To myself and to all of you.

I said I was only going to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays but…..

I have a little extra stress, no worries life is still extra awesome, and the best way I know how to deal with stress is running…or eating a quart of Ben and Jerry’s.

Since I am being honest and everything…..I think an extra lick or two of frosting might occur later.IMG_1850.JPG


3 Mile Treadmill: 1.5% incline 7:47 pace

50 Minute Spin class… ponytail was dripping with sweat.

3 Mile Treadmill: 1% incline 7:30 pace

Stress melted away until I had to deal with the situation later on.


So what do I do……I went for a 3-miler outside after school in the beautiful 46 degree weather.  Go Utah.

Thanks Colleen for my running socks….I LOVE them:)

After that I will be catching up on all of YOUR blogs, my other favorite way to deal with stress.

What are your top 5 ways to deal with stress??

1. Running or exercise in general

2. Ice cream (I know that isn’t the best way to cope but you gotta do what you gotta do)

3.  Calling my mom and venting to her for an hour.

4.  Blogging obviously.

5.  A foot massage from Billy while he spoon feeds me ice cream while watching ‘Mean Girls.’  (Honey, this is a hint by the way)   Oh, wait I just remembered it is HIS finals week.  I guess I will give him a foot massage after I get mine but I don’t know if I can share my Phish Food…..that’s a little too much selflessness for one day.

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YAY DID I REALLY GET 1st COMMENT!?!? I feel special haha My way to deal with stress is going to the gym, or eating Chinese food. Lately I have been trying to learn how to play guitar, and when Im stressed I try and practice, but then I got EVEN MORE frustrated that I can’t play…so maybe I should just stick with eating FROYO!

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