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Hugs Not Drugs.

I am blown away by the support and love that each of you gave me. Between the comments, emails, tweets and texts I feel like the luckiest gimp around. Thank you all for being my best friends and sticking with me and my weird self. Tonight’s post will be short because I am off to … Continue Reading

This hurts to write.

Femoral Stress Fracture. No Boston and no running for that matter. It is what I do from this point forward that truly shows what kind of athlete and person I am. This is what makes me, this is who I am. Of course I feel like crap and I have stopped wearing mascara because every … Continue Reading

One of those nights…..

Men:  The only two things that a girl ever needs when they are feeling lamesauce is……. A Lifetime Original Movie. And chocolate, marshmallows and a side of chocolate (preferably all from Yogurtland).  Oh, and don’t you even think about mentioning the words calories, skinny jeans or swimsuit season for at least 24 hours and before … Continue Reading