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1.  Couldn’t decide on yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast. So, I had both. 2.  Couldn’t decide on a Strawberry or a Chocolate Creamie. So, I had three chocolate creamies. 3.  Couldn’t decide on watching Mean Girls (for the 8 jillionth time) or grading papers for work. So, I watched Mean Girls, The Notebook and A … Continue Reading

I lied…

To myself and to all of you. I said I was only going to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays but….. I have a little extra stress, no worries life is still extra awesome, and the best way I know how to deal with stress is running…or eating a quart of Ben and Jerry’s. Since I … Continue Reading

Three tangent Tuesday

Dinner was made possible by the parentals.  I just happened to call my mom and see what they were doing tonight and when she said Costco I may have invited myself to join them:)  I have a sixth sense about these things. I always know when a good meal is around the corner. I also … Continue Reading

I tried so hard to take a day off.

First lesson. Don’t put your bike trainer together while on pain killers.  10 minutes into my ride my bike fell over, I was clipped in.  It’s all good…..I couldn’t feel a thang. Yes, I did tell Billy to take a picture before I wanted him to help me up.  Creepy racoon eyes are part of … Continue Reading