I attempted taking a picture of me on my favorite treadmill but then people around me were pointing and laughing so I I took a picture of the treadmill and ran to the corner crying.


Please enjoy a sweaty iphone picture of me foam rolling.  It only took 22 tries. If I am looking this creepy in the picture just imagine what the 21 outtakes looked like.


I did not spill my water bottle all over me, that is the consequence of 10 hill repeats in 11 miles.  Reason #4565 to exercise in the early morning….Billy doesn’t see me looking like a beast but I guess taking a picture defeats the purpose since I post it for him and many others to see.  Hmm..I guess I should rethink this whole posting pictures of me sweating like a man thing.


After my run I took off my shoes and noticed blood on the top of my foot.  Weird.  I didn’t feel pain on my foot during the run but I think it was bleeding because I tied my shoes to tight.  It stings a little now (probably because I spilled hot chocolate on my foot).

Let’s talk about battle wounds.

My top battle wounds:

-I am the queen of chaffing.  Do I just have sensitive skin….what’s going on here? I use Body Glide religiously. I thought I had skin cancer when I first started running because the tag of my shorts made a huge mark on my lower back and I had no idea why.

-One time I fell so hard on the sidewalks that cars pulled over to see if I needed help because I banged my forehead and it was bleeding.  I waited on the street corner until my brother came to pick me up (good thing I always take my phone with me).

-It rained the entire time during my second marathon which produced some gnarly huge blood blisters all over my feet.

-I have made grown men cry when I passed them during a race (okay, that is someone else’s wound but I am going to count it).


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What are some of your battle wounds from running or working out? Do you notice during your workout if you are chafing, blistering etc?

-It is the weirdest thing but I think all of the endorphins cancel out that burning chafing feeling until I get into the shower and then I pay.

What did you have for lunch today?

-I had a huge salad (topped with tuna, carrots and broccoli), a pear, and a greek yogurt.  Dessert=A blow pop…..deliciousness.  Two hours later I had a bag of popcorn.

Do you have a certain treadmill/elliptical/machine at the gym that is your favorite?

-Yep, right by the fan, the tv works perfectly and it doesn’t wobble like half the treadmills do.

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My ankle got bloody yesterday! I think it was because it was so cold and my shoe was so stiff. I also fell on the ice the other day and scraped my ankle.

Great hill workout!! You are a running superstar!


I ate it pretty big running outside a week ago, but my elbow is healing up. Mostly I just have blisters. That, and I HATE wearing sunscreen when I run, so I usually end up with some lame ass burns in the summer.


I have to tell you – you are my hero! I just discovered your blog a few days ago and have been going back to read all your previous entries. I am a crazy runner girl just like you (do people look at you like you are CRAZY when they find out you woke up at the crack of dawn to run 15 or 20 miles? my friends and coworkers think i am pretty much insane). and i sweat like a monster too.


My feet bleed on practically every run. It's a real pain doing laundry. 2 of my toenails died and then had new ones grow under them so I had to wait until they were fully grown to clip the dead ones off–not pretty. But my favorite scar is a 2-inch one on my right arm that makes it look like I might have been in a knife fight. What actually happened was I was carrying a pan of hot eggs and accidently burned myself trying to carry too much.


I had an English muffin cheese pizza for lunch since I am 5 years old and all.

There is one treadmill that I am in love with because its along the wall away from all the other treadmills plus it is right under a huge vent. Since I sweat about as much, if not more than you do, this means this treadmill is prime real estate for me!


Wait I am the same way..endorphines always cancel it out, and then hot water happens! I always get blisters/chafing, but thank goodness my dad is a marathoner so I don't feel like a freak for using body glide on my body:)

I had a GIANT salad con balsamic, carrots, pepper, tomatoes, an apple, and a bunch of lentils and amaranth with NO RAISINS because we are out!! I do not know what I am going to do, my head may explode

Slash yes I defs have a fave machine, it just does not feel the same if I use a different one!


Yikes! Haha just kidding. I get blisters on the end of both of my second toes and the side of my big toes if I run on loose gravel or on sanded roads unless I remember my aquaphor. For lunch I had chili that I made, chips, water, yogurt and cookies. Yum!! I take whatever treadmill is open.


I can chafe badly, but always in the same place, so I know to apply body glide. HOWEVER, during my half marathon, it was raining so I was wet the whole time, and I chafed around my waistband, which I have never done before.

The worst part is not knowing that it happened and then getting in the shower, YOWZA!!!


I had a huge salad too! With kidney beans, carrots, celery, cucumbers, and a hummus dressing I made. Oh yeah…and 2 red velvet cupcakes. It was one of my coworker's bday today! :)

My fave treadmill at my gym is the one with a working tv and headphone input…which is only 1! Haha.


You crack me up! Your salad sounds good!


Way to dominate those hills, girl! I don't injure myself too much (surprisingly), but in my first half marathon I put my ipod in my sports bra while I ran. I'm gonna go right out and say it… between the tata's is a bad place to chaffing. Lunch = Pizza made on a sundried tomato bagel! And an apple. So yum. And yep I always get on the same treadmill – the one of the very end, and grab the same place up front at Body Pump!


I am constantly falling or hurting myself – it's just who I am! :)


OMG. I love this post.
I fell into a ditch a few weeks back. Didn't hurt myself but it was kinda dramatic!
Lunch… Hmmmm? Something horrible… Oh, right, Left overs from a pasta salad, limp and old… And a big handfull of mini candy bars. And an air head (the candy, not myself.)


I fall regularly while running. It was funny at first, but now it's just sad.

One time I got a bloody nose on a run and didn't have a mirror so I didn't know how bad it was. I stopped a lady walking and said, "Do I have blood all over my face?!" I'm sure that was the low point of her year.


It rained for my entire first marathon. I got blisters on my feet and chafed really bad from my sports bra and shirt I was wearing. I didn't really feel the blisters or chafing while I was running actually. Probably cause all the pain I could feel was in my knee. I sure felt it as soon as I got in the shower and wanted to scream it hurt so bad at that point. OUCH!! I have battle wound scars now near my collar bone and were the bottom part my sports bra lays


Best. Product. Ever. Hoo Ha Ride Glide. This stuff beats out body glide any day! Check it out – http://www.reflectsports.com/anti-chafing-skin-cream It helped me get through Ironman training with no issues!!


It was so funny the first time my husband chafed. He thought his armpits were going to fall off. He still talks about it. I think he is afraid of running for that very reason. He said he wants to shave his armpits and let them grow back because chafing ruined them. As you can see, he is not a runner, lol. Great workout pretty lady!


I think my worst battle scar would have to be from bball not exactly running. I had some pretty bad bruises on my elbow and knees. I did fall last year while running – I rolled my ankle on the sidewalk right in front of a lady walking. She was so worried about me but I got up, bloody hand and knee, and said I was ok and ran home.

For lunch today I had soup and cheezits and brownies and yogurt and fruit. I am craving candy RIGHT NOW but there is none in the house :(

I try to use the same treadmill all the time but sometimes ppl take them. As long as I get one of the newer ones in the second row I am good! That way I am not looking straight up at the treadmills.


One battle wound: I was running through the park and a rollerblader was running towards me and I was going to be nice and clear the path. So, I ran over to the grassy area and half my foot was on concrete and the other half was lingering above the grass– yep, I rolled over my ankle and I could feel it starting to swell instantly. I jumped up and smiled at the rollerblader like I was excited to fall or something and said I was fine and just started to run before I couldn't move my foot. I had 4 KM left until I got home. :(

I had a delicious tuna sandwich with a banana, yogurt, oranges, and a bag of veggies. Yea, I like to snack.


You attacked those HILLS girl! You are truly talented– double digit hill workouts looked beyond challenging to me! You didn't have purple on??

Lunch = crab salad sandwich (pic on my blog today), carrots, granola bar, and protein bar!


After a 5 mile race on my birthday I took my shoe off to find my sock bloody and the sole of my shoe. I won 1st in my age group so it was totally worth it. I actually didn't feel a thing. If you saw my feet right now you'd probably call those a battle wound too, eek.

Who pointed and laughed at you!? I will beat them up! no one messes with Janae!

I had a delicious salad at an italian cafe for lunch with a side of (an entire basket of) bread and olive oil. YUM!


You look great even when you are sweaty! I'm not sure if I'd have been able to hold my phone after running 10 hill repeats. :)

I had a huge salad with spinach, chickpeas, bell pepper, mushroom, avocado, etc etc. And an apple with almond butter. Our little apartment gym has 3 treadmills and I like the outside 2, but the one in the middle looks straight at the wall. And there's only 1 elliptical machine so I get really excited when it's available!


I have only ever chaffed a couple of times and have only ever used body glide a couple of times because of blisters. Those are my battle wounds. One time after a run I took my shoe off and my sock was pretty covered in blood because of a blister.

For lunch I had a ton of roasted veggies: broccoli (thanks for getting me HOOKED), carrots, potatoes, red and yellow onions, and butternut squash. I let them cook while I was taking a bath and kind of left them in there too long and the bottom burned… but they still tasted good. I smothered them in ketchup because I'm having a major ketchup craving.


I'm losing a toenail and I'm inordinately proud about it. Of course, I just had a terrible awful run with a giant stitch in my side. I was hobbling like a little old woman. I don't run long enough to really chafe! But, I do wear my sports bras inside out b/c the seam at the top of the shoulders bugs the crap out of me.


So I got 2 black eyes in high school playing lacrosse. Those were fun, I had to reschedule my senior picture because of one, and everyone thought my bf at the time hit me.

In Ultimate I've gotten some gnarly turf burn from diving to catch the disc, those are fun and red and scratchy for days. It's attractive.

I had a tootsie pop for dessert at lunch. It was delicious.


Yup! I always choose the spin machine by the fan, so I can cool down when I'm all sweaty. I choose a treadmill NOT in front of the mirrors, I hate watching myself run.
I have battle wounds because I'm the queen of clumsy. I have a scar near my eye from falling and hitting the corner of a lunchtable in 2nd grade – had to get stitches.


you are a sweaty girl :) i love it.

my ankles get bloody all the freaking time. i think it's my shoes though…


I have a LEAST favorite treadmill… found it today. haha. It was wobbling the whole time!

For lunch I had a big ole salad with goat cheese and dried cranberries. It was yummy.


I have gotten two blisters on my toes in the past week from upping my mileage and my sweaty feet. I, too, notice the chaffing when I get in the shower and man, oh man, does it burn!!

I like the treadmill next to the wall.. it lessens to chance of getting weirdos on both sides. I don't like weird people next to me on the treadmill.


I pretty much fall while running once every year. It has happened every year for so long now that I kind of expect it and am not surprised when it happens. I am usually spacing our looking at houses or trees or birds when all of a sudden the sidewalk jumps up in front of me and I face-plant. Cars have definitely stopped to see if I'm okay. Just a teeeeny bit embarrassing.

Lunch = turkey and spinach wrap.

Nope. No treadmill/eliptical favs because I don't have a gym membership. I'm an outside worker-outer all the way.


Sweaty Beasts Unite!!!

My favorite treadmill is the newest one, right by the wall, so only 1