Three tangent Tuesday

Dinner was made possible by the parentals.  I just happened to call my mom and see what they were doing tonight and when she said Costco I may have invited myself to join them:)  I have a sixth sense about these things.

I always know when a good meal is around the corner.

I also picked up my 7 lb bag of broccoli that will be gone in approximately 3 days and more pears.  All is right in the world again.


Caesar salad and ice cream is what dreams are made of.


My Mom opted out of the picture tonight….I mean who doesn’t love having pictures taken of themselves and put all over the internet.  Some people these days:)

Next time Mom you are in the picture….don’t you want all my best friends to see how beautiful you are?!?!


You know what time it is…..Three Tangent Tuesday.  I would love it if you did it on your blog too.  Great way to be random, get to know each other and let the world now how weird you are.

1. I make brownies, cakes and cookies just to eat from the beaters.  Sure baked goods are delicious but there is nothing like staring at the beaters for ten minutes straight eating every last piece of dough.  I didn’t even know he was taking the picture until after the fact…..when there is dough within 5 feet of me I have complete tunnel vision.


I also spill on myself at least 3 times a day.  I wonder what color the floor was when it was my house was originally built in 1908?

2. I have to have a thick layer of lip gloss on at all times or else I go crazy. Chapstick isn’t even enough.  I put it on before bed, when I get up to go potty in the night and at least 34 times throughout the day.  At the end of my first marathon I asked for my lip gloss from Billy before water or anything.  I learned my lesson and cary it with me on every run.


3.  I think my brother and I look a lot alike and our sense of humor is even more alike.  He is so good to me too.  One time we went on a road trip and when I was driving he fell asleep, when he woke up we were in the wrong state.  I took a wrong turn and we ended up with a 200 mile detour.  He laughed and then we got a milkshake.  He is so chill…I LOVE IT!


Who do you think is older out of my brother and me?

Do you look like your siblings?

Do you ever eat at Costco?

Tell me some tangents about yourself!!!! Pretty please….it really makes me so happy:)

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