Why, hello.

Long time no see:)

I started my Monday off early and made my way to the gym for a sweat fest.

-30 Minutes Stair-climber

-60 Minutes Elliptical

-10 Minutes Upper body weights

When we are in Cali we go to 24 hour fitness and I love it.

Came home and breakfast was waiting for me: Fried egg, toast and fruit salad.  I am getting spoiled.


Every year the Jacobs family has the tradition to pile up in the car and drive 2 hours to Glendale.

We always go to the ginormous mall there to shop and eat in the food court before heading to the play.

They have been doing this for the last 13 years.


I went for a pita and side salad.  Billy always gets Panda Express….he was in heaven.

As for my heaven:


Just close your eyes and imagine a store with all of your most favoritest sugary items all in one place.

You pay by the weight and combine as little or as much of everything you want into one glorious bag.


The MIL says she has to bribe us with candy to go and enjoy the fine arts.  Heck, I will do anything for a bag of all of my favorite candies packed into one beautiful baggy.

I know it looks like I have to use the potty but I was just so excited about the candy I could barely hold it in.


Billy and I both agreed we would have squinty eyes for this picture…he broke his promise.

A relative (I will not name any names) told me a few years ago that my chubby cheeks make me look young.   In 30 years I will take that as a compliment…for now it is a dagger.

The play was amazing and at a few points our whole family was laughing so hard we were crying…there were some interesting actors tonight!

You know you have a problem when you are legitimately sad when your candy is gone.


What is your favorite way to have your eggs?

-Fried but still super drippy in the middle

What gym do you belong too?  If you don’t currently, have you ever?

-My Gold’s pass is free for teaching so B-dawg and I got passes to 24 through Costco for dirt cheap.  I like the variety, it helps to beat boredom.

Share a fun tradition with me and don’t be surprised if I copy you.

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My favorite holiday tradition is new PJ's on Christmas Eve!


I just use my school's gym because it's free ;)

I go to 24 hour fitness when I am home.


We do new PJs on Christmas Eve too!!

This year we will start a new one.. on Christmas we will eat cupcakes for breakfast and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!


I like my eggs either scrambled, or egg whites only, cooked until they're just a little crispy.

I'm a member of a 24 hour gym, but that membership expires in January. I will be living 80 miles away from the gym, which makes me pretty sad. BUT the 24 hour thing is tricky. I figured, hey, 24 hour gym must mean 24/7, right? WRONG! Showed up at 7 one Saturday morning on my way out of town and they were closed! Apparently they close at midnight on weekends, then open back up at 8 in the morning. I skipped the gym that Saturday.

No traditions here. I actually may end up not even being with family this Christmas…


Where at in Cali are you visting? I live near Sac.


To your relative who made the chubby cheeks comment…PSHA! I have the cheeks too and am learning to embrace my Cabbage Patch Kid Self. Wahooooo!


I used to belong to a gym Shoreline Health and Fitness, but they combined two gyms and didn't make anymore room so I got claustrophobic. I've been working out at home for the past few months.

I love eggs in general and don't really have a preference for how they're cooked!

My favorite family tradition is how we open presents. We all go around (from youngest to oldest) and open one present at a time so everyone can see what everyone got and see how excited they are! So much fun!


yumm love eggs, I like mine just like you.

I don't belong to a gym we have one here on Schriever AFB

hmm traditions…Our kids get to open one present on Christmas eve. Sorry I'm boring.. LOL


That pita wrap looked GOOD!

Sunnyside up!


We belong to a local private gym. I used to teach their kids fitness classes, but I gave it up (and now have to pay my membership, boo). I love it though, because my big kids are on their swim team, and while they practice an hour a day 6x per week, I get my happy hour on the treadmill and in the weight room, or an occasional class to break things up.

Christmas traditions? Spending too much time in the car … why can't everyone visit us next year?


You in-laws are so fun! Not to mention that you are all incredibly good looking! I usually just go to the gym at school, but while I'm home for break I'm gonna hit up the YMCA with a friend's buddy pass. Trying Body Pump for the first time… nervous but so excited!


…. and my "you" I mean "your." :)


Have I mentioned you're gorgeous!

Your in-laws seem super awesome!!!

I like my eggs scrabbled :)no yoke what so ever!

I belong to 24hr fitness!


I prefer my eggs scrambled or fried (but only if I am making it into a breakfast sandwich).

I belong to Work Out World which is 24 hours and I love it!!

The tradition that my spouse and I have started, keep in mind it's not healthy, is that on Christmas morning we make cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Mmmm.


i love a christmas carol! i think i want to make seeing that a new tradition for me. in college me and my friends had a tradition of going to see the nutcracker in boston. it was sad that this year we didn't because we all live apart.

no gym here. i worked at a gold's over the summers in college and had a free membership but i just used the college gym during the year. i'm thinking of hitting up the Y this winter but i really don't want to pay for it!


I like eggs with runny yolks for dipping my toast in!!!!!! All my favorite candy in one bag? Sounds like heaven!!!
Oh, as for traditions, my sister and I get an ornament every year and on Christmas morning, my mom hides a pickle ornament in the tree and whoever finds it first gets a prize! =D


My eggs are best done pickled. Occasionally I will eat one scrembled or fried to the point of death but I don't love eggs. And they make my belly feel funky which is dangerous…

My family tradition is that we can do whatever we please on Christmas. My Mom works so my sister and I have been able to run amok sonce we were pretty small. Now I visit the inlaws with the Huz.


I love how my family has everyone over (okay, there is like 7 of us… it's not huge) on christmas eve and we have lobster and catch up!

… .and I love my eggs the same way!


We belong to our local gym. It's small, but has a decent amount of treadmills, plus racquetball courts and spin and body pump classes.

Scrambled. The ONLY way I will eat them.

Family tradition: Christmas spaghetti (super easy and super delicious). Also mom's homemade sourdough cinnamon rolls. And mom's Christmas cookies that are made with lard. Trust me, they're fabulous. Apparently our family traditions revolve around food.


I prefer scrambled, but am okay with fried on occasion.

We get new jammies on Christmas Eve and next year I think we're going to start getting a board game to play as a family (I stole that from a fellow blogger). This year we will also be camping (in a yurt) as a family over Christmas and if all goes well could very well be an ongoing tradition.


I like my eggs fried but still runny in the middle too, I also enjoy scrambled eggs with a little bit of syrup on top.
I belong to a local gym and participate in small group sessions of 4 people total with a personal trainer, she's the owner of the gym and always keeps us on our toes. She whipped meback into shape after having two kiddos and her fitness challenge starts in January!
Tradition: breakfast with everyone at my house Christmas morning.


My family eats a ton of candy on Christmas Eve. I think that's a tradition you can handle. ;)


– For some reason, when I got older, eggs really upset my stomach, never did as a kid, I use to like over easy or devil eggs

– I goto Urban Active, its a triathletes heaven, pool, spin classes, indoor track, and every piece of cardio equipment has its own personal cable television

– 2 traditions, my mom made a stocking for my first xmas, its still the only stocking I have ever had

second, my mom made a count down to xmas wall thing, it held 24 pieces of candy, and each night I was allowed to take a one piece off, starting on dec 1st, all the way to xmas eve, I loved that tradition


Youmust be really close to where I live right now? how do you like all the rain!!!

I belong to LA Fitness and I LOVE it..used to go to 24hrs…but ours is a "meet market" did not like that too much…

Eggs: scrambled
Traditions: decorate the tree with Hungarian Chocolat. My dad is Hungarian and they have these special chocolat for Christmas, they look like ornaments and they are delicious.


I have the slightest bit-o-drool after the candy pic!! YUMMMMM!!! You have the most adorable family!


*My bro and I got to pic a new ornament every Christmas from this cute little shop. Then, we would spend all day opening presents…we were so patient as kids…we didn't want it to end!


I get so many laughs from your posts! Thankyou!!

Scrambled egg whites. I don't like yokes, not even a health thing, they just creep me out. Like somehow eating the amniotic fluid is just better sounding than eating the baby….ha!

I belong to the only gym in town:) It doesn't even have a name but is filled with top of the line equipment!

We play a family hockey game on Christmas day. There are about 14 of us that play and it is a BLAST! Great workout and lots of laughs.

Really, you and Billy have got to be the world's cutest couple!! Merry Christmas!


I belong to a local gym but need to get back into the routine of going.

I like my eggs just like you do.

Christmas tradition: my sister and I save one gift to get on Christmas eve, then drink coffee and watch all the people going crazy with last minute shopping.


Every winter/Christmas season, my mom makes our family's famous English toffee. It is SO GOOD and is easy (but time consuming–you have to stir the candy until it reaches 300*F on the candy thermometer). We give it away to friends and as hostess gifts all season.


Chubby cheeks?!?!?! Has this person ever SEEN you?!?! Madness.

Overeasy eggs for me! But for the life of me, I can never cook them the way I like them. A master chef, I am not.


LOL about looking like you have to use the potty. I love this tradition – my mom used to take me and my sisters to A Christmas Carol. I miss those days! I used to belong to a gym – my old company reimbursed us for our monthly membership fee. Now it's outside, yoga at home or the good ole apartment gym…which is actually pretty decent!


I like my eggs over easy with a little bacon and toast. perfection.

I workout at Flex Fitness. It's a pretty small gym just a few blocks from my house and it's open 24-7. Membership is $19.99 and I get reimbursed $20by my school if I make it to the gym atleast 10 times a month. I make $.01 a month for working out. Watch out – I'm getting rich.


I prefer my eggs hidden inside baked goods.

I belong to the local Y – not fancy, but close to my house and cheap.

I get sad when my candy is gone, too – nothing wrong with that!


Haha, you and your candy obsession! I stopped liking sour and sugary candy a couple of years ago, but now I am a dark chocolate LOVER. :)

I go to a local gym called Family Fitness Works. They are amazing. They have Les Mills programs, spinning, Zumba, intense core classes, and even classes for senior citizens and kids. Their equipment is all nice and new and their facility looks awesome! Plus, they have clean bathrooms and showers. Me likey. :) I was going to get trained to do BodyFlow and work there, but things just didn't work out. But, they do know that I am still interested in working there, so who knows what could happen in the future? I love the atmosphere and people too! :)


*Scoff* chubby cheeks? Er…blind!

Well I actually quit my gym last month cos it was getting too expensive, but somehow my card hasn't registered the fact, so I still get in for free…! Hey, I'm not complaining! :D I think I'm going to hell when I die. But at least I'll be fit! :P


Chubby cheeks? Me too!

Remember in Runaway Bride how Julia Roberts egg choice ws dependent upon her boyfriend? Gere used the eggs to point out she had no identity then married her! sigh…
The true test of a chef? If she/he can gook an egg!!


I'm not a HUGE fan of eggs but if I must eat them I will eat them scrambled with cheese on top but they have to be SUPER HOT.

I work at a gym inside a corporation and therefore workout at work for free. I also have access to the gym at the University where my husband works but I usually only go there for their indoor track.

Every Christmas eve my family sits around and recites the book "Santa Mouse". When new people join the family (spouses, girlfriends, etc). We don't tell them this tradition and then they have to hold the book and read it out loud as we all have it memorized.


Oh yeah – we also play board games and usually make it the "originals" vs. the "wannabe's" aka people who were born with my maiden name vs. those who are associated by marriage.


OK – you and Billy are like the gorgeous couple in that picture.

I think I love your MIL.


the jacobs crew all loaded with candy?! That could be dangerous. hehe!
We have a huge gathering at my parents house every christmas eve. about 50 family members, lots of good, laughter, and white elephant gifts. I love traditions! Stay dry out there in Cali. :)


the jacobs crew all loaded with candy?! That could be dangerous. hehe!
We have a huge gathering at my parents house every christmas eve. about 50 family members, lots of good, laughter, and white elephant gifts. I love traditions! Stay dry out there in Cali. :)


the jacobs crew all loaded with candy?! That could be dangerous. hehe!
We have a huge gathering at my parents house every christmas eve. about 50 family members, lots of good, laughter, and white elephant gifts. I love traditions! Stay dry out there in Cali. :)


I love scrambled eggs (and bacon!) Yum yum! I have that pretty much for breakfast everyday, Unless it is winter then I have oatmeal sometimes, or summer and too hot for hot eggs so I have cereal.

I belong to a local gym – the one nearest me is for women only. It is pretty nice to have equipment and classes that are focused on women because there are no men.

For traditions – we always have a polish christmas eve dinner because I am half polish. My aunt makes all the special foods and its so good, I love it! This will be the first year I don't have it on Christmas eve and also the first year I wont be with my family on Christmas, kind of sad :(


I'm all about the scrambled egg beaters!

We don't have many Christmas traditions. Our traditions are mostly focused around the movies to watch and such. But this year I'm making Jake see the Nutcracker in Boston with me, so maybe that'll become a tradition? haha


Looks like you are having fun. Love the "omg I am so excited about my candy I could pee" picture.

Eggs–any style. Depends what kind of mood I am in but I eat them at least once, if not 100 times a day.

I go to LA Fitness. I wish it were 24 hours.

Tradition: Pilsbury Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas morning. Does that count?


I've been a member of Golds for 5 years, plan to stick with them. I use them all over the place, including 3 different locations a week in Austin alone.

I like my eggs scrambled

Tradition: we open gifts on Christmas eve, always have. First church, then tamales for dinner, then gifts.

We do St. Nick on Dec 5-6, my family still does St Nick and now I do it with Dan

Non-holiday related, we usually at breakfast for lunch at home on the weekends. Mostly because Dan doesn't roll out of bed til noon on those days. I however, have usually been up for 6-8 hours


You're the adorable one!


I have a 24 Hour Fitness pass, but I work at LA Fitness, so I can go to both :)


I like eggs all different ways! I would have to say as an omelet if I had to choose with lots of yummy things inside.

One tradition I liked when I was little is that every night before bed, my dad and I would read the 12 days of Christmas book I had, but only up until whatever day it was. It was a great way to get excited for the holiday and spend time together. Today I found myself going, omg 3 days till Christmas, since when!?!?!? If I had still been doing my tradition, I def would have been more aware haha.

As for gyms – right now I below to my school gym because it's free. I used to belong to my YMCA in high school and it was awesome. It was a brand new one and they are always adding new wings on and its huge. If I move back home after college I'm definitely resigning up (even if I do have to see my ex boyfriend working the front desk hahaha)


I like deviled eggs… omg so yummy! and my breakfast eggs sunny side up or scrambled.

i love candy- im a candy FREAK!


Today, I went to the beach front with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear. She plecad the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to tell someone!


No gym membership, gave that up when I became a stay at home mom…and probably why I can't seem to get this weight off!

I like my eggs cooked in a little olive oil and dippy in the middle.

Christmas tradition: watching A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve with the husband while setting up santa gifts for the 3 munchkins.



A girl after my own heart.. I am ALWAYS sad when my candy is gone. The other day I had stashed a tootsie roll (a BIG one) in my purse and then totally forgot about it… when I found it a few days later while riding the bus, I yelled out, 'YEEEESSSSS!' and everyone stared. I didn't care… I was in heaven.



I'm a candy feen. My boyfriend won't allow us to have candy in the house because usually I'll eat it all within one night. It's bad. So now I just sneak it to work with me, or buy it on my lunch.

Maybe I should really renew that gym membership of mine…


HEY beautiful!!
Just caught up on your sweet blog!!! I loved what you said about gaining some weight over the holidays.. it WONT KILL US! I am so sick of seeing "DONT GAIN WEIGHT DURING THE HOLIDAYS" .. gahh people need to chill! If we are still exercising and taking care of ourselves, its impossible to blow up. It just wont happen! ANYWAY. I am not a candy girl! However, chocolate.. I LOVE!
Love that pic of you!


seriously, i am in love with your blog and now i feel almost famous because a super fast elite runner with tons of followers commented on my blog! ha!!!

i read about you giving up diet coke. sounds like that's my next step in my get faster in running/weight loss regimen. i'm seriously HOOKED…like 6 a day! yikes.

i love scrambled eggs.

my family tradition is going to the tree farm to cut our christmas tree down and bringing it back home to decorate! totally gridwaldish, but we've done that our whole marriage. LOVE. IT!


Love your posts as always. I like scrambled. Thought of you last night when i went to the movies with a purse full of milk duds, dots, twix, cheetos, gummy bears, raisinettes, sweadish fish….uggggh, I felt so sick afterwards but couldn't help myself. I was celebrating a friend's birthday and wanted to do it up right. :)

oh, and I go to the 24 hour. Super great deal and I never want to let it go because I will never get the unlimited gym pass for $20 a month.


a) you do not have chubby cheeks.
b) your pita looks delish.

1. I like my eggs a little runny in the middle.
2. I joined the gym at the student rec center where I went to grad school, <1.5 miles away from where I now live. It's a decent sized gym, has an indoor track, and classes are included in my membership.


The YMCA is all we have in town!!

And I am a scrambled with lots of cheese and salsa kinda girl :)


I love seeing pictures of you smiling – you're such a ham! :)


We had dinner at a Whole Foods in New Orleans tonight, and I raided the bulk bins :) They have much better candy than our WF at home!


You are too cute! We have a decent home gym set up at home but also belong to a local gym that has two facilities in town. I agree, it's nice to have options.

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