Bottomless Pit and Race Photos

Started the morning off with a pump date with Julia.  No picture because I think you know I was wearing the exact same workout outfit as yesterday(because we would rather buy iPadsthan a washer and dryer)and you have seen plenty of pictures of me with no make-up, sweat dripping into my eyeballs, and hair horns that look lethal to the touch.

Julia LOVED the class and is going to come every Wednesday with me.  I think we should bring a picnic breakfast to enjoy in the aerobics room after class and make it a full on 6 a.m. date, Billy is probably going to be a little jealous!

Whenever I strength train my hunger is that of a 14 year old boy and his twin brother combined with a little of Roulin Gardner’s appetite mixed in there.

I ate my b-fast…..egg sandwich,

still starving,

dug into my fruit that I packed for mid-morning snack,

Photo on 2011 04 27 at 08 08  3

somehow hungrier than before,


and then I started thinking-something is wrong with me and decided to just say I am just hungry in my head not my stomach.

I couldn’t lie to myself anymore and

an hour later I dug into my soup that I brought for lunch.

Noon rolled around and I made my way to the cafeteria for the salad bar because I had already licked the lining of my lunchbox clean.

Photo on 2011 04 27 at 12 05

That would be at least 13 scoops of HOMEMADE salsa and pico on top of that baby. Tomatoes are going to start growing out of my ears.

Finally, I felt like a normal person and stopped thinking about ways to steal food from my students or how to make pillows look like me at my desk while sneaking away to Subway during class.


TheBEAUTIFUL MELISSA @ thehealthycupcake sent in her FIRST marathon photo at the Rock n’ Roll Sand Diego Marathon!! LOVE THE PURPLE…you speak to my heart.



The PRETTIEST Meg @ Bestpaceissuicidepace sent in some AWESOME photos!!

“Just got a couple race pics from this past weekend’s four miler. They’re hilarious! I was clearly having a conversation – awesome timing, photographer! I got a PR that race, and got to try out my brand new neon orange Newtons- love ’em!!”

Screen shot 2011 03 31 at 8 21 15 PM

CONGRATS ON THE PR—–I am craving that feeling more than ever:)


And one of my real life BFF’S the STUNNING Holley @ Lungesandlashesat the Salt Lake City Marathon a few weeks ago…..holds a special place in my (Janae’s) heart because it was my FIRST marathon ever!!

“Here I am trekking to the finish line! I love feeling that extra burst of energy you get when you come down the finish shoot and everyone is cheering! And MAYBE I tend to get a little emotional. :)”

IMG 2573



Do you like BIG RACES with lots of crowds and runners or SMALL RACES with more room to run and prettier scenery?

-I LOVE BIG RACES….crowds fuel me and who doesn’t like a bigger group of racers with more men for me to pass:)

Do you go to gym classes with your friends?

-I didn’t used to but now I am hooked….I love looking over at my friend with eyes that say, “I am about to die from exhaustion” when the teacher tells you just one more set.

What is in your EMERGENCY FOOD STASH right now?

-One ginormous Costco pb jar that I scoop out the goods with my fingers.

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Great race photos!! Makes me jealous that these girls actually look cute in their pics :).

I TOTALLY prefer big races – the crowds and energy is amazing. However, if the race is small enough (can we get a 20 person race?) sometimes I'm near the front for girls that's kind of fun!


I LOVE big races for marathons, I get totally pumped up by the crowds! But I also love small trail races because of the gorgeous scenery!


I love big races AND small races. I love the people who have been running the same small races year after year, but I love the energy of the huge races, with SO MANY PEOPLE out there with the same goal: finish line!


So I stumbled across your blog about a week ago, and I am so hooked, you have no idea – your mention of/admission to peanut butter fingers pretty much guarantees that I will never unsubscribe.
Basically, I think you're awesome and would really love to grow up to be you, except that you're younger than me so I'm not quite sure how that would work, but I wouldn't mind ditching a couple of years if that's what it took or was possible in any way.
I've only run one small race, and my next race should be bigger and is only a couple of weeks away, so I can't say for sure but I'm thinking I might like bigger better.
At the small race it seemed like everyone else, knew everyone else except for me. So sad, right? Bring on the big race and let's all be lonely, that's what I say:)


I love both types of races! Big races with crowds are so fun, but sometimes, I like quieter races like trail races or scenic ones.
I drag my friends to spin and yoga classes all the time, then make them eat dinner with me after!


You are an eatin' machine :)

I think I prefer the anonymity of the big race. lol No one will notice how slow I am :P


ahhhhhhhh!!! I LOVED TODAYYY!! so amazing and fun. I am feeling every bit of sore but it feels sooooo good. and I have also been eating nonstop…I do not even know what my problem is but I am totally okay with this. I love food. yum.

already counting down the days until next wednesday of course :)

I like big races but i have only really done 1 big race. haha. But it was just so exciting. LOVED that feeling.

That picture of Holley is amazing. I cannot wait to finish my first marathon at some point!

food stash is always luna bars. love them.


You ARE to nice to me! Thanks girl! I am excited to get back to pump class with you, maybe next week? I am just afraid of the leg section, I guess I don't like looking like a slacker. :) So who is the new teacher you found that you were talking about that you like so much?!?! I NEED to know, I will have too much free time soon, so I can stalk new teachers at the gym!


I am always SO hungry when I strength train. I always pack extra food in my lunch.. just in case.


I love big races. I too get emotional!

I used to go to spinning all the time with my sister when we lived together!

Annnnd I don't have a secret food stash. Maybe I need one! :/


Now I'm craving salsa. And chips…


I have my very own pb jar!! :D Also in my food stash: chocolate!
I get suuuper hungry on days that I do bootcamp or circuit-style workouts!!!


I like small races!
My emergency food stash is usually 3-4 protein/snack bars, random ziploc bags full of almonds, and at least some type of sugary candy. No matter what bag/purse I use, I end up with this stuff in there. Always be prepared!


I like big races!

My stash is either a granola bar, nuts, or fruit!

I teach fitness classes-so yes, all the people there are my friends :)


I love big races! More people = more energy!

I either train solo or avec the man. We're kinda cheesy like that.

Emergency food stash has got to be fruit. Nice and easy grab-and-go! Plus, fruit has been known to satisfy my sugar craving ;)


I love big races! I love the crowd support and the excitement of all the people. But I like small races too because then I usually get an age group prize (obviously I'm only fast enough for small races!!)
I make boyfriend go to gym classes with me-he's hooked on Pilates! He made fun of me when I came back sore so I told him he had to try it and then see what he thought-now he's hooked!! Too funny


In my emergency food stash I have a bunch of delicious go-to energy balls – SO GOOD! :)


I love your blog or making me feel less strange! I ate breakfast, lunch and a snack before 10:30 today.


i loooove working out with friends!! It makes it so fun and the time flies by!!

Food stash is always chocolate chips and almonds :)


Oh man I was having a super hungry day today. I ran 10 miles last night and just downed a protein shake before showering and crawling into bed. This morning I devoured my english muffin and eggs. then by 11am i was starving. Finally i went and got a burrito from oobas with rice, pinto beans chicken and fresh salsa totally hit the spot.

In my stash at work i have cliff bars, peanut butter, oatmeal, single serving popcorn, and soup. I literally have a mini pantry.


hey that's me! :)

I LOVE big races – and I haven't even done the really huge ones yet. I just love the emotional support along the way… and there are usually more water stops at bigger races!

I get my hungriest after swimming. after the first time I swam a mile, I swear I ate the entire contents of my fridge. I came home and ate every veggie in there and an entire thing of egg beaters. it was ridiculous!!


I am always starving in the morning at school, since I work around eight year olds all day I declared my own morning snack time…just to allow me to dig in to some of my favorites like chocolate covered almonds, yogert, or hard boiled eggs with chopped veggies. Really…how is someone suppossed to stay sane untill 12:00 in the afternoon without a meal in between!


I NEED big races. Love love love. I love the energy and having so many people to pick in front of me to try to pass! :)


I like both big and small races! Big races are awesome for having fun, and small ones are best for PRs for me. The most fun half I have done was the Country Music Marathon in Nashville last year, and it was HUGE! Like almost 30,000 huge. Compare that to the half I ran a couple of weeks ago… there were 400 runners, and it was so awesome too. I liked having elbow room! (and the ability to blow snot rockets without them hitting anyone…)


I loveeee big races, but I ran a 5k last weekend that only had about 100 people. It wasn't too bad, but my next one will have 55,000 and I CAN'T WAIT! Food stash is lara bars and chocolate, thanks to my easter basket:)


I like different things about big and small races, I love the crowds/excitement of big races, but sometimes get frustrated with not being able to run a comfortable pace in the beginning and sometimes complicated logistics. Small races with a nice laid-back atmosphere are a lot of fun!

I LOVE when I have workout buddies. I don't have as many for gym classes, but I usually have at least one or two run/bike/swim dates a week:).

Right now I am in school so I don't have a desk to keep my emergency food in:( Which sucks! I have to carry my food and I am always hungry too and lugging tons of food in with me every day! But lately I've been stealing Cliff bars that I bought for my brother's birthday present…I just had to buy more at the store today to replace them so I can actually send them to him tomorrow:).


GIRL! I was in a trauma nursing course today and I ate ALL my lunch that I had packed BEFORE 10am…

…so I had to go to the cafeteria to get a real lunch!


I've been a bottomless pit today, too! It's outrageous. But I'm just going with it. :) My stash always has larabars and almonds. And apples! I've been going to yoga/group classes at the gym lately with lululemon friends. It makes it more fun!


Girl, I'm an aerobic instructor and am friends with all my participants. They cuss me during class, but praise me later via text and fb!! I teach at least 4 aerobic classes a day….plus high school! I have a jar of pb with me at all times. It lasts maybe a week. Shameful.


Love big races but they can also be distracting too.


funny…I thought I was the only one who contemplated stealing food from my students when I was starving at work! =)


Big races for sure!! I don't go to many gym "classes" but I have a great crew of workout partners and super fantastic strength training resources there! I LOVE my gym buddies and this marathon training is not letting me spend as much time with them as I would like….

Emergency food stash…Well-I'm not particularly proud of it. I would love to say broccoli and spinach and although I DO eat these daily, I've been sprinkling them with WAY too many Reese's peanut butter eggs. Seriously, no self control for about 10 days out of the month. God forbid I EVER stop running…..

Love the pics!


I definitely like bigger races because there are more people for me to blend in with at the back of the pack. I ran in a race a few weeks ago where there were about 12 of us. The only person I beat was a 75-year-old man. It was mentally hard for me to keep going watching the other 10 runners zoom off so fast.

But…in a smaller race, I have actually been able to place and win a medal! And that is the coolest!


I like big races because of the ending- so much support! However, I do not like the beginning of big races and feeling like I'm going to get trampled :)


My emergency food stash is animal crackers, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. The three go great together! Love the pics!


Sometimes I feel like I have a bottomless pit stomach. I have some nuts in my locker for an emergency.


Um, why didn't my school (or even college) serve food like your cafeteria does????? Amazing!

I have the same bottomless pit problem, oh well. At least it's delcious.

I used to take group classes, but then quit the gym last year. Oh well.


I love big races!!! I ran my first ever half marathon last week in Cape Town!!It was about 10,000 people. I ran for a friend and she was seeded in the back…it took 2 minutes to get to the start line!!! But that just met for the next 10k I was dodging in and out of people counting them off one by one- it was so much fun ;) teehehehe! Love passing guys- gives me such a thrill!! ;)


Pump sounds awesome!!! I'm glad you've been able to keep your positive attitude!!!

I LOVE big races. It's really a lot of fun. All the energy and the atmosphere is AWESOME!

My emergency food stash contains granola, granola bars, atomic fireballs and tic tacs. Ha.

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