Triple Tangent Tuesday

I was right.  I had a great run this morning. Let’s be honest though.  It wasn’t great until the end but that is what makes it even greater.  I felt the 3/4ths of a pizza that I ate yesterday (yes, I eat a lot more than Billy) and the fact that I got 5 hours of sleep (I am like a newborn and require at least 14 hours of sleep) but I PUSHED THROUGH it.  Yeah, I didn’t do it in my best time but I kicked my own butt and jumped off the treadmill knowing that I can conquer anything I put my mind too!!


I did the 1/2 marathon course that I will be doing Feb. 26 in 1:35.  The hills go up to a 9% incline, I was panting and heaving up a storm.  Here’s the thing, I am training for the 1/2 marathon with all of the uphills (my treadmill doesn’t go downhill) so when the race comes and I get some downhills (which I LOVE TO FLY DOWN) I will feel on cloud nine.

So, yes this run didn’t feel like butterflies and swedish fish but the afterwards endorphins and feeling of accomplishment made the run awesome!


Time for your favorite day where a random blogger shares way too much information with you because she thinks that you are her best friend when in reality you just think she is crazy and it is too hard to not read (kind of like when passing a car accident you have to look even if it is painful to see).

If I had to choose one restaurant to live off of it would be Cafe Rio.  Okay, you probably knew that but I bet you didn’t know that I have only gotten ONE thing there…yep, I refuse to branch out because their salad is better than anything I have ever eaten before.  Just mention these two phrases….Cafe Rio & let’s hang out and I will drop EVERYTHING and meet you in 5 minutes.  Hint hint mom…..

California 24.jpg

2-I have always had a thing for baseball players.  Not some of those major league men with the bellies and wad of bubblicious (or other things) in their mouths.

Yep, you guessed it. I married a baseball player.  I am ultra excited because his league starts up in just a few weeks.  Two nights a week of games.  I get to watch him play, munch on candy and talk to the wives of the other players=pure happiness.


3-You know I am awkward.  That is pretty easy to see but I really don’t mind embarassing myself in public.  If people ‘dare’ me to do something, I hold that as sacred and will do it.  I have only played the chicken card 4 times in my whole life.


A while back I was dared to grab Jessie’s hair at Disneyland and follow her around. I did it for as long as I could until security got mad at me.  Do not dare me to do something that you don’t really want me to do because I will do it.  He also dared me to make a really weird smooshed face at the same time.


If you had to choose ONE restaurant to eat at for the rest of your life where would it be?

-Cafe Rio (delicious Mexican food) but they would have to start having ice cream with loads of toppings.

Do you like running down hills?

-Not steep ones but I love the little one’s where I feel like a speeding torpedo.

Have you been to Disneyland?  What is your favorite ride?

-I am obsessed with Disneyland and will never get sick of it.  My favorite rides are Indiana Jones and Space Mountain.

Tell me some tangents about YOU!!!!!

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I always love to be dared! So fun!!!

If I could eat anywhere it would be mongolian bbq!!!!

Hill workouts are tough yet very rewarding!


Ha!!Okay, I have not read this yet but I was just too excited to see that i was on here when you posted…Funny that I'm excited about something as stupid about the old days (3 months ago) when I would be one of your first comments on here and now I have to scroll through thousands of comments every time. ha ha. I'm such a mature 32 year old! Okay, now back to read your post.


Running down hill? Now that I know how to properly I don't mind.

Tangets about me? UGH I'm boring!!


Wait I love dares, people don't think I will do them but then I do:) Slash my ex boyfriend was a football player, a wrestler, and a baseball player…I was in pure heaven until I dumped him and went to a foreign country:)

Slash SPACE MOUNTAIN rocked!! I love epcot though because of the amazing food! Chocolate crepesss


you tease me again with the cafe rio post. you know that's where i will be post-race binging in june…care to join? :D


Yum, I think my restaurant choice would also be Mexican- there's a place in Green Bay called Los Banditos that I LOVE and would eat at all the time if I lived there still.

A tangent about me – I have six siblings ranging in age from 7 to 42, but I am the only child my parents had together. I love my family and wouldn't want it any other way :)


I'm so excited for your half marathon DOMINATION!!! Okay, I knew we were twinsies–we both fell for the baseball players! The uniforms get me!! Btw, BYU plays here in April. Last year, WSU was at BYU.

I could eat at Kona grill (in Omaha) every meal (except breakfast!) I heart sushi!!

Hope your mama takes you to Cafe Rio today!


If you had to choose ONE restaurant to eat at for the rest of your life where would it be?
–Corner Bakery. I could live on their sandwiches and salads. And they serve bacon.

Do you like running down hills?

Have you been to Disneyland? What is your favorite ride?
–SPACE MOUNTAIN! Most roller coasters make me motion sick, but I can't see where I'm going, which makes it AWESOME. That, and the Roger Rabbit Ride, mostly because I spend the whole ride screaming OH MY GAWWWD IT'SSSS DIIIIIIIIIIIIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So exciting about your upcoming race!!!

I think I need to try more restaurants before I pic the one, it would have been CPK, but I just discovered they got rid of my all time fav roasted veggie salad (along with some other things) and I am currently not speaking to them.

I LOVE downhills, I always pass people on the downhill and I kinda feel like I'm cheating I push the uphill as well though so…

And more useless info, I used to race at the infamous Van Cortlandt Park in NYC and there were some STEEP down hills with wood sectioning that you would have pace just right (lots of people fell on these). In one race while going downhill and about to pass two girls w/ very little space in between, I jumped over one of these wood sections and flew in the air right between the two. It will always be a highlight of my life :D

I've been to Disneyland once. We are scheduling a 2012 trip bc that's when CARS LAND opens and my son is obsessed!!!


Ah ha ha ha, this picture of you holding her hair is so flippin funny! Great questions. I love Disneyland! my first time was a couple of years ago with my kids…I was the biggest kid there and couldn't get enough! So magical. WE went again last year and I think if it didn't mean spoiling my kids rotten, I would go every single year. I couldn't ride Indiana JOnes because of my torn hammy…in fact I had to be in a wheel chair for some of the time because of it and not wanting to make it worse…it was bad…the hammy and the wheel chair….I felt like such an idiot!!!! WE got in without lines though. I loved the Tower of Terror even though I peed my pants a little! and the railroad one. Can't wait to go back! Don't know that I have a fav restaurant but I must get one! :)


Great run!!! You're an inspiration :)

Here's a tangent…I will only get out of bed if the clock is on an odd number. I also try and stick to running on the treadmill at odd number speeds (like 6.3 or 6.5 but never 6.4). Odd numbers are just better!! :)


Just got through and commented on your last post! You are a posting maniac but keep it up because I love reading!! Love baseball! Sounds like fun!

9%!!!!! 1:35 with some 9% in there is rockin'!!!! I like to pretend my treadmill is broken at about 5% and won't go any higher…..Great job!

I've never been to Disneyland. I'm so deprived. My hubby hates rides and loves the wilderness. My poor kids had to pass up Indiana Jones to learn how to make fire with 2 sticks…..Kidding!

I LOVE downhills. I actually love uphills (not mountains or monstrous climbs) too. I love the constant changeup!

Tangents, I put salt on my peanut butter toast, I colored my hair with my eyeliner this morning because it is getting gray, and I still don't know what Twitter is….


I read the post about CPK getting rid of the roasted veggie salad. I didn't ever eat that one, but have you tried the Mediterenean salad? I had one a few weeks ago and have been draming about another ever since.


I adore disneyland and am kind of obsessed with it too. I think you would probably be the BEST disneyland accompaniment ever, soooo let's go some time? ;)



My hands-down favorite restaurant is this little local place in Florida, Johnny's, in Clearwater. YUM!

Downhills are my FAVORITE!!

Disneyland… is my second favorite place, right behind Disney World :D


Hah, that last picture is hilarious, especially your face! I love hills where I feel like flying. Although, yesterday, I ran down a steep hill that was slippery – I was so worried I would fall but thankfully didn't.
I've been to Disneyland once and Disneyworld once. I love Tower of Terror. I also am dying to go back to Orlando to check out Harry Potter World.
PS: Thanks for your comment today! Your comments always make me smile a lot!


Reataurant: hmm it would be The Brynd in Quebec city/ BEST Smoke Meat ever. Here I pick Mimi's Cafe!

Disneyland: of course..only 40 minutes away and I have 2 kids. My favorite is Toys Story Mania at Cal Adv. and Pirates of the Carab at Disneyland.

Downhill…love them, but they hate me..oh the pain they cause my 42 yrs old just wait missy!!!

I have 58 cousins, I don;t know them all.
I hate beans…all kinds.
I don't drink alcohol.

did you watch the Bachelor?????


Sometimes challenging ones are the most rewarding! I love the little downhills too. Almost more than Swedish fish!


haha, I love that ou don't pull the chicken card too often.

I have never been to Disneyland, but will be at Disney World and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter next week!!! I am kind of a Harry Potter Maniac!


I love downhills! They are so much fun and I love to fly! At my gym they have treadmills that go downhill but they don't let people run on them! It is so dumb! I have been to DisneyLand and Disney World! I think I liked Disney world better but I was ten when we went.


I'll wake up in the morning thinking about dinner (no, not last night's. tonight's!) before I've even thought about breakfast or lunch or any of the other times I'll eat. It's like no matter how my day goes, if I know what I'm having for dinner and that it's going to be good, I'll be ok. Oh, I should mention that I usually plan what I'll eat around whether or not it's good with ketchup. True story. I also want to order a crate of candy corns. My mom and I discussed this and it's just not right that the grocery store doesn't carry them all year.

Tangent Tuesday Exploited!


Never back down from dares! Yes finally someone who understands!


Choosing only one restaurant would be tough. I would probably pick some little hole in the wall Italian restaurant in NY because those are the best. :)

I LOOOOOOVE running down hill. I have a 7 mile leg that is almost all steep downhill on trails in Ragnar and it is a blast. :) I love how free and easy downhill feels and my quads don't usually bug me.

And yes, I love love love Disneyland and Disneyworld. I have been to both numerous times and love them both. My favorite ride? Way too hard to say… I have so many. I love teacups and Pirates and all the big roller coasters and Pplash Mountain and all of it. :)



Haha I'm totally a football player loving gal. ;) If this was on twitter, I'd have to include a #jerseychaser tag for us. :p


I love food too much to pick a single restaraunt! Check out my blog for my triple tangent tuesday post :)


I don't know which exact restaurant but probably a really good pizza place.

I like slight downhills. I love feeling fast even though I'm not :-)

I haven't been to Disney Land since high school (and that was a LONG time ago)…but I heard my MIL whispering plans of taking me and the kids there this Spring …YIPPEE!!!!!



1. I love my kids toes with what is probably an unhealthy devotion. I'm sorry but they are flat out munchable.

2. I take pride in my job even though I could probably do something that would require more brain power.

3. The one restaurant I could eat at for life is Houstons. I'd sell my hubs on eBay for their spinach dip.


I would be the one who pulls the chicken card all the time!

After I learned how to run downhill *under control* I love it!

My tangent: I can't sleep unless my closet doors are closed.


I knew you'd say cafe rio! I know you so well already! when I come to ustah, can we go there? I want to try it!
And yes, billy looks hunkalicious! Nice catch!


I knew you'd say cafe rio! I know you so well already! when I come to ustah, can we go there? I want to try it!
And yes, billy looks hunkalicious! Nice catch!


I can also out eat my husband, what an accomplishment! If I could eat anywhere it would be XOCO in Chicago. Best mexican street food ever, really there is no place better. They have the most amazing hot chocolate varieties ever. One type is so thick that a spoon will stand up in it. So filling but yum-o-licious.


Not sure what my favorite restaurant would be, but it would definitely have to have good pizza! :)

I've been to Disneyland once and my favorite ride would definitely be the tower of terror! I hate drops on roller coasters, but I love that ride.


Fav place to eat, def. Wahoos!! Fish tacos are my absolute fave!!
Tangent: hmm… I painted my nails and it's all over my fingers and cuticles, i look like a five year old! Haha!!
I don't run many hills, but I would like to, while flailing my arms in the air! Like phebe on friends!!
Thanks for making me want to be a running machine!! :)

Ps. Did u watch Bachelor?? Haha, Michele is crazy!!!


Don't underestimate those downhills!!!!!


Loooooooooooooove downhills!! They make me feel like I might be as fast as you one day :-)

I have no idea what restaurant I'd pick… maybe California Pizza Kitchen? I had it twice on a trip to LA and loved every bite. We don't have them here so it's yet another reason to plan a vacation!


-Wow, choosing one restaurant would be difficult!
Maybe Panera because of the variety–pastries, soups, salad, sandwiches. Yum!

-I don't like running down steep hills either.

-I love Space Mountain, the tea cups, Matterhorn Bobsleds, and Thunder Mountain Railroad.

-Tangent about me: I can't eat bananas because of the consistency. Weird, right?


– Pizza Gallery – they have the most amazing build-your-own personal pizzas.

– I like the little ones, too! Steep ones hurt my ankles.

– I have been to Disneyland twice and Disneyworld once. I am going again in a couple weeks though!


Well, it WOULD be Panera but since they got new chicken noodle soup (yuck) I am boycotting 'til they bring the old one back! So… Chipotle (salad bowls) and Cold Stone ice cream. Yep, they're gonna need to merge…


I am a huge chicken!! There is no way I'd be able to do those dares! I can't wait to read a race re-cap from you :)


DYING at the picture of you pulling Jessie's hair. Um when I come to visit you (yes I just invited myself), can we please go to Cafe Rio?! My random tangent is that there is a picture of me in the movie "How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days." I have no idea how they got it. Hm… maybe I will blog about that tomorrow.


I love your dare!! That is HILARIOUS!! When we were growing up, my dad would dare up kids to do crazy stuff…he usually thought we wouldn't do it, but we always did (he paid quarters!)


I totally LOVE how that lady in the picture behind you is like pointing at you and wondering what the heck you are doing – unless you know her, then it's okay.

GO GO GOOOO YOU! I know you are going to rock that marathon. A half in 1:35 today with hardcore training? Just wait until you TAPER!!!

You rock – love you girlie!


well, well, well.

i just found "scooter ride" on "billy and janae."

…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA dying so much.


You are cute even making a smooshed face and yanking on Jessie's braid! lol Too funny! And awesome that someone got the pic before security nearly 86ed you! Way cool!

I would eat at Trattoria Siciliana everyday if I could.

LOVE running downhills. Thanks to an old rowing coach.

I LOVE Disneyland. I even did a spontaneous ONE DAY trip that included a 350-mile drive each way to take my kids to Disney back in October (blogged about it too). Favorite ride: Matterhorn.

Tangents: Last night I used a SPURTLE for the very first time (you can even see me doing it ;-) on my blog ). I get to go to France with my kids in 2 months… probably. I am too sensitive for my own good.


I am a huge wimp. I take truth every time, never dare. Luckly I'm rather boring, so there isn't much embarrassing stuff to fess up with with truth!

My first crush of all time (basically, grades 4-8) were on the star soccer player. And then I married an awesome soccer player. I guess I knew my type, even at age… what is that… 10?

(p.s. I posted my 2 tangents post, including a pic of my nasty toenail. And then thought of you. Enjoy!)


Bring on a dare…I almost never turn it down.
Hmmm…eat only one place…that would be hard. Probably Mongolian BBQ or OUtback. Both are <3!!!
Hills+me=chicken shit. I'm working on it, but I tend to freak when I see them:)


who ISN'T obsessed with disneyland? I went to college at UCLA so I could be close to it. PS poor Jessie…

Nice half-marathon training! I ran a super hilly half in November, it was killer – but like you said, flew down the downhills!


I would eat at whole foods, does that count? They have a really large prepared food section, plus lots of fresh veggies and hummus mmm.

I haven't decided if i like running downhill or not yet. I think i like flats teh best to be perfectly honest. But a short 3 block downhill jaunt at the end of the run always makes me happy


I have the biggest thing for UFC fighters, the tough alpha-male thing really gets me! haha

and looovin the hills!!


One restaurant?? I can't pick! I start to think somewhere like Cheesecake Factory because they have so many options, but I'm not a huge fan. Can I say Whole Foods? That's my answer. :)

Running down steep hills scares me (and hurts my knees), but I like a moderate downhill for sure.

I'm still not over how cool it is that you can run the course for your upcoming races! Technology is amazing.


I would probably say Bonefish Grille. I love their bang bang shrimp!

I found such a good stretch of downhills last week that I parked at the top and got my hubby to come get me at the bottom so I did not have to climb back up. It was awesome!

I love Disney World. I've taken my kids twice and went once when I was 8. I love splash mountain and the rapids.


My favorite thing about hills is that I get to run down them once I finally get up them.


I love Disney World but I've never been to Disneyland, I really want to go though! My favorite ride at Disney is probably Space Mountain or Big Thunder's so hard to choose I love them all!
Downhill is always way better than uphill
And if I had to eat at one restaurant it would probably be this place called Monterey Grill because pretty much everything they serve is great and they have breakfast/brunch to so I'd be set!


1. A small, local restaurant in our college town – they have an AMAZING brunch menu. It's called the Red Avocado. Cute and catchy, right?
2. Downhills are great – except the steep ones. Sometimes I get freaked out I'm going to biff it and imagine myself falling and rolling the whole.way.down. I'm weird, I know.
3. Never been to DL, but we are going to DISNEY WORLD for our honeymoon in 26 days!!!!!!


Favorite Restaurant: India Palace, our local Indian Restaurant. Their lunch buffets are only 8 dollars, so whenever my brother is home, my Dad, mom, me and the bro all go out to lunch, sometimes on a school day which means I get delicious ethnic food AND get to miss economics.
Downhills: I LOVE THEM! I feel like I am flying down them and totally forget about what they are doing to my quads.
disneyland: Nope, but next year I am going to do the goofy challenge and totally take advantage of the free pass to the park to act like a 5 year old and get my pictures taken with Ariel,my fellow ginger!!!!

Also, a question: Are you still on that running team with your local running store?


Oh my – I don't know that I could pick just one restaurant! Maybe my favorite Thai restaurant!

I am afraid of running down hills. I am afraid that they will hurt my knees so I always go slow.

I went to Disney once world when I was a kid, but I don't really remember doing many of the rides. I liked Epcot better!

I realized that this comment makes me sound really lame :)


Yay! I love triple tangent day! I'm going to start it up on my blog as well and share the random love! Baseball league nights sound so fun, the perfect way to spend a spring/fall evening!


Oh mannn. Only one restaurant? Probably a Greek place because Greek food is amazing…esp if this said Greek place served pizza too. And I am so afraid of getting into trouble! I never do anything on a dare or that might get me yelled at! I'm not that daring at all!

I also LOVE baseball and baseball players. Super cuties!

And I did my TTT again this week too! :D


ACK! Just ONE restaurant!???!!! I can't do that! That's like picking a favorite flavor of ice cream, or picking a favorite child!

I hate running down hills. I'd rather go up them. I don't mind the quick ones, but the long, drawn out downhills make my stomach feel funny.

I've been to Disneyland, but can't remember the rides!

3 tangents – my eyes change color depending on my mood, i hate tomatoes, and elephants are my favorite to watch at the zoo.


Girl. you have totally got me into TTT on my blog. It's super fun!

That's hilarious about the dare thing! I LOVE DisneyWorld, it's where Shane proposed. I guess it really is the happiest place on Earth!


It is so hard to pick just one restaurant! If I haddddd to choose, I think I'd pick Panera Bread…I'm seriously obsessed.

I've been to Disney World twice and sadly I don't remember what my fave ride is! Maybe I should go back just to find out! ;)

Tangents about me: I can't eat popcorn without chocolate (it's best with chocolate chips poured over popcorn!), I'm in love with Phil from Modern Family, andddd I always add lots of letters at the end of words for emphasissss! Haha.


I can't pick a restraunt! MAYBE I could pick if it was 1 in each type of food!

Hills make me frown.

I've never been to Disneyland but I've been to Disney World! My boyfriend's sister is one of the characters there!


I think I'd pick Johnny Carinos…I LOVE bread and pasta!!

I've only been to Disneyland once when I was little but I don't remember much about it. Luckily we have a home video of the entire trip:-)

3 tangents…I love carrots and string cheese together, I NEED a new Lexus SUV, and I am going to LA in March and want the time to HURRY UP!!!


i love this place called rutabegorz near my parents. so freakn tasty and veg/organic friendly!

i rock the downhills when i run…to make up for the crappy uphills!

and i LOVE disney! if i told you my family only lived SIX miles away would that encourage you to come visit!?


Awesome run!!! And I'm quite jealous. My life goal is to marry a baseball player hahaha. Don't tell my employers that though ;) (I work for the Arizona Diamondbacks haha, oops)


HAHAHHAHAHHAH!! I love that you are pulling Jessie's hair! Hilarious! I have never been to Disneyland but I have been to Disney World so many times that I cannot even count them anymore.

I LOVE Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Splash Mountain, Tower of Terror… yea, I can't pick just one.

And- amazing run lady!! Look at you conquering those hills!


I like swedish fish and coffee. It is an amazing mixture. I will brew you a decaf pot when you come visit.


All this talk of Cafe Rio has me intrigued, so I googled it and there are a ton in my county! I've never even seen one. I definitely have to go there now!


One restaurant? Crepe Nanou, a French place nearby. Crepes are the best!


OK. You are going to FLY in this race! Is there prize money????
Hope so!

3 random tangents:

I just microwaved butter, cocoa powder and sugar and called it chocolate. I ate every bite. Licked the cup too.

I can never seem to get in your first 20 comments, unless I get on the computer right before I run.

I hear Kara Goucher is looking for a pacer…you interested?

Love the downhills. You know that already =D

Uphills are great too…but I don't like short repeats. I get hurt on those because I get stupid crazy on them.


My restaurant is Woodland Indian Vegetarian in Nashville. This place is the Delicious curries and traditional Indian, but its veg, so no worrying about mystery meat! Btw, my run tonight was terrible! 7.5 miles of misery that I suspect was a result of the oatmeal cream pie(s) I fueled myself with yesterday, but your post today made me feel SO MUCH BETTER about it! we all have those days, and we just have to take it in stride! not to sound like a creeper because I don't even know you, but I LOVE you and your inspiring blog!!


GIRL that run sounds AWESOME!! And 9% incline?! Holy Moly!! I did a hill run on Sunday that had 7% inclines and I almost died!!

HAHAHA that Jessie thing is the funniest thing EVER!! Girl you are HILARIOUS! And Disneyland rocks- love for Thunder Mountain!!

Running down hills is the BEST! Sometimes I stick out my arms and pretend I'm flying…and then I realise people can see me being a freak, but don't care…feels too darn good:)

And sh'up gorgeous you not crazy- I TOTALLY think of us as bezzies, cos I'm cool and not at all sad:)


OH MY GOSH i seriously want to be your best friend.. i LOVE people who do anything!!!!!!!!! IM JUST LIKE THAT– ive had my fair share of sporatic dance breakouts in the city… on the london tube, in the mall, leicester square, piccadilly circus.. you name it and ill do it
running downhill is my GAMe. who wouldn't love it!??


First of all, your treadmill is amazing! I'll admit that I'm super jealous of that amazing machine you now own. I think it would make me want to run on the mill all the time. :) I hope that it will help you reach your marathon goals!!

The picture of you holding Jessie's hair is amazing….especially with that woman pointing in the background! And downhills are the best. I love to just let loose and see how fast I can speed down. Makes me feel like I'm flying


Ha ha, that pic is hilarious!

If I had to choose one restaurant it would have to be Chick Fil A!


So in the first picture, at first glance i thought that was Tom Cruise's shoulder your hand was on. Ha!!

i like a nice, slight decline. One where you are going about 20 sec faster than your normal pace and don't know why and then realize it is a teeny tiny downhill…yeah that rocks!

Reply that picture of you with Jessie!

Your run sounds AWESOME! Way to go!


i love your awesome randomness! if i ever go to utah, i will stalk u and make u hang out with me! hahahhaha! :)


Favorite restaurant? That is tough. We don't eat out a lot. I think Cheesecake Factory. It's so bad its good!

I love running down hills but my IT bands don't and fuss at me later :( I prefer the low inclines that give you that nice pace boost!

I've never been to Disney Land. I've been to Disney World years ago! It was awesome. I don't remember a lot. I remember Space Mountain & the teacups!

I am in awe of your treadmill! That's so awesome you can practice the course with elevations/inclines that are actually going to be on the course! How much more prepared can you be but to run the actual course!

You are too funny! I love the Jessie picture!!

I just want to tell you all the cardio you do has made me increase mine. I was doing more weights & stuff but I'd rather spend my time on a machine LOL!

A tangent about me… I can't get enough of dried pinapple! It's up there with chocolate for me!


i'd live at sweetwater taven, holy mcmoly is it delicious.


You're awesome! You inspired me to run the dogtown 9k and now you scared me by saying there are hills in the half….and i sure hope the 9k is flat or you might find me laying on the ground passed out!


Haha I love the picture with Jessie. Too funny! It's funny that you always do "dares" because I was always the person who picked "truth" because I'm a chicken!!

One restaurant… hmm probably a mexican place. Just not sure which one. I love running down hills. I feel so fast!! Never been to Disneyland but went to DW when I was in 6th grade. At the time I loved going to the Nickelodeon studios. :)


One restaurant is severely hard, it would be a toss up between Olive Garden, PF Changs and Monterreys Mexican Restaurant.
I don't like running down hills because it usually bothers my knees.


1-THANK you for only talking about Cafe Rio today rather than showing food. You're so merciful. I'm with you..obviously..with your pick
3-going this summer..dunno how I feel about it yet…
4-not so radom GREAT-grandmother, grandmother and dad all went to the U

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