Moms and Loratab Rock

What up homies!!!

Loratab is treating me well (minus the nauseus feeling) and Billy is waiting on me hand and foot (I don’t know if that is a real saying but let’s just go with it) and my DEAREST MOTHER brought me over some amazing food.

It made me cry tears of joy.  I really don’t want to loose any weight and I want to eat high quality foods along with loads of ice cream so this woman hooked me up big time.


She got oatmeal, chobani greek yogurt, creamies, soups, bananas, potatoes, milk and smoothie mix!  This isn’t so bad after all….except I definitely missed teaching spin this morning so I might have to hit up my bike trainer for a thirty minute ride.  The doc said that was okay and since I am officially addicted to endorphins I am pretty excited.

I will be posting my chipmunk cheeks later on today.  Get excited.


I know I usually post exercise songs but today I’ve got something a little different.

I specifically made a playlist for my surgery.  I am a goofball and I tend to get really ANXIOUS over things so I needed ridiculous amounts of laughing gas and my favorite songs that make me calm and happy.  So here it is…….

Eet by Regina Spektor (my absolute favorite)

Fairytale by Sara Bareilles

Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy

Gravity by Sara Bareilles

Adia by Sarah McLachlan

Angel by Sarah Mclachlan

My skin by Natalie Merchant

Birds and Ships by Billy Bragg and Wilco

That’s Why You’re Beautiful by Beyonce

Fix You by Coldplay

Baby by Dave Matthews

A Lack of Color by Death Cab

How to Save a Life by The Fray

Cautioners by Jimmy Eat World

The Finish Line by Snow Patrol

I am gonna go for a walk today with the boy:)  And watch 7 more movies.  And eat straight from the ice cream container. And think about how awesome my mom and dad are.


What are some songs or bands that relax you?

-I am a strong believer that music has a huge impact on us and when I am feeling anxious it totally calms me down:)

Do you ever eat straight from the container?

-Ice cream and cottage cheese.  Sanitary….no.  Worth it….yes.

What are your Saturday plans?

-Stalking your blogs, eating lots of cold delicious foods, making lots of mashed potatoes and watching movies galore with Bill Bill.

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fix you, my skin, and a lack of color are three of my all-time favorite songs! i love making playlists for random events, or for no reason in particular. recover well! looks like you have all the proper foods :)


I eat from the container all the time!! :) LOL! And I am working today, unfortunately, but plan to go SNOW TUBING tomorrow!! Yippee!!


Feel better soon! I am guilty of spooning the peanut butter straight from the jar.


Yay for all that food! I'm lucky to have a mom (and a Billy!) like your mom and your Billy. I was terrified when I had my gum graft surgery and my music definitely helped. I love Sarah McLachlan and I also love Josh Groban (NERD). Coldplay is great, too. Today Billy and I are trying to decide what to do. It's already noon and we are waiting for it to warm up a bit before an afternoon bike ride – maybe to the Farmer's Market!

I hope you have a good day and get those endorphins moving. xo


Thinking of you today and hoping you are feeling back to normal soon! Your parents remind me a lot of my parents, which is pretty awesome! Sadly, I drink milk from the container, although I can't believe I just told you that!! Ha! My plans today are run 8 miles (check!), get warm (sill trying, only with hot oolong tea now), take a long nap (next on my list), and go to Stomp tonight with a friend of mine (yay!), oh and eat delicious Mexican at me favorite restaurant (Tres Potrillos) after that (sorry…I'll be thinking of you the whole time!). Have a good one! ;)


Looks like you're prepared with enough good food! I love Sara Bareilles's song, "Fairytale" and her newer one King of Anything. Clair de Lune by Debussy is so relaxing, I played it on the piano for a recital in high school and loved it! I listen to Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, and Jason Mraz (my favorite, & he even has his own blog!) to relax. My Saturday plans are going to the gym once my late morning waffles digest.


Yay for yummy foods, husbands, and mamas! I love Claire de Lune and love to listen to Bethoven or other classical music when I'm stressed out or anxious.


I would have cried if my mom brought over all that food too! Basically because at this time in the month our grocery money is nonexistent!


songs…Nora Jones her first album, Jack Johnson, Cowboys Junkies.

today: coaching a basketball game no relaxing
driving to Carlsbad and being there before Expo closes…also not relaxing
then try to relax this evening and sleep before my half marathon tomorrow…easier said then done!

Does your mom want to adopt a 42 yrs old gal?? I need an American Mom for when mine is not here and far away..snif snif!!


Glad you are doing well.
I had to have a dental implant last year, and my first question for the surgeon was whether I could run a 20 miler the next day, to which she said: "Hm, noone asked me that before, but I don't see why not:. So me and my swollen face did 20 awesome miles:) Oh, and I don't do laughing gas either, I just go with the anesthesia and lots of breathing. I also asked the surgeon to please talk a lot with the assistance, and that always distracts me.
Can't wait for your next treadmill marathon:)


Aww, what nice parents! I hope your feeling better – I just had my wisdom teeth out last month… surgery in the mouth is no fun! At least you have ice cream :)


do you like those muscle milk lights? i had a vanilla one and it tasted horrible!


I eat from the container all the time! Especially with ice cream.

My Saturday plans are to read blogs and watch shows. Lol. I've got a lot of Big Love and Scrubs to watch. That's about it. :)


No-one deserves a fab Mom more than you, because methinks you're a pretty fabulous daughter :)

So glad you made it out of surgery and are on the mend.

I eat straight from any container of anything. Particularly nut butters. And ketchup…

I don't tend to go for relaxing music much: I'm so highly strung that most things I listen to are metal or a subgenre of metal. Calming music only seems to make me more hyperactive!


i love your playlist! esp the song by coldplay – fix you. :)
i hate to even say this…BUT…i'm about to go run 11 miles. i know i know you begged us to not run until you could go, but if i DON'T go, my confidence will be low for the 1/2 in new orleans in 3 weeks. :) it's 52 degrees here in mississippi and the sun is shining. doesn't get much better than that for running weather…so why am i so nervous! :(

i hope you heal fast pretty girl! your treats are making me hungry. give your mom an extra big hug for taking care of you!

happy saturday.


So much music to choose from…I find most all Bon Iver relaxing.


Your family is awesome! Ice cream all week?? I would be in heaven!

For today I ran 11 miles on the treadmill and while I enjoy running, I don't enjoy the treadmill…so that was hard! But I thought of you and your marathon you ran last weekend!

And yes, I eat lots of things straight from the container. My family doesn't really mind but I have a feeling Mike won't enjoy that if we start living together.

I hope you recover fast so that you can get back to running! Positive thoughts your way :)


Your post-surgery eats don't look too shabby! I'm glad to hear you're doing fine and even got in a workout.

I even run to mellow music sometimes! It's a good way to relax, on my playlist I have Death Cab, John Mayer, and Fleet Foxes.
Who doesn't eat from the container? Sometimes I can't be bothered with getting out a plate/bowl, but don't tell anyone
I'm just lounging today, reading blogs and runner's world. Hopefully I'll go on a run and/or to the gym in a few hours, but who knows. It's my boyfriend's best friend's wife's birthday today, so I'll probably go out tonight.
Relax and enjoy your ice cream!


ahahah i EAT TUBS Of cottage cheese straight from the container– mainly becuz i will always finish the whole container :P… !


Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, made my day! My day is taking my middle son to the horse farm for therapy riding- it was freaking SNOWING there (I'm in GA), but he did great, so it's all good. Came home and we are sitting in front of the fire, kids with books, me on the puter being lazy. Laundry, cooking, domestic coma inducing remainder of the day :)


Definitely Coldplay! I also use Elliott Smith and Death Cab for Cutie for relaxation purposes. Strangely enough, I never eat or drink things straight from the container. I'm not even a big fan of drinking soda from the can, but I will. And my saturday started with a run that ended with excruciating pain and vomiting (but a PR!), some light grocery shopping, and eventually going out for a friend's birthday. Is it weird to be way more excited about eating out than the access to good drinks? I don't drink anymore, but I rarely get to eat out – so it's a LITTLE too exciting when I get to. And yeah, I just remembered that you're Mormon so that won't seem weird to you. LOL


I used to eat from containers until I got kids. I would be grossed out if they did it (they're a little more slobbery than me), so I had to stop doing it – or at least do it in private. :) Happy recuperating!


What movies did you land on for today?


Love the idea of your anti-anxiety playlist.

For calming purposes i like
Sarah McLachlan
Jack Johnson
David Gray

Specific Songs:
Rise by eddie vedder
Fix you
Have a little faith in me.

Enjoy having a low key day. Let Billy and ice cream fill in the missing gaps from your usual runners high.

My saturday was a morning in the pool, followed by a cabo-licious lunch that will hopefully make for a delightful afternoon nap. I have a good book if the nap doesn't set in.


A Fine Frenzy (especially Almost Lover), Regina Spektor (I love Braille), Plumb (Cut. This song gives me chills). Lovedrug (Okay, the only song I've heard from them is Down Towards the Healing, but awesome song), The Band Perry (If I Die Young)… wow, this could turn into a ginormous list! Jennifer Knapp (Faithful to Me. Acoustic. Amazing)…

Yes, I eat from the container… I try to stop, but always give in.

And I'm working today. Yippee.

Oh, and your mom is awesome! Looks like a nice selection of mushy foods!


Glad you are surviving! Looks like your mom brought over a lot of good stuff!!

As far as relaxing music, I'll listen to a variety of things including old school Faith Hill, Taylor Swift, Michelle Branch and Jack's Mannequin.

The only food I eat out of the container is ice cream by the pint, not like a regular thing of it :)

I saw 4 clients this morning and I just got home a few minutes ago. I am going to do some laundry and then hit the treadmill!! Yay!


just tried greek yogurt for the first time this morning… It was plain, i want to try some flavored ones next. :)
your mom & dad are awesome to bring you all sorts of yummy treats.
feel better soon. I really want to try to hit up one of your spin classes soon. maybe I wont fall off the pedals this time. :/


Your mom rocks!!

Whenever I am stressed any song from the 60's puts me back into my happy go lucky self.

The rarely eat stuff straight from the container, I have a germ phobia! But if it's the last little bit of ice cream then I might so I don't have to dirty up a dish.

We are getting ready to go head to a basketball tourney for my son, I am sure I will have a huge case of bleacher butt by the end of the evening. But the worse part is the fact this tourney is in a hole in the wall town with no options of places to eat, I've packed a ton of snacks, hope we don't all starve to death before we get home LOL.

Have a great Saturday!!


Hey Janae!
Im totally with ya, I love music!! Im always trying to find good new stuff to listen to!
I never eat out of the container, I have little self control!!
What a cute mom you have!!
Hmm… good music: Feist!!, One Republic is mellow, Kings of Leon, Boys Like Girls.
Love: Alkaline Trio, Deadmau5.
haha… have a great day!


I LOVE music!! I love Thrice, Anberlin, Britney Spears ;), country, christian, just about anything!! :)

I do eat ice cream from the container!!!!!

Saturday Plans: Studying all day for nursing boards and tonight spending some time with the boy ;) It's date night!!!

I love how you are addicted to endorphins, so am I!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love that you made a surgery playlist…I always made playlist before big test, I even made one before graduation and got my dilploma has it played on my iphone ;)

I hope you are feeling better!! Email me if you get board [email protected] :)

miss you!


glad you are relaxing!! Heal up fast!!


Mommys are the best :)

I looove dave barnes for chill music!

Going to an art fundraiser tonite. Woop woop! Gonna get dressed up in my tutu!!


I hope you recover quickly! I love Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz, and David Gray. Tonight is my racing team's dinner to celebrate our 2010 season. I hope to get some pics on the blog this weekend. Take care! :)


Aren't Moms THE BEST?? And husbands too, of course! That was so sweet of your mom to bring you all that food! I hope you are resting up and feeling well very soon!

Michael Buble, Sarah Evans, Mercy Me, PC&D…just some of the people I listen to when I need to calm down or relax. I love music!

Yes, I try not to do it too often but there are days when I eat straight from the frozen yogurt container…I love it so much. I don't keep ice cream in the house otherwise I'm sure I'd do it w/ that too!

I started off this weekend by rocking a 5k PR…and my Dad really rocked it in 25 minutes (he was diagnosed w/ cancer a year ago! The man is amazing)!!! I'm so excited. I'm working on my recap post right now!

Feel better!


glad you're feelin' ok and you have lots of delicious treats :) Dave Matthews, John Mayer and Rosie Thomas calm me down. I eat Greek yogurt from the container all the time – it's just necessary


We are music soulmates! I lurve. Slash you are so lucky, the doc wouldn't even let me go on walks outside when I got my wisdom teeth out! Double slash I love your collection of food, your mom is a sweetheart!


so good that you have wonderful parents to take care of you and billy to meet your every need!

i drink out of the (almond) milk cartons cause i know mr. dawn won't touch the stuff…and love to spoon ice cream directly from the carton. i blame the time that i lived in vermont. while there i visited the ben and jerry's factory way too much and became addicted to their ice cream. because they only sell it in pints, it never seemed worth it to serve it into a bowl…

i totally believe in music's effect on mood. in fact, when i was a camp counselor, there was one cd that i would play any time i wanted my little kiddies to go to sleep: rest period, night time. every day. even though they only lived there for a week, i think it made a difference.


I am offially jealous of your oral surgery. I wish I had a valid excuse to eat ice cream and smoothies all day, every day.

Do you have a label or link to your music playlist posts? I'm in the process of making a playlist for Houston marathon, and in need of suggestions.


Just hangin out today!
All of your post-surgery food looks YUMMY!
Great playlist, by the way!


omg i love Cautioners by Jimmy Eat World. thats a great song. feel better :)


So I totally did a run for you today. My husband and I did hill repeats on 'Heartbreak Hill' and I ran at least 2 or 3 in your honor. You'll be back at it in no time!


Your mom is awesome! That was so nice of her to bring you all that good stuff to eat!

I only eat out of the icecream container when it's almost gone. :)

I'm so glad you are alive! Have an awesome weekend watching all those movies!


i baked two cakes this morning! i feel pretty accomplished even though they failed! ahah
i absolutely LOVE your blog, you're so humourous with your posts! ps: you and billy are super cute!


Save a dish… eat from the container.

More often than I care to share ;-)

We need to hear the movie list and reviews! Glad things are going well :)


OH, you are so blessed with amazing, thoughtful parental units! Hugs to your mama for bringing you deliciousness! Now, you have a valid excuse to live off ice cream for a few days. Make sure you use that ticket!!

Enjoy a stroll with the boy!

Out of the container: ice cream and peanut butter!


Glad you are feeling better- your mom sounds awesome! I always eat cottage cheese out of the container with wheat thins (so.awesome.), but never ice cream, I'm not sure why. And sometimes I may have taken a spoon to the nutella jar…


Your mom and Billy rock!

The band that always makes everything feel good and right for me is Sixpence None the Richer. Have always and will always be my number 1.

I eat PB out of the jar all the time. I'm an addict.

Today I took a TaeKwonDo class and taught a Brazilian Jiujitsu class. I'm tired, but it felt good to be active after another relatively light marathon recovery week.


I hope to be that mom someday. :)

Weezer, Fleetwood Mac & Heart. :)


ok i'm way late to say good luck! so i'll say feel better soon! glad it went ok, and enjoy all those delish soft foods!

now that sat is almost over, i was completely lazy…spin class, then jog 2 mi, lifted a bit, then home…and literally havent moved from the couch. oops. sometimes you just need a day to do absolutely nothing, especially after go-go-go for 2 wks straight.

love john mayer, death cab, coldplay, the black keys, the strokes for my afternoon chill times.

and yes, i always eat out of containers bc i live by myself : )


I am glad you are being taken care of and feeling okay. My daughter just had her tonsils/adenoids removed so we went through the soft food stage for two weeks with her…I am glad that is over! :)

I love seeing playlists as it always gives me ideas of songs to add to my own. Take it easy and you will be back to running in no time!

Oh yeah…what are some of the movies you have been watching…anything good?


I went on a long run….. gasp, I know!!! Me, mr it hurts to run, ran

Hope for feeling better

Maybe primary will sing a song for you? Whats your fav primary song, mine is popcorn popping


Try taking some benadryl with the Lortab, it should help a lot with the sick feeling!! I love to eat pb out of the jar.. i started buying natural pb because i dont like it as much so i eat less of it!! Feel better soon!!!


What do I eat out of the container?

Peanut butter ;)


Love Wilco. And Yes I sometimes eat right out of the ice cream carton , who has time for a bowl? Hope your feeling better Janae!


I drink straight from the milk container quite often. But I make sure to look around first to make sure my husband doesn't catch me in the act. And yes, it's totally worth it…no dirtied dishes!

Hope you're feeling better already!


I was thinking of you after my forest run today…I was craving craving swedish fish, chocolate, anything sweet. Still am. You've got a special mom there! Yay for you. Your day sounds just as it should be…relaxing and spending time with the one you love. :)


What are creamies?!?!


Glad you're on the mend! Definitely milk your downtime for some great movie watching time! :)

I spent the day with my in law extended family celebrating Christmas in New Jersey. Now I'm just enjoying hanging out on the couch with the husband and pup. Loving it.


What movies are you watching?

Yes – I eat from any and all containers and do not discriminate…;)


Okay, so I CANNOT believe YOU looked at my blog. You are beautiful and your man is cute too. I envy your exercise routine. I am so busy now, that exercise has to come last–well not last but is down on the list. Oh, and those salads you make–I can beat them. Salad bars HATE to see me coming. Seriously. I get dirty looks at Chinese Buffets bc I eat all the broccoli out of the dishes. (i get dirty looks at home later too!) Im wondering–what is your profession? Are you still a student? My BF went to BYU. She was/is a GREAT girl. Hugs and I have that tooth disease too. Eat a scoop of ice cream for me and enjoy the movies. e


mmm all of that looks yummy. I eat from the ice cream container a lot. But then again its just me at my place.

What movies are you watching? Anything good?


I once ate so much ice cream that i was embarrassed and didn't want Doc to know what a pig i was, which he would if he looked in the carton. so i did what any rational person would do, and finished the whole thing off, went to the store, bought another carton of the same ice cream, and then ate it down to the level that the previous carton had been at.

i did this same thing with a pie i made once too.

is there a classification for me in the DSM-IV?

sweetie, maybe some of your other eleventeen-hundred besties who've already commented have mentioned this, but i don't have time to read their comments so forgive me if i'm repeating what they've said already, which is that you look so adorable in your photo that it's hard to believe you did anything other than head over to Got Beauty for an afternoon of pampering and primping. You need to tone it down or poor Billy will go inSANE. i don't know how he stands it, especially when he has to just nurse you back to health, which i'm sure will arrive likkedysplit under his attentions.

meanwhile, anything with nutella works for me. raspberries and vanilla froyo with nutella is a fav. hope you enjoy some great screentime and a nice snuggle with your king!


I love food I don't have to chew :) If I were you, I would crack open a jar of Nutella and go to town on it with a spoon!


Awww wishing you a wonderful recovery lovely! :) I'm sure you're gorgeous as a little wood-animal hehe


I love snow patrol- I find the music very relaxing :)


I can't wait to give some of those songs a listen! Our tastes are so similar! Try:
"Universe and U" (Acoustic Extravaganza) by KT Tunstall
"When You're Sleeping" by Natalie Imbruglia
"Red Light" by Johnny Lang
"You Got What I Need" by Joshua Radin
"Warm Whispers" by Missy Higgins
"Sleeping to Dream" by Jason Mraz
"When You Know" by Shawn Colvin

I'm so glad to hear you're up and at 'em and hope you're running soon!


I LOVE eating from my peanut butter container (usually with a tablespoon). It's just SOOOO good!

And I have playlists for EVERYTHING! I like to have different mood setters available at the click of a button!

Heal well, friend!


I agree. Music is crucial. I am very intentional when it comes to creating a playlist. Every song is there for a reason : ) This playlist sounds like something I would make for a car ride by myself (mostly because I love to sing those songs at the top of my lungs and no one will put up with that kind of horror).


I love listening to Michael Buble! He just has a great voice and the songs are lower key and make me happy!
I eat frosting right out of the container! I totally am going to make cupcakes today so I can eat the batter and the frosting! Can't wait!
Yesterdays plans included picking out tuxs for the wedding and shopping! Need to get some nice girly clothes!


What a great little mix of foods you have there…I amamhuge Regina far and also Sarah M…Tracey Chapman is great too. I eat things out of the container a lot…most things that I know I will be the only one dipping into…cottage cheeses a big one, and I do drink milk format he carton…but I think you know that. glad you are feeling better!


yesterday we bought a washer and dryer! :) doing it up right! :)rest up cutie!


hahaha omg. love you. i got lortab for my sprained food and now you're making me want to take them. i didn't fill the rx bc i am not a fan of pain meds but….hmmm… haha


I'm glad you're being pampered. :) I am also a big believer in music's power to move you and lift you out of any mood. I have playlists for everything!


holy crap. we are music soul mates. I LOVE regina. I saw her live in SLC a couple of years ago. She's phenomenal. Sara Bareilles ain't bad either.


as much as I eat ice cream, it'd be silly to dirty a bowl EVERY SINGLE TIME. Much easier (and more fun) to eat it straight out of the carton. Nothing says "mine! don't touch!" like repeated germs in a bucket. :)


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