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Triple Tangent Tuesday.

MADE MY DAY………. The CUTEST EMILY @ eat. drink. run. sent me the most thoughtful thing ever!! (GO TO HER BLOG…she has the best recipes, running adventures and she is BEAUTIFUL) A signed poster by JACK FULTZ (won the Boston Marathon in 1976)… says, “For Janae, See you in Boston and in Rio 2016 (the … Continue Reading

I am a weirdo.

This is what happens when my photographer (aka Billy) is still at school after my speed workout. (p.s. honey, photoshoot>electrical engineering homework, thanks). I have a little too much fun with the self-timer.  I was a little tired after this workout.  My legs are still learning what speed work is. 6 mile repeats @ 6:17, 6:17, 6:17, … Continue Reading