Let’s Talk Food.

Because I will be honest there has been a lot of it……hey, I need something to keep me busy during this healing time.

There has been a lot of frozen yogurt dates to my favorite yogurt place ever…YOGURTLAND in Orem. I really am hooked and I am okay with that.

There has been ridiculous amounts of veggies…..these meals probably don’t look so pretty but they are nutrient packed to the brim.

IMG 4873

Spinach, tuna, corn, brocoli with salsa.

IMG 4866

Spinach salad, red pear, roasted broccoli and Thomas bagel thin (there was also a protein shake with this meal but I was too lazy to take a picture of it).

IMG 4868

Yes, that would be an entire can of green beans with my bbq chicken breast.  I don’t mess around when it comes to this stuff.

There has been a lot of baking too……

IMG 4877

IMG 4880

I promise if you make these (banana crumb recipe here) and eat them you will not have this hazed over look that I do…I don’t know what is going on there. And someone can you PLEASE come put my laundry away…..otherwise it will be in that exact same spot until I have worn everything in there.

IMG 4882

Headed to family dinner….aka Bday party for the Madre!!!


What is your FAVORITE type of muffin?

-Banana (as long as there is some sort of streusel on top) and poppyseed!

Do you ever eat canned vegetables?  What about frozen?

-Yep…..remember I am a teacher and Bdawg is still in school.  Sometimes I need to sacrifice fresh veggies for canned to afford my ice cream addictions.  Plus, I actually really LOVE canned and frozen veggies, but because of my fondness with broccoli, I always buy that fresh.

Do you put your laundry away right after you do it?

-Nope, I need help.

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Mmm…all your food looks so yummy!! :)

-I would say Blueberry Muffins are probably my fave :)
-I eat canned veggies all the time…they are still veggies!
-My favorite part of my day is my PR at my race today!!! :)

Have fun celebrating your Momma's b-day! :)


YES! banana nut muffins :) Hope you had a fantastic weekend…


Im anal about folding laundry after its freshly dried… ill come over and help you! ;-)


p.s. happy birthday to hungry runner mom


I LOVE YOUR MUFFINS!! hmm i like booberrrry!! i deffos eat canned beans.. not sure about veg- have a lovely sunday night :D


I put my laundry away right away! :) or at least fold it. I hate to iron so I want to make sure it all just gets done or it will sit around in piles FOREVER! How are you feeling??? Oh, and I like to eat green beans right from a can when we have them. My kids will eat corn from a can cold too.


MMM. Muffins. Banana take the top spot, followed by blueberry, and then pumpkin.

I hardly ever eat canned veggies, but girl, I swooned over the picture of the green beans. That's me!

Me and laundry have a complicated relationship. I go back and forth. Sometimes I put it away, and other times I deny the fact that the dryer is full of unfolded clothes.


I really want one of those Yogurtland places here in Anchorage!!

Blueberry muffins are the way to go!


I fold laundry immediately like 90% of the time. The other 10%? Yeah. It could sit in the basket for quite some time…


I'm not a huge fan of canned veggies, though I have a pantry full. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins are the best.
As far as laundry, I save it up so I can fold it while watching tv. That way I feel like I accomplish something. I usually put it away pretty soon after that.


Happy bday to yo mama!! I love you, and that salad, and every veggies on the planet. Those are my favorite types of muffins too!! Can we please have a baking party and make muffins and eat them alllll

I always do fresh veg, never canned but sometimes frozen. And it's totally fine, I don't put away my laundry either. No bueno but ya know, its how the world turns:)


I love all muffins, but my fav are pumpkin cream cheese…YUMMMM. I do eat some frozen (only the steamfresh). Never the canned, hate the taste. the fresh stuff is obviously better, but sometimes you have to do it. I HATE putting away my laundry. I'm currently procrastinating putting mine away, as well ;)


I liked canned beets. Is that weird? I know, I am weird. favorite muffin top? banana nut!!


I liked canned beets. Is that weird? I know, I am weird. favorite muffin top? banana nut!!


My most favorite muffin is a zucchini muffin! So yummy! We do eat canned and frozen veggies sometimes but for the most part they are fresh…I have five really picky eaters! My husband makes sure we get our laundry put right away!
I loved your sister's recap and think that running in wind is just miserable! I love the picture of you two as children. I have six sisters and we have LOTS of pictures in matchy velvet dresses! So fun! I love being matchy with my girls!


That facial expression is killing me – one of the reasons why I love you so much! :)

I don't do canned vegetables. They've got a funky taste to me. I'm kind of a vegetable snob now. It's bad – really bad.


I'm obsessed with blueberry muffins. I believe I ate at least 5 today. (I ran a half-marathon today, i was refueling. ha ha).

Yes we eat canned veggies. Not a lot, but some. Usually I put them in casseroles, or chicken pot pie. We've been eating a lot more fresh veggies lately and I'm loving it.

uhm, no, I absolutely do not put laundry away. ever. The same baskets have been sitting in our room for 2 weeks, and I just keep adding to them. :-(


Mmm, streusel is the best part of a muffin, although I prefer mine on apple cinnamon.

I actually kind of prefer canned green beans, but I try to buy fresh since my husband is on a low-sodium diet.

The laundry would never get put away, or done actually, if my husband didn't do it.


I'm not a big muffin eater, but those banana muffins make me want to nom nom nom my screen. Must try that recipe soon!

I love fresh veggies, but I eat frozen all the time! So easy to keep on hand, an I eat green beans (steamed and then sauteed with a little garlic) like nobody's business. I could never afford my green bean habit if I only bought fresh!

And don't worry, frozen veggies have lots of wonderful nutrients! They're still super good for you!

Putting away laundry — um, no. I suck. Sometimes I hide it in the bathtub when company comes.

Love your blog, and your adorable face! I look forward to my dose of HRG every single day!!! Can't wait to see you kill it in Boston in a few weeks :)


Banana chocolate chip muffins.

I eat any kind of veggies-fresh or frozen but don't really like the canned EXCEPT for green beans which I will eat cold right out of the can with my fingers.

I hate laundry….neverending. At this point, I don't have to put it away. I simply empty the suitcases, wash the clothes and repack the suitcases….

Loved your sisters race report! She is as funny as you! Congrats to her, I'm sure you were an awesome spectator. Hope your quad is doing OK. I think I'm unfortunately going to be forced to hop on the crosstraining train here for awhile…..I hate that train….(I'm practicing my good attitude)

Happy birthday to your mom!


I love your HUGE salads, so yummy! I eat frozen veggies all the time, but canned ones are gross to me. I get the huge frozen veggie variety bags from Costco and love adding them to everything. The best part of my Sunday is watching shows with my boyfriend all day, then grocery shopping for awesome food!


I make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins at work…delicious!


Yes to the laundry question. Straight from the washer or dryer to a hanger.

I buy SOME canned veggies (black beans, chickpeas, stuff like that) and quite a few frozen ones (green beans, whole-kernel corn, greens, green peas, black-eyed peas…) There just ain't nothing like fresh though!


I hope you are feeling stronger each day. That food looks great!

I LOVE blueberry muffins. They are by far my favorite!

I always at least fold my laundy. Sometimes I put it right back in the basket that way though.


I LOVE the picture of you and Billy. Truly a BEAUTIFUL couple!! Praying for you and your healing.

Lately, I heart zucchinni muffins–I never knew I loved them till I used a recipe from Athlete's Palate. Delish. And, they aren't "fat laden monsters" either!

Have a fantastic evening with your mama–Happy Birthday HungryRunnerMom!!


I def love banana muffins and choc. Chip. I wish we had a yogurt place like that here I would run there eat and run home. We do that to our local ice cream place:)
Veggies well my boyfriend says he is not a rabbit so I never make meals with anything green!!!


I'm curious to know – what's your favorite way to cook broccoli?? Lately, I'm loving it roasted in the over with some olive oil and garlic powder, but I would love to find some more awesome ways to make it!


Favorite healthy muffin: blueberry crumble.

Favorite unhealthy muffin: chocolate chocolate chip.


Favorite muffin – just made them today. Subsituted agave for the brown sugar & they are crazy good. Banana wheat germ – http://find.myrecipes.com/recipes/recipefinder.dyn?action=displayRecipe&recipe_id=10000000709845

I'm kind of crazy about eating canned vegetables – I grew up with grandparents who canned a ton of vegetables, so I was spoiled by the taste & won't eat anything that's canned in the supermarket. Beans if I'm really in a pinch. I don't mind tomatoes, though. Oh, and we eat tons of frozen vegetables, although we spend 80% of our grocery budget on produce at Costco, so it's all good. :-)

On the laundry side, yes. I have two kids who play sports, my husband has to dress up for work, & we both run/workout. Soooo, between the bunch of us, I have to do the laundry basically every day or it magically mates & takes over my entire house. I keep waiting for a laundry fairy to show up & take care of it, but so far. . I'm it.


What is your FAVORITE type of muffin?
* I Loooove me some raspberry crumb muffins. Or blueberry

Do you ever eat canned vegetables? What about frozen?
* Im right there with you – I have no problem finishing a can (or two) of green beans. Also have no issues with canned corn :)

Do you put your laundry away right after you do it?
* Ugh, not if I can help it. I will even keep laundry in the dryer and keeping adding to the dryer until it gets too full and I have to put away the stuff in it.


Pumpkin muffins, all the way! But, I don't think I've ever turned down a muffin of any kind…

I usually have 1-4 laundry baskets full of clean, folded clothes in my bedroom. I hate putting clothes away.

And, just FYI–as a show of solidarity, I haven't run for the past 7 days. Oh, okay, it was spring break and we had family in town (and some other excuses for why I haven't run for that long), but either way, you're not alone ( : And, instead of running, I did much eating this past week. Why does no running always seem to = more eating?? Hope you're all healed up real soon!!


I don't usually buy any canned veggies because of the trash-talking that goes on over them off and on. I am crazy for frozen vegetables!

And I have been compromising by folding my clean laundry, and then sitting the piles around my bedroom floor. It's a great system I have going on… Haha. But I've run out of closet space at the moment.


Everything looks DELIIIICIOUS.

I've never been a huge muffin fan… they've always just seemed like overgrown, dry, tasteless cupcakes to me! But I recently had the most delicious apple and cinnamon muffin that totally challenge my muffin prejudice :D

I eat canned corn and beetroot pretty regularly. Peas are probably the only frozen type I eat often.

And no way… my laundry sits in piles (or worse, just strewn around..) all over my house for weeks. Bad habit.


Muffins are delish. I cant discriminate although I indulge rarely. RE: Canned vs fresh. I can do either but have tried to buy fresh more recently. I love canned green beans..havent found a fresh bean to beat it. RE Laundry. I am a total slob. dresser drawers were not meant for women's clothing. I miss my armoir! Just throw the pile on the shelf and be done! ahhh Let me know if you find a solution to this problem


I love mango muffins and banana chocolate chip!!! :D
Glad you had a good weekend!!!


Just want to say I am glad that I am not the only one who gets a bigger yogurt size than my hubby! I miss yogurt/ ice cream so badly (cannot eat it right now due to my baby's dairy allergy)!

I am more of a scone fan than a muffin girl.

Happy birthday to your mom! :)


good thing i'm eating breakfast as I'm reading this, otherwise i'd have to go get a snack!

my favorite muffins are definitely banana. I made a dozen this weekend and they're all gone…

We buy a lot of frozen veggies, you still need nutrition even when you're poor newlyweds!


I love love LOVE doing my laundry and making everything nice and clean…but I absolutely hate putting it away! I'll stack it on top of the dryer for as long as I can get away with it!


Banana Nut muffins, I don't do the laundry, I buy all types of veggies. The canned and frozen are great for when you are randomly in the mood for veggies and are all out at home :)

Can I please hire you to cook for me?! My goodness, you make such amazing dishes, great variety, the flavors in your dishes just look out of this world, and your presentation kills me!

I am a food lover myself, but can never be near the level of awesomeness you are :) KEEP UP THE AWESOME PHOTOS!


I wish we had a Yogurtland here.. after seeing all of your pics, I want some!!
That salad looks mighty good too!

I love chocolate chip muffins.. but then again, I love anything chocolate.

I know I'm a little late, but a BIG congrats to your sister on the half marathon!! That's so awesome that you were there to support her throughout the entire run.


I HAVE to make those muffins :) Banana is my favorite….or like you said, poppy seed (well, ok it's actually lemon poppy seed..but I like to big like you :) )
I think you are AWESOME!!! & I hope you have a WONDERFUL day & Again, as I always say, and I hope you never get tired of it- but thank you so much for always making me smile!!
Love you!! xoxo


I am terrible about laundry too! I have to do it right away or it'll never happen.

Frozen veggies are fantastic when I'm in a time crunch – they are life savers!

Muffins…oddly enough, I love love love bran muffins. They are the best!


I had Yogurtland last night!!!! YUM.


Canned spinach is oddly yummy…


I had an award-winning bran muffin the other day… amaaaazing.

We eat tons of canned green beans, those are the only veggies that my BF will eat!

And the laundry is the devil, aka I try to avoid it at all costs. Sad face.


When do you not talk about food?

My favorite muffins was a strawberry cheesecake muffin with a graham cracker struesel topping, i can see you salivating 3000 miles away

Can or frozen if they are one sale

I dont have to put the laundry away, my job is wash and dry it, the S/O job is to put it away

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