.

PASTA! Hands down! There are so many variations, I could never get bored.

Last new restaurant I went to was a family-owned Italian place. Decent food, less-than-decent service. Where's my Old Spaghetti Factory when I need it??

I just spilled on myself today at lunch. Serves me right for eating out of a serving bowl.


I have the same problem ordering at restaurants! It always takes me forever, and everyone always makes fun of me. It really is not a problem though, because we just want to make sure we make the best food choices, right?:)


I just clicked the follow button moments ago. :) I have been reading your blog for a few weeks or so, ever since Jon told me that you had a blog and I should check it out. Buuut I hadn't been following for this reason: I am barely a runner. I ran from the restaurant to the car because it was raining today. I also ran from one airport terminal to the next today since my flight was delayed. It's more of a necessityonlywhenIreallyneedtogetsomewhere kind of thing. Yet, maybe I'll get inspired to start working out/running more for fun and healthy reasons! We'll see! Just so you know, you have a fan from up at school with Jon.


You're hilarious! I also spill things on myself and burn myself pretty much every time I cook. 'Clumsy' is probably a understatement :)


I don't go out to eat very often, so when I do go, I like to go somewhere I KNOW is fantastic. I should probably branch out more, though…


I burned my arm on our oven door a few weeks ago… I was confused, because it didn't hurt very much. Later I realized that the reason it didn't hurt as much as usual was because I had managed to just kill off the nerve endings. I now have this really nifty white stripe in the middle of my arm.
Definitely pizza.

My husband and I have been in South Korea since June, so every restaurant is new… so far, we haven't had any really bad experiences, but our favorite place is this Japanese place in the mall (yeah, I know, we're in Korea, and our favorite restaurant is a Japanese place).

I spill on myself all the time. Probably the worst time was when I was wearing a brand new dress… For some reason that was also the day I decided to make homemade marinara sauce, which decided to splatter all over me. Luckily, I was able to get the stains out.


Bragging about you on my post today!


The last time I burned myself was on Thanksgiving. For some crazy reason I thought I had my oven mit on, totally didn't, and I grabbed a hot pan that was in the oven. Yep. Thought my skin was going to melt off.

-Pasta. Especially if it has scallops and a cream sauce. MMMM.

-I am the queen of spilling. It's disgusting.

-The last new place I tried was WingNuts. It was actually pretty good! Plus they bake all of their wings, so it's practically guilt free!

P.S. Sorry for my billion comments today. I am catching up!

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