P.F. Changs and Spin

I had a craving after spin for P.F. Changs that was so strong nothing could stop it.  Considering the fact that I just got done with spin and a shower is out of the question (until tomorrow after my workout) I realized PF was not going to happen.  Plus the fact that eating there costs 1/10 of my monthly salary….I had to try and recreate my favorite P.F. Changs classic.

Hungry Runner Girls  c̶h̶i̶c̶k̶e̶n̶ Tuna Lettuce Wraps.


For the sauce I used the recipe from this website.


Basically I just stir fried celery, broccoli, sweet potato, snap peas, carrots, onions, green peppers and tuna.  In case you were wondering why I eat tuna so often…..we got it for dirt cheap at a case lot sale, the nutritional stats are crazy good and I love any and every type of fishy food.

Washed some lettuce

Whipped up the sauce

One Happy Belly and two sticky hands and forearms…..that sauce gets everywhere.


I am going to sleep good tonight.

Spin Playlist:  (I speed all of my songs up 12% by using Garage Band on my Mac)

Double Vision by 3oh! Warm-up

We R Who We R by Kei$ha 30 Second isolation (out of saddle no bouncing) 30 second sprint. Repeat

In da Club by 50 Cent Jumps

What’s My Name by Rhianna Hill climb in the saddle

Just a Dream by Nelly Second half of hill climb out of the saddle

Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance Fast, Faster, Fastest Sprints (70, 90, 100% maximum speed)

All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey Dancing and having a gay old time

Like a G6 by Far East Movement Jumps and isolations

Bleed America by Jimmy Eat World Sprints increasing in increments of time

The TIme by Black Eyed Peas 1, 2, 3 Run, 1/2 way down, arrow, increase tension.

Only Girl by Rhianna Figure 8…..movie in the making to explain some of these moves

DJ Got Us Falling in Love by Usher Combination of everything

Fix You by Coldplay Cooldown

You know the night ended with this….


Last but not least meet Billy’s newest little brother, Charlie.  I can’t wait to meet him Christmas break and to run with him when he gets bigger.


What restaurant do you get random cravings for???

-Obviously these lettuce wraps, Olive Garden breadsticks, Wahoo’s fish tacos and pizza from anywhere.

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Loving these spin playlists :) Aww Charlie is adorable!


OMG fuzzy pupppy I waaant him!! Awwww. I also want to take your spin class – I love all of those songs (umm, especially Mariah Carey Christmas!! and my boy 50). Hope you have a great day!


holy cow that is the cutest puppy ever! I want to steal him


There is a Thai restaurant back in my college town that is FANTASTIC–I still crave it all the time. :( The best part about the place is that the little Thai woman who owns it takes any profits she makes and returns to her home village and helps the less fortunate there. So not only are you eating amazing food, but you're helping a great cause! :)
Those wraps sound amazing! And Charlie is too cute! :) What kind of dog is he??


I usually get cravings for McAlister's Chicken Tortilla Soup (its just like regular tortilla soup, except for the cup of cheddar cheese that they add to it, which is probably why its soo good!!!!), anything chocolatey, those huge frosted sugar cookies for one of those rare moments when I actually want something super sweet, and some other stuff that I can't think of right now!!! =D By the way, those wraps look soooo yummy!!!! Can you believe that I have never tried tuna? I loooove seafood, and have tried tons of other things…


I occasionally get restaurant cravings that I can recreate at home- especially tex-mex style food, I have been on a major mexican band wagon lately. I have become a master of my own burritos and quesadillas!


I just stumbled upon your blog and love it!!

We live in a small town, so I get ridiculous cravings for ANYTHING from any restaurant. The closest thing we have to a restaurant is McDonalds…


Random cravings? Hmmmm, salty stuff and coffee!!!!!!!! Woohoo!! Ok and occasional dark chocolate bar.


That puppy looks so sweet! : )

I have cravings for tex-mex. all.the.time.
Maybe it's more like an obsession because I'm pretty sure I could eat it for every meal.


I eat Dots everynight before bed. In bed. Glad I am not alone.


Stair Climber Victory! I did 30 minutes of level 10 and felt like a champ! I tried to take a picture on my phone so I could show you, but it went off the screen too fast… dang!

I looove PF Changs. Lettuce wraps are to die for. Other guilty Changs pleasures include crab wontons and mongolian beef. Soo good.

Also, I want to dognap Charlie. :)


I want that puppy! So cute!

I randomly get cravings for… boston pizza and this little italian place here in Montreal. I just decide I NEED TO HAVE IT. Ugh.


I had a coupon to PF Chang's once and I called our local restaurant. They told me the wait was AN HOUR. Seriously?! I live in New Orleans! There are seven hundred fantastic restaurants here! Hoe is there an hour wait anywhere?! I guess it must be good but I was too impatient to find out!


Those lettuce wraps look awesome! I was just talking to my boyfriend about P F Changs. I've only been there once and he has never been there and wee were saying we should go sometime. (like a birthday or special occasion because you are right it's rather expensive) Way to get creative though!


Is it lame if I crave Subway salads all day every day? There is something about their Sweet Onion sauce… I just can't get enough of it!!


Thanks for sharing your FAB lettuce wraps and playlist! How often do you teach spin?!

I wanna put Charlie in my pocket! Cutie pie!! Is he an Aussie?


OMG, LOOK at that fuzzball!!!! I totally want to steal him!!

I crave basically anything I don't have to cook and clean up after… I'm really not picky. :D


I crave Chipotle all day, every day. It has been way too long since I've been there!


I love PF Chang's vegetarian lettuce wraps – they rock! I <3 that restaurant because they have a great gluten free menu.

I got an intense PF Chang's craving the other day too!


I've only been to PF Chang's once. Too much dinero!! I'm going to try out that recipe you linked….minus the tuna fish!

When I went through my wannabe fitness competitor phase, I nearly turned into Morris the cat with all the tuna I ate. Now, I can eat it, but only if I pinch my nose while I do it :)


Janae, I'm totally going to try to find your Tuesday post now and read all about your news. Yay for you! thanks for the comment on my yoga fart blog post. So funny. I can't help but laugh at farts…I think i will always be like that…even when I'm a 90 year old woman. I think farting is just God's way of giving us humor in our human life. :) I get cravings for Thai food!

Love watching your blog grow.


dicks deluxe and fries (seattle thing).

you are hired! come and be my personal chef. :)

have a great day and very cute pup!


YAY playlist and holy yum on the food.




That puppy is SOOOOO cute!!!!! I love reading peoples playlists…my ipod music is struggling and needs an update!!!

Hmmm, I randomly crave this cappelini and crab meat dish from a local Italian restaurant in the winter! In the summer I crave these amazing HUGE salads from another local place


mmmm i will have to try to make that!! i'm always skeptical of "restaurant recipes," and maybe i just jack them up or something. BUT…this looks amazing!!!

aww sweet little puppy!! i have NEVER had a dog. sad, huh? my family just got one this summer, too! i've been puppy-hungry lately.


lol, yep, i have a black lab and she is the best! but i still try to steal puppies from time to time. at least they aren't babies!


I get mad cravings for Sushi.. Or pasta.. or subway.. Lots of things.. Just to tasty! and they never taste as good at home!


I love that you post your spin class songs! I'm always on the lookout for new music. And I didn't know you could speed up songs with Garage Band. Something else I need to learn how to do!


most of my cravings are for sweet baked goods with lots of frosting….

but i do love those pf changs lettuce wraps. mmm-mmm good!


New reader here! I love that you post your spin workouts. I teach spin too and I must confess that sometimes I use parts of your workouts. I also run marathons, not nearly as fast as you do, but I love hearing about your training. You are amazing! I look forward to reading your new posts every single day!

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