Mr. Treadmill stared at me all morning long.  Taunting me saying, “Think of how much fun we could have together running the hills of Boston while watching the Biggest Loser.”

I knew better and reminded myself the importance of RECOVERY DAYS.  No use doing a killer workout and then not letting your muscles rebuild themselves.   Recovery is just as important as our workouts.  I know my body needs one rest day a week…remember, everyone is different.

It’s all about compromise people.  So instead of running I foam rolled like a demon and then spent some quality time on the treadmill by working on my running journal and inspiration board while watching Biggest Loser on Hulu.

This is how to make a relationship work.  I also finished off my chocolate milk straight from the jug while I worked.


FYI Christmas Pj’s, a birds nest for hair and a jacket that you have worn 574 times and yet to wash, is the cool thing to do.  That is how you score a hot husband……um, how did I get him?Oh yeah, I have a sweet spirit.

Lunch was protein and nutrient packed.  Day 2 of upping my protein is right on track.  Billy is watching his words because he knows I could take him now with all this body building protein.

Tuna galore, spinach, guac, cheese, red onions, black beans and corn.  It was a fiesta plus I added half a bottle of salsa on afterwards.  I may have stolen it from my mom’s food storage, don’t tell her k.  Yes, that is a family sized serving bowl.  It’s normal.


We are off to church followed by family dinner at the sister’s house.  I am craving children time.  Weird, I know, but I haven’t been around kids for a while and I feel like we think a lot alike….(ie candy, movies like Tangled, hide and go seek in the dark, trampoline love and no desire to brush my hair).  Why do I have to be 25?


If you haven’t told me your birthday on a post that I did a few months ago asking for your birthdate and you want to do so I can do a shout out for you because birthday’s are the bomb then tell me what your bday is in the comments?

What are your childlike characteristics?

I want to do an ask me anything series so if you have any questions ask away in the comments……..

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I love love love this blog!!! You have inspired me to take up running and get in shape! I did my first 5k in December and LOVED it. So thank you so much!! And my birthday is tomorrow! Feb 23 im gonna be the big 2-3!



My birthday is Oct 1st. Childlike characteristic…hmmmm I get super excited about little things


You're hilarious to read! Just have to say…

What's a sub? when you're talking about a marathon. I cannot figure that out. I'm definitely not a marathoner.

My bday is July 30th…..I'll be 30! eek!


I am a new reader, and I am catching up on your blog!! You are such an entertaining writer!

I don't know what Q i'd ask because I bet any that I have right now are already answered…

Oh! And my bday is December 10th :)


I'm late to the party, but my birthday is April 9!

My childlike characteristics… hmm… I jump in the air and clap when I'm excited, haha.


I know I'm a little late to the game, but my birthday is June 5th (this year is my 30th)!! A shout out on your awsomesauce blog may just make my year ;)


My birthday is April 9 :)

My childlike characteristics are: I still love to color, I do love kid shows, and I am short like a kid.

My Question: Have you always wanted to be a competitive runner?


Wee My birthday is September 14!


When I came over to this blog post I can only see part of it, is this my web internet browser or the internet web site? Should I reboot?


Feb 15th! Yay february babies!

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