We left the house.

It is a miracle, I peeled myself off the couch last night to repeel myself to my parents couch.

After snacking every 45 minutes and eating at least 5 bananas loaded with PB yesterday afternoon, I wasn’t that hungry for dinner but I knew I needed some veggies.

I steamed up some broccoli and snap peas and drenched them in the best homemade spaghetti sauce I have ever had, made my the one and only JEN.


I also had a side of peach Chobani greek yogurt, that stuff is crack.

After going through our list of ideas for our Saturday night adventure we decided to go hang out with the parentals. Best decision ever.

My cutest mother in the world is having some health issues (say a little prayer for her k cause she is my best friend and I don’t like it when she doesn’t feel well) and we knew just how to brighten her day.


We brought over Golden Spoon and watched Cupcake Wars and other Food Network shows with her for three hours.  I loved every second.

For some reason Billy get’s embarrassed when I get stickers at the store and put them on my face, isn’t that what they are for? It’s not like I am almost 25 years old and should stop doing ridiculously immature things or something.


Strawberry and vanilla with neon gummy worms and snowcaps.  Don’t bash it until you try it.

I finished this post at midnight and I was still wide awake…..who am I? There must have been caffeine in the fro-yo or something.  I finished the night off by putting together the GIVEAWAY I am doing this week…..get very excited, K!


What are you going to have (or did you already have) for Sunday Breakfast?

-I am craving some french toast.

Superbowl plans? Do you like watching football?

-The whole fam is going over to my parents house and we are having taco soup (my favorite).  PS I don’t even know who is playing.  I will probably bake the whole time.

How often do you take rest days from exercise…..I love to know what you guys do because you guys INSPIRE me!!!

-I take a rest day from exercise every Sunday but I do love going on walks or doing yoga on Sunday’s.

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I'll be keeping your mom in my thoughts and prayers! I wanted you to know that I Didn't BEAT my best time on the treadmill for my 3 miles (came VERY close) but I did make my goal of running an 8 minute mile. :)


I had frosted mini wheats and coffee.

We're going to my boss's house for a super bowl party. We're also having a Just Dance2 dance-off there. I'm practicing my moves all afternoon.

I am for one rest-day a week although sometimes it turns into 2 :(


I also love to put stickers on my face! Haha. Cupcake Wars is an AWESOME show. I love it, and maybe one day I'll be on it! :)

I would love to watch the Superbowl, but I have to work ALL day Monday, so getting up at 3am to catch it… especially when they won't show the commercials out here… probably not going to happen. :(

Have a great Sunday, girl!


Breakfast = kashi heart to heart cereal and iced coffee

Superbowl plans = not a big football fan…maybe "watch" it with the fiance…aka sit on the couch next to him and read blogs and pretend to be interested

exercise rest = tuesdays are my day off, otherwise 6 days a week–rain or shine!


Wahoo I guessed right!! :D

Awww I'll pray for your momma. You and her are really gorgeous :)

Wednesday is my rest day usually! One is all I need, and I still try to do something then, like yoga! I HATE doing nothing!!

EXCITED for your giveaway girl!:)


I love Golden Spoon!!! Enjoy your Sunday. I'm making taco soup too.


I made breakfast bars this morning — I woke up craving oatmeal in a chewy bar form.

Root for the steelers, k? I'm originally from PA!

Andddd I take 1-2 rest days but that doesnt mean I'm totally resting (unless I'm sick)


I take a rest day either Saturday or Sunday or another one if my body needs it. I'll keep your mom in my prayers!


PANCAKES:) Ahhh they were chocolate cookie dough protein pancakes, I love chocolate slash they were so. Freaking. Good!

Today is not a rest day for me even though it usually is, but I will be going to church and NOT watching the superbowl! I do not even understand football even though I dated a football player and went to every game. I am a bad girlfriend.

P.s. stickers are ALWAYS for sticking on your forehead, girl!:)


Good morning!

I take every Monday off from training, I feel like it's just as important for a mental break as it is to restore my body.

We are going to a friend's super bowl party today and I know who's playing, but I don't care :). It's all about the fellowship and snacks to me!

Sunday breakfast is still undecided, I have masters swim and a run to do first – but we'll probably have scrambled eggs & turkey bacon.

Happy Sunday, Janae!


Yummmy ice cream!!

My momsie is my bff too and I love hanging out with her and mi padre!!!

I'm supposed to run 12 today but I drank too much wine last night and am feeling a little under the weather….


i rest twice a week!! And ah i hope your mama feels better- :D
CUPCAKE WARS is SUCH A good show.. oh mahhh days i love it and esp with some golden spoon (froyo?) LOVE IT.. yay for a giveaway !


I loooooove how tall the ice cream is! So much goodness in one bowl. :)


I usually take rest days on Sundays too. The day of rest. :)
I LOVE Golden Spoon. I have to admit that it took me a LONG time to figure out why their spoons were that ugly color…they are supposed to be GOLD (GOLDen spoon…duh).


I take a rest day whenever I dont have a sitter for my kids or when Im sick. I havent ran in a week now because Ive been sick.

Im getting my treadmill this week though so now Ill be able to run more even when I dont have a sitter!!


Breakfast today : special k and cafe au lait
super bowl: we watch it even though I don't get it..11 minutes of real play time for 3 hrs of sitting in front of the TV makes no sense to me

before that though we have birthday party for my little peannut Jonathan who is 5!
wanna come? painting party with lot's of candy and cake!!!

rest day: friday to go help Will's teacher


Our Sunday breakfast was quick because we went to early service. Now, I am thinking about making Taco Soup for lunch. It is SNOWING again, so I am glad that I got to run outside yesterday. I love Gummi Worms with my froyo!


I love this post for many reasons. Golden Swirl was my first job and I still absolutely love their yogurt.
Every sunday morning we have either chocolate dunford doughnuts or smart cookies. My girls have strawberry milk and I have a vanilla chai tea while we watch cartoons and clip coupons. It has become my favorite! This is all of our sunday treat!
Hope all is well with your mom! I have the best mom too!


You and your mom are adorable! I hope she feels better very soon! Your past few posts have made me think a lot about recovery (ice baths and the supplements). It's so helpful to know what works for you. I just had a huge bowl of oatmeal with nutella and peanut butter for brunch :)
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


I'm having banana chocolate chips pancakes for breakfast! :)


I had a smoothie with spinach, cottage cheese, blueberries, and some vanilla protein powder.

I take rest days usually every Saturday, but this week decided to mix it up and took my rest day on Friday and worked out on Saturday… really didn't quite so much decide to mix it up as I was too lazy to work out after work on Friday.

Uuuh… I'm going to a gun show for the superbowl…


Hope your mama feels better Janae. I'm making some french toast in a minute. REst days are on Monday.


I can put spaghetti sauce on anything and it makes it taste 10x better! Great combo- Chobani is also like crack to me.

This morning I had greek yogurt mixed with some dry cereal and dried cherries! And coffee, of course :) I am going to my guy friends apartment to watch the Super Bowl and cannot wait to eat gross (delicious) guy food!

I take a rest day once a week, but it usually changes which day I take it on due to how I'm feeling, the schedule, or the weather. If I am traveling or busy on a weekend then I'll build it in, etc.


LOVE the stickers on the face! My two year old does that… lol… so she must be super cool like YOU! (ah, you've inspired a new blogpost)

I'll be thinking of your mom and hoping all turns out well :)

I think pancakes are in order for today… hubby is making something down there and I think the kids were clamoring for pancakes.

No t.v. here… but I do like watching football … especially when it's something big like the Super Bowl.
I rest every other day. My body can't handle daily work. But I am thinking of incorporating a little light cross-training 2 or 3 times a week.


I miss Golden Spoon. I always got 2 flavors b/c I am convinced you get more with the 2 side by sides..instead of one flavor. Looks yummy.! I actually met a friend out for a nice post Birthday breakfast this morning. I am usually a live or die pancake fan, but today I opted for 2 over medium eggs, some potatoes and some dry wheat toast. Great decision! We are having another family over for the game tonight…making tacos and a cupcake station (I have made both chocolate and vanilla cup cakes and will have white, chocolate and green and yellow frosting for us to decorate!) We are rooting for the Packers as we lived there for about 2 years prior to FL. I like a Sunday rest day…or whenever my husband is home from work. Have a great time at the parents!


That ICE CREAM looks amazing. I wanted to buy a tub (or two) at the grocery store yesterday but the bf gave me a mock judgmental face so I didn't. I should have kicked his butt and gotten it anyone.

Probably watching the superbowl with friends and carbing up for my tempo work tomorrow (healthy carbs like chips and salas and queso… of course). :)


I had almond butter & banana oatmeal for breakfast! So good :) I am going to "watch" the super bowl with some people in my grad program tonight. I totally use the super bowl as an excuse to eat extremely unhealthy food that I otherwise wouldn't eat. So excited!

Btw, ice cream + Food Network is my fave type of night!


I hope everything is OK with your mom! Sounds like a good Saturday night to me. We are going to a Super Bowl party later this afternoon. Billy's excited to watch football. I'm excited to eat the snacks. Typical. I had a huge bowl of cereal this morning with banana and I'm hungry again. I usually have 1 day a week of complete rest, but I'm like you and go for a walk or yoga on those days. I just love to do something active. Wish I could go on a walk with you!


i made what i think is my first real green smoothie this morning, like it was really green. I used kale this time, AND added in chia seeds for the first time! i don't think it changed much of the taste but it was different!

and i take 1-2 rest days during the week, but it depends on how work goes as to which days I take off. longer field days mean rest days because it's exhausting. just wait till i start doing walking surveys, then there will be no running!


On Sundays I love to have a breakfast sandwich with a whole wheat bagel, egg, and veggie sausage!

For the superbowl I'm going to a friend's house and get to grade papers and do homework! Whoo Hoo!!!

I take Wednesdays off from working out. It's a midweek break and my busiest day so it's nice to have it off.

Praying for your mom and hope she feels better soon!!


I'm so sad for me right now…I have never even heard of Golden Spoon…you know I'll be googling it in a minute:) We must not have those around here, how sad.

The hubby made eggs and toast this morning-it hit the spot!


OH, I'm so sorry your mom is feeling unwell–I am sending prayers her way. You two are beautiful–your pic makes me miss spending time with my mom. She's my BFF too.

We are watching the Super Bowl with the rest of the WSU baseball coaching staff + families. It is a belated holiday party!

I am experimenting with my rest days for this marathon…right now I think I have 2 per week. hmmm.


HAHAHA. You are so freaking funny.

I had left over crepes with Nutella after my 13 miler this morning. :)

I will be eating crab legs and watching the game with my family.

Rest days are monday and wednesday…I run 4 and have two rest days :)

Have a wonderful Sunday woman! :)


YAY I had french toast with blueberries!!
Sending prayers to your beautiful mom! I'm sure the ice cream night with you lifted her spirits! I try to take a rest day once every 10-days, but if my body wants to run, I have a hard time denying it of a sweat-sesh so I'll do a quick little run!
Have a fabulous Sunday!


Get well soon Janae's mom!

I'm having cake for breakfast. In my defense, I just ran 18 miles :)


we were going to go to a big superbowl party…but with mr. dawn not feeling well, i'll probably stay home and watch it with him. oh, and do some laundry/folding/ironing. you know, fun stuff :)

prayers for your mom!


We had some french toast with sugar and lemon juice for breakfast this morning! Soo yummy!!!!!
Dad's setting up his projector and will watch the Super Bowl on the wall! =D


Breakfast will involve White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter…YUM! I'm working so wont be watching the game! Hope your mama feels better!!


For breakfast I had grape nuts cereal hot with a pear cooked in and topped with pb and granola. I am obsessed with grape nuts lately.

I am going to watch the Superbowl at my aunt's house with my entire family. Normally I don't care about the game and just go for the food, but today it's all about the Pack!

I've been taking a rest day on Fridays, but when Ironman training starts, it's pretty much 1 rest day every 4 weeks or so.


Tonight is one of my favorite nights of the year. For the past four Superbowls, we've watched the game (and the commercials) with a group of friends, all teachers. One of the math teachers in the group always puts together a long survey of Superbowl questions and that game is as much fun as what's on TV!

For the festivities, I'm making these – http://www.beckybakes.net/2011/01/20/oreo-stuffed-chocolate-chip-cookies/ (a friend made them a few weeks ago and told me that they changed her life)


Hope your Mom feels better ASAP!

My dinner was a lot like yours last night… more broccoli than I'd care to admit but it tasted so good I couldn't stop! And breakkie was toast with peanut butter and honey swirled together on top. SO GOOD!

Hope you have a good rest day!


All of a sudden I wish my smoothie was french toast! Or ice cream – even better!


I have 2 rest days per week at the mo- although I often have a walk or something. I have tried only one rest day but I get so tired that I dont think it helps in the long run.
I had porridge with peanut butter, carob powder and cinnamon. A random combo but was delish :)


you know what you've got me hooked on? Roasted Broccoli with ketchup! I've had it 2x today!! With eggs!! haha.
Prayin for mama runner girl. Give her a hug for me.


you know what you've got me hooked on? Roasted Broccoli with ketchup! I've had it 2x today!! With eggs!! haha.
Prayin for mama runner girl. Give her a hug for me.


You and your mama are so cute together! I hope she's 100 percent asap.

Ate my favorite oatmeal with almond butter today! Yum!

I usually take one rest day/week. Even with my injury, when I am tempted NOT to, I do it, 'cause my body obviously needs some TLC right now.


Lots of thoughts and prayers for your mom!

I love how much time you spend with your fam. I'm super jealous. My family members are my bffs and I do not spend nearly enough time with them.

I tend to use active rest days 1-2 times a week to get my rest in. I'll do an easy swim or spin or something. I hate days of total rest unless my body is feeling really beat up.

I'm party hopping the super bowl and choosing my ultimate locale based on where has the best food…obviously.


I think I might be so annoying cause I write on every one of your posts! :)
Breakfast was cereal, mixed two kinds and espresso with choc in it! haha
Oh no, your poor momma!! I hope she is ok!!! We will def. keep her in our prayers!

your dinner looked so good and healthy!!
Hope you have a great day with your family!!


I am watching the Superbowl as an excuse to eat terrible, terrible food.


Love your outfit from last night.

Packers are my team, so I am super excited for tonight!

I usually take 2 days rest, but have to do something; yoga, walk, weights, shop (haha)

thanks for asking the b-fast question, I sometimes need others to get me out of some of my food ruts. Some of you had some delish food this am, cereal here = boring.


Hah, your afternoon sounds like mine. I've eaten far too many plain chocolate chips and thus ruined my appetite for dinner…I need some greens somehow though!

I had a huge bowl of granola, raw cashew cream, pineapple and blueberries for breakfast, but as I live in the UK I have no knowledge of the Superbowl at all!

I'm wishing your Mom well and will keep her in my thoughts.




My mom and dad are in Nebraska, so we don't get to see each other enough! :( I do go home for part of my 2 months off in the summer though.

I last saw them at Thanksgiving and they are visiting again in April.

Enjoy baking your heart out during the Super Bowl!! I will be eating some naughty foods and watching the commercials! :)


I will keep your sweet momma in my prayers!! I am sorry she isn't feeling great!

I had one of my fastest runs this morning and kept you in mind for a lot of it! You are changing the way I run.

Oh and I'm sitting in an ice bath right now watching biggest loser….sound familiar? ha…im shiiiivivverrrringggg!


I had yogurt and some peanut butter on toast. I did make pancakes yesterday morning though!

I don't have any plans to watch the Super Bowl. I'll be doing a long run then laundry, cleaning, running errands, and maybe some baking/cooking.

I always take one day per week off from running.


Sunday breakfast was a bagel thin with peanut butter and banana and coffee. YUM.

We're going to a friends house to watch the Superbowl. I don't really care who wins, though.

I don't have a set schedule for running… maybe I should work on that.

Prayers for your mom!! I hope everything is okay!!


Today was a cereal day. Cheerios + Kashi Go Lean granola. Delish.

Surprisingly, we're not big football-watchers (NFL anyway) so we'll probably have it on at our house as background noise. Of course the commercials are the best part.

I take one or two days off from working out, depending on my work schedule. Working 12 hours in the ER is a work out in itself so I don't feel too bad about skipping on those days!


I have 1 rest day/week. And, I try to not run one other day (and instead do some other cardio), but that doesn't always happen. I just like to run too much. Right now my rest day is Friday, and I do my long run Saturday. Just started the whole "long run" thing, when I signed up for the 1/2 (that would be 3 weeks ago).


1 rest day a week.. if I go more than two the wheels start to fall off the bus so I avoid this at all times.. though this crap weather has been testing that!


You would SO fit in at my house. All of my kids love the stick on the head thing. My 11 year old once went a week with the same "banana sticker"… he would take it off for baths and put it back on when he was done. :)

For breakfast I had my usual fruity oatmeal. For Superbowl we were supposed to go to a party but I have sick little ones so I will stay home and have a little party with them.

Sunday is our "day of rest" but it also is my long run day because it is the only day of the week that Josh is always home. I go really early, get my run done and then spend the rest of the day with the family. My running rest day is Friday and I try not to do any exercise that day (although some weeks I cheat and run anyway). :)


Breakfast this am….Whole wheat waffle with peanut butter and Nutella and sliced strawberries with a sprinkle of cinnamon. I AM ADDICTED TO NUTELLA!!!!


I had oatmeal and coffee this morning like usual. I then had leftover mac and cheese at 1030 because I was hungry again.

We are going to a friends how to watch the game and I am making guacamole – can't wait to chow down!

I took a rest day today. My training plan has rest days on Thursday and Sunday but I can always do cross training on those days. I just go with what my body feels like. Like today I didn't do anything because I felt tired so I rested!


I'm planning on doing my long run during the superbowl. Sports on tv aren't my favorite! I had toast, an omelet, and a smoothie for breakfast, it was awesome!


Why have I never tried broccoli and pasta sauce?!

I usually take 2 rests days a week. Some weeks I only take 1 but I find that my legs just don't recover as well.


Nothing special for breakfast here… Kashi cereal and almond milk.

I LOVE TACO SOUP. We will be watching the game. I don't give a flip who wins, but I'll be watching it and stuffing my face with pizza and nachos nonetheless. It's tradition.

My plan calls for four days of running, one day of cross training, one day of stretching and strengthening and one day of total rest. Friday is my rest day in prep for my Saturday long run. But my schedule got totally out of whack this week. I took off last Sunday and Monday because I had a little twinge in my knee and I wanted to nip it in the bud! Ran Tuesday, spin Wednesday, ran Thursday, rested Friday, then had to switch Saturday's long run and Sunday's strength training around because of weather… I hate it when my weeks don't go like I've planned them!


Chobani is crack…for sure :)
That's so sweet that you went to hang out with your Mom. I love spending time with my parents too. & fro yo- even better!!
Your Mom is in my thoughts & prayers!


I'm terrible about football, I don't even know who is playing!

Sundays we have breakfast for dinner!!

Friday is my day off, I do no exercise at all!


Hope your mom feels better soon!! It's never fun to watch your parents feel sick :( Praying for her!!

This morning we had coffee, homemade waffles, and sausage patties. It was the best!! :)


Janae!!!! I wondered last time I saw a Golden Spoon cup on your blog if you were at your inlaws…because for the past 20 years no matter where I have lived, whether it was in Vermont, Chicago, or anywhere else outside of SoCal, I have never missed getting some of my alltimefavorite froyo when I am in California. I carry my stamp card in my wallet…and the workers always laugh when they see me coming. I'm on the mailing list so I get my birthday froyo post card every year. So just now I went to their website and did a location look up to see just what is going on with you having GS last night. they are iN OREM!!! and coming soon to Draper (if I was willing to fly from New England to CA to get some, I suppose driving 35 miles RT is worth it, right?!)

I'm so way excited. Maybe our meetup will have to be at the GS…cause I'd be totally stoked to have some without hopping a plane to get it. Yes, I love it that much!

Happy Sabbath day! ♥


I just love your blog :)

I love how much you love your mom, I feel like my mom is my best friend too! I'd be lost without her. She was sick a few years back and had a seizure and lots of other problems, but she is doing good now, fully recovered, god is amazing. I'll be praying for your mama, I just added her to my prayer journal!

For breakfast: I had oatmeal

For Superbowl: I am studying at starbucks and blog stalking!

I usually try and take 1-2 days off a week, but sometimes I feel guilty :( but I know I need to rest!

Janae!! You're such an inspiration, I want to be like you!!!


I had the most amazing brunch buffet at the place where my fiance and I will be getting married in Sept! Best of all, it was comped because it was our "tasting." It might take me all day to list how much I ate, but included a waffle, poached egg, omelet, fruit and a berry blintz. So yummy!


I know you too well – I guessed right! I'll say a prayer for your mom. My momma is my best friend too – moms are the best!!


Sunday breakfast was pancakes, as usual :) So was Saturday's breakfast, actually!


Ooooo giveaway! I can't wait!!!

That ice cream looks so good. I have really developed a thing for ice cream lately. I blame you.

Sunday breakfast was waffles!! Yummy!

We are "watching" the Superbowl now. I haven't seen any REALLY good commercials yet so I'm sort of bummed.

I think rest days are important but I need to step up my workout days!


I hope everything is o.k. with your mom! That was very sweet of you to spend your night over there with her.
I'm so glad you liked the sauce. It really is my husband's and it IS good. I've never tried it on just veggies though. Hmmmmm…. Maybe you and your hubby need to take a trip up here and hang out.
Sunday breakfasts are kind of wild around here. With early morning meetings the kids are left to fend for themselves. But dinner is usually breakfast on Sundays.


Love the video! You have such a sweet personality!


Happy to be your 600th follower!! Even though I've been reading since Christmas!


HOLY WOW does that look delicious! also, can you tell i'm catching up on posts by getting 3 comments in 10 seconds? OH YES!


That froyo looks so good! I take Fridays and Sundays off of working out.


Hey!! We are the same age! :) How cool is that!

I also JUST realized that you went to school for health education. I did too! I focused on Community Health Education (regret) so I can't teach in schools. I am thinking about going BACK to school so that I can. Do you love it? Do you just teach health or another subject as well?


drool, I love FroYo.

My DOR is usually Fridays. I usually do 1, sometimes 2


We ALWAYS have Sunday waffles… DROOLING over your frozen yogurt pictures. Seriously, I need to remember to read your blog AFTER lunch.


Hi Janae! I hope your mom feels much better soon, love how you all spent the evening with her! Such an amazing family!
One little note…confusing Billy reference in the sticker paragraph?

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