Three Tangent Tuesday

Didn’t you hear about the newest coolest blog trend…..Three Tangent Tuesday.

I heard that you should do it on your blog too because it is that awesome/fun/popular/cool.

All you do is share with the world three tangents/awkward/random/ridiculous things that you do or things that happened in your life for the rest of us to laugh at/question your levels of sanity and to learn a little more about YOU.


1.  I forgot to bring my towel to the gym this morning so I had to use cheap paper towels to dry off after my shower.  It worked but it hurt.  I think you know why.  I didn’t take a picture of this one and please don’t try to imagine it.  Instead, I will show you a glimpse of my love for fanny packs, the perfect handsfree snack carrier.


2. I get up to pee 1-3 times a night.  Either I am prego, I drink way too much water, I have a tiny bladder or I am diabetic


3. My mother is an enabler.  As soon as she saw on my blog that my creamies were out she went out and restocked my supply. What is she going to do when I run out of my loratab supply.  I am scared for her.  She never responds when I tell her I am out of money though….mom, you should enable me with that.


My mom and I spent the night on her bed watching ‘Cupcake Wars’ while eating creamies.

Now go wish ANTOSDOESLIFE a very happy birthday!


Do you get up during the night to use the restroom, eat, watch TV?

-The other morning Billy congratulated me for not getting up once during the night to pee.  Positive reinforcement.  He is trying to potty train me.

Have you ever been to a fancy cupcake shops?

-They are a little piece of heaven on earth.

Tell me some TANGENTS about you!!!

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You aren't old enough to own a fanny pack! LOL….


Have a great Tuesday! Hope you are feeling better!


My kids (at least one of them) get up in the night, so I pee then, not sure if I'd get up anyway, it's been a million years since I had an uninterrupted night of sleep… I make my own cupcakes :D Your mom is great!


I get up probably at least twice a night usually way more! So glad I'm not the only one I have literally never met anyone else who is not pregnant who does this!


I pee a bunch during the night. Luckily my kids get up 2-3 times a night, so I can mask it with this :)


I totally get up during the night and I'm SO glad to find out that I'm not the only one! I thought it was only for people in their 80's or something. Like you, my husband is proud of me when I sleep through the night. It's a big deal in our household.

My favorite cupcake place in NYC is Buttercup. Better than Magnolia in my opinion. Their Red Velvet!


I usually get up during the night at some point….
I've been to Gigi's cupcakes….SOOOO yummy!
Three tangents:
I blog when I should be studying.
I get really excited over little things….like finding a hidden pocket in my running shorts…perfect for ICE CREAM MONEY! =P
I could honestly sit at watch movies all day….alternating between rom-coms and adventure/thriller! =P
Hope you feel better soon!


we have an amazing little cupcake shop here in town. I used to not crave it much, but the Fiance is in love and we go there all the time now!
We are actually thinking of doing a mass order and serving them as favors at our wedding!


I ususally get up once during the night, but I try really hard not to drink very much after about 4:00, so sometimes I make it through the night. I laughed when I read about your husband's positive reinforcement! Haha!


I get up to pee a REDONK amount of times during the night, and occasionally have a peanut butter finger or two. I think my bladder is the size of a walnut.

Slash I love your sandals, send me a pair for my birthday?!

Double slash fanny packs are the perfect vehicle for all things munchable!

My tangent: this morning I used dry shampoo because i'm too lazy to shower and it spilled all over my face. Hahahaha but it was really funny:)


I get up to go to the bathroom and have at times been starving so I had to eat!!! Hmm I have no tangents about me I'm boring! :)


I wake up every night at least once to pee…but I think three times a night would kill me! At least you know you are properly hydrated? right?


I try to pee before I go to bed, cause once I'm in bed I absolutely hate to get up again. I will do everything possible not to pee in the middle of the night, but sometimes I just have to. It's so annoying!

If a cupcake is chocolate, I will eat it. No questions asked, just hand it over.


I drink waaay too much water, so I spend a good deal of what could be sleep time in the restroom as well.

3 rando things about me:
1. When I'm driving, I sometimes make up little sayings that would help me remember people's license plate numbers/letters. Just in case I'm ever needed for a police investigation.

2. I'm not sure why, but my in-laws think my favorite color is purple. Last christmas, everything they gave me was purple.

3. This weekend I tried to get my dog to embrace the treadmill and walk with me on it. She acted like I'd tried to kill her.


You get up to pee 1-3 times at night?? That is crazy! Poor girl…I get up 0 times…to pee. I do get up a few times for a snack. & I looove fancy cupcake shops. I can't walk by the one in my hometown (Charleston, SC) without getting one.


OMG! I hate getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom! I don't even turn on the lights because I don't want to be fully awake. Ha ha
I live in the DC area, so I've been lucky to go to Georgetown Cupcake a few times (on a "slow" day where the wait to get in is only like thirty minutes) and yes, they really are that good. There is also a place called Cake Love which is super yummy and has more locations.


You are seriously the same as me… I get up like a billion times a night to go to the bathroom ;) I don't get it!?


I get up to pee once a night every night. My bladder just can't wait until morning!


Gotta love that fanny pack! I rarely get up to pee at night…apparently I have an iron-clad bladder?!

I still haven't been in a fancy cupcake shop and there are 2 within 10 minutes of me. What is wrong with me?!


Just put up a post on the cute shirt I got from uptown girls!! Check it out…

Thanks girlfriend!


Today is my birthday so I went to Krispy Kreme to pick up my free dozen doughnuts :)


Fanny packs are the bomb. Especially when you have a furry koala one like I do!! :D

Haha I put a lil confession on my blog today…I use a banana holder to stop my bananas getting squished in my gym bag! Oh I'm SO lame! :P


No getting up at night (unless the dogs need to pee and haven't made it on the floor).

No fancy cupcake shop visits (totally deprived) but I need to keep it that way as I'd never fit back out the door.


Haha, I'm glad I'm not alone in this! I usually get up once a night, or I make the dash first thing when I get up in the morning! At least we're hydrated, right??
I went to my first cupcake shop when I was home for Thanksgiving, and it was everything I ever dreamed a cupcake shop would be.

My tangent: I seriously lose everything! I can set something down, and I swear it will grow legs and run away so I can't find it! Then it turns in to an epic search, and I find these things in the most ridiculous places. This morning, I lost my fiance's keys, so I sent him off to work with mine. Just as he left, I found his UNDER my purse, where I had looked twice. Now I'm pretty sure most of the neighborhood's first impression of me is of me in PJs and flip flops and crazy hair, tearing down the sidewalk waving keys and shrieking "Braaaannnddooonn!! I FOUND THEM!!"

Have a great day, and enjoy your Creamies! (I so need to try those!)


I have to pee every morning at 5:30. Super annoying on the weekends when I want to sleep in. In the summer I have to potty train myself to not have to wake up. I love the Sweet Tooth Fairy Cupcake shop. Just had one last night and they are heavenly!!! Three tangents about me:
1) I am kind of a paranoid freak about fire. I cannot leave my house until all air freshners are out, candles are out, and I have to check if my curling ironing is off more then once. I also cannot leave school without unplugging my air freshner. Even though