The winner is…..

Some of you: We are no longer on speaking terms.  I think it was pretty easy to guess which one was mine yet you voted for others.

I am just kidding…thanks EVERYONE for voting.

We read ALL of the comments out loud as a family and we were laughing pretty hard at what some of you had to say.

My favorite comment comes from Amanda@amandahood.  She got pretty into the competition, she is quite passionate about gingerbread houses.

Oh my, I can’t believe there are not more votes for A! So I’m commenting a second time on behalf of A! Come on people?! It is clearly the most original and unconventional house out of the three! Love it! makes me smile and laugh. one of a kind!

Time to unveil the artists:

A- Christmas Massacre, The Dragons Revenge


B-Candy Haven- I will live in a house like this someday.


C- Park City Paradise

Gingerbread Houses-002.jpg

AND THE WINNER IS…….PARK CITY PARADISE.  Wahoo!!! It’s okay I will beat them at our cinnamon roll eating contest later.

The gym was crazy busy this monring!  I got in 40 minutes on the stair climber and 50 minutes on the elliptical.  I watched 4.5 episodes of friends on my iphone. It was awesome.


Breakfast was yogurt, frosted mini wheats, grapes, pears and bananas.  It is 69 degrees here…I need something to cool me off.  Haha suckers in Utah.


Blowdrying your hair is overrated….at least I showered.  It is my early Christmas present to Billy.

Anyone else use ginormous spoons when they eat.  The more I can shovel in at one time the better.

What is the weather like where you are?

Favorite Cereal?

-I love Life, Chex, Lucky Charms, Oatmeal Squares.. okay, I have never met a cereal that I didn’t like.


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Weather here is 30 – I ran outside today and didn't have to wear gloves or ear muffs! It was awesome. And at the end I could still smile and feel my cheeks.

I love cheerios and oatmeal squares. And rice chex. And sometimes cinnamon toast crunch for a snack.

Merry Christmas!


The gym was dead when my husband and I went this morning.

It is *freezing* cold here this morning. I was running in -5, not fun!!

I have lots of favorite cereals too–what can I say, I love my carbs!!


How did you watch Friends on your phone?? I am so gonna do that.


I'm in Colorado right now and it was nice today! Not sure of the exact temperature, but probably 40ish? Would have been awesome for a nice long run, but who knew altitude could be such a killer?

I love cereal. I was just eating rice chex dry. I love malt o meal brand honey nut cheerios (Honey nut scooters), don't know why but they're so much better than name brand. Special K vanilla almond, fruit loops, reeses puffs, cinnamon toast crunch and Cascadian Farm's version… the list goes on.


Our gym was deadzo this morning too. I love/hate it like that.
Weather here … 75 and sunny. Sorry!

Cereal: Good-PB Puffins, Cinnamon Life and Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares. Bad-Rice Krispie Treats cereal…when I can find it…

PS–you need to do a 'how I do my eye makeup' post. You know you want to!

Merry Christmas Eve :)


I LOVED the bridge on your house, but the ski theme won me over. I need to get FRIENDS for my new ipod! The weather is cold & snowy here. I like small spoons, so I can enjoy my ice cream & oats as long as possible.


Haha! Cute contest!

It is in the 30's here…I recommend staying in Cali as long as possible! :)

Favorite cereal: Kashi blends, really any of them!

Merry Christmas Eve!


I was so torn between B and C because I pretty sure you made B, but I loved the ski lift on C. Darn! Fav cereal = Peanut Butter Puffins. I would have no problem eating the whole box. Unfortunately, they aren't the nutritious things ever. I like big spoons for cereal, but small spoons for yogurt! I'm such a weirdo!


Its cold w/ a chance of snow here….ugh!
I like cheerios, kix, frosted flakes,apple jacks, honey nut chex….


Nature's Path Peanut Butter granola mixed with plan ole cheeerios…

You won the contest. I mean, I may favor you as you are blog writer–but any 5 year could deduce that your Ghouse illustrated the most artistic craft.


I guess i missed the voting post! But I love them! My family did houses before I came home. So sad. And it's in the 20s here. With snow on the ground. I guess I can't really complain for a white christmas though, it's the only time I like snow hahah


Love the contest! 60 degrees, sunny and got to run outside! Yay!! Favorite cereal, Crispix…so yummy.


Awwww… I didn't get to vote…how'd I miss that? I must be slackin. I'd've voted for the Candy Haven ;-)

Nice here today… probably 60 something and part cloudy.

I LOVE oatmeal. Cold cereal…must mix cheerios and some cherry cluster thing from Trader Joe's. But not doing much other than oatmeal lately.


jealous on the weather. I'm in Virginia with my family and running outside is so cold its like 30 degrees and felt like I was running in a wind tunnel today. If only I liked the treadmill.

Fav cereal, honey nut cherrios


I'm a fan of frosted mini's and the plain flake-type(special K, total, fiber one)pretty much anything that is just a filler around my bananas. I usually use vanilla silk light on my cereal–you use yogurt? Plain or flavored?


It's in the teens here and snowing like crazy all day long. All time fave cereal – Cinnamon Life.


jealous of your weather, it's 38 here with winds gusting over 40mph. it hurts just listening to it from inside. haha.

i love cinnamon toast crunch. the three sisters version is really good!


weather is okayyy here. but i would rather be in sunny california or somewhere similar. It's around 32, but snowing like crazy tonight. Supposedly we are going to get 4 inches tonight. Hope not! I want to get to grandma's tomorrow morning!


So glad you still want to be my friend even though I voted for the dragon house. I knew it was a total boy/man creation but I still thought it was pretty funny and unconventional! :) I knew yours was one of the beautiful ones. And thanks for the plug….I even kind of like amanda@amandahood better than runninghood. :) Merry Christmas Janae!


Most importantly, you used Andes mints for the roof shingles (?) – a good choice, if I don't say so myself…


I could really eat cereal for any meal of the day, especially Life and Honey Nut Cheerios!

San Diego was sunny and upper 60's today :) Cali is the best, isn't it!?!


i only WISH i got a workout in today. Ugh – not even cool. And I totally knew that one was yours!


weather…same as you !! :)
cereals: Special k with strawberries


Merry Christmas! The weather here is hot. Just blasted hot. :) Welcome to Africa.

I love Rice Krispies, Special K with Strawberries, and Apple Jacks. Yum. :)


I'm the opposite ~ I like to use teeny tiny spoons to make what I'm eating last for as long as possible. Sounds like being sensible, but it's actually because I love to eat so I'm maximising the enjoyment ;)

Yay, I guessed the correct gingerbread house too :D

Weather here is minus two degrees Celcius so quite chilly, but at least there's some sun. The sunrise when I was running this morning was lovely, particularly the way it sparkled on the snow.

Cereal…hmm, that's a tough one. I am quite strange in that I like all of the 'old people' cereals such as Weetabix and Bran Flakes. I love them topped with obscene amounts of raisins or dates. Come to think of it, I must have an (inadvertant) fibre obsession too…

Hope you're having a lovely Christmas!


The weather is cold here – 24F! IT just started snowing too!

I love cereal – frosted mini wheats are on of my go to cereal but i will never pass up a fruity sugary cereal!


Soooooooo cute!!! :-) merry Christmas!!!!


haha i figured the all candy one was yours lol. Um the weather is so dang amazing in Arizona! We were playing outside all day. Not looking forward to returning to the cold Utah winter. Let's make a new years resolution to actually see each other and be friends. K cool thanks. Merry Christmas!


cracklin' oat bran rocks my socks


I'm pretty selective about whose blogs I save under my "favorites;" the fact that you share my love of cereal earned you a spot ;) In all reality, I love your tone and your running is super inspiring. Oh, and Cocoa Puffs, Golden Grahams, Peanut Butter Captain Crunch, Kix, and Crispix are my favs!


we're in the midst of our first snow storm of the year. I'm hoping it lasts all night and I get to stay home for another day tomorrow!

Too bad you guys didnt win!! Merry Christmas!


I liked house B best… but I am just now getting caught up on blogs, so I missed my chance to vote! :( But here's my late vote anyway. Oh my gosh, Joe will ONLY eat with big spoons. He says he cannot eat with small ones. He seriously wanted to get all serving spoons to eat with on a regular basis. LOL.

Fave cereal? Hmmm… cinnamon life, cinnamon toast crunch, and cookie crisp! :)

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