What up homies?  I gotta stop being around high schoolers all day and grow up.

Scratch that I like them, they give me candy.


35 minutes elliptical (30 seconds medium effort, 60 seconds hardcore sprinting, repeat)  Sweat got in my eyeballs it was awesome.

55 minutes spin class.  The instructor had me sit on his bike in front, it made me work so much harder.  Sweat in my eyeballs for the second time on for the day

In between classes I have been trying to do push-ups.  My students make fun of me but I honestly get so sick of sitting around on test days.

Breakfast: Oats and apples

Lunch: Spinach salad and two wraps

Snacks: Pear, string cheese and a tootsie pop:)

I rethought the whole giveaway my carmel apple thing because I would have sacrificed one of my students for it today.

I thought I would post some of my favorite things in the world.  Some things that I couldn’t live with out.

These are material things not my usual cheesiness like Billy, my Mom, Billy’s laugh, my Moms pantry and the way Billy does his Happy Friday dance etc.  I will spare you and go write those things in my journal right now.

Don’t be surprised that more than 1/2 of everything is food.

Some of my favorites in no particular order:


1. Don’t act shocked, you knew candy would make the list.


2. Hot chocolate, with whipped cream and of course the mandatory chocolate shavings.


3. Nordstrom.  This is me trying on fake glasses in my favorite store in the world.   I could live in this store.


4. Puppies.  My student brought her puppy for me to play with while we drove around for Drivers Ed. today.  Don’t worry mom, I was still paying attention.


5.  Vegas.  It is always a good time.


6.  The Beach.  We will be living within 30 minutes of the beach and next door to my mother-in-law someday.


7.  Children.  Until they get stinky…then I give them back.


8. Okay, just one cheesy thing. When Billy acts like he is a professional figure skater.


9.  Wahoo’s fish salad.  The guacamole on that thing makes my heart sing.

10. And my most favorites thing… you guessed it, Running.  Especially when I eat swedish fish as I do it:)


Tell me some of your favoritest things right now?  Pretty please, I will love you forever.

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Do you use the elliptical with the arms? Or no?


carmel/chocolate apples along with other foods on sticks – darn it! i missed that giveaway!:)


LOVE your favorite things list! You're just too darn cute.

I've eaten swedish fish on long runs too! Gummy bears during races tho – gotta be serious…

I could sit on a beach for hours – my hubby doesn't quite get it. It's my happy place.

My favorite thing this week – my 13 year old texted me after I dropped something off at school that he forgot and the text said, 'thx mom, luv u'. Seriously – the best ever! Sometimes those darn kids surprise you. :)

Deuces, homie.


My favorite things are: chocolate in any shape or form, my friends and family, warm weather, and cooking.


Funny story, I'm actually eating Swedish fish right now! Definitely one of my favorite things!


Yellow puppies
Ice cream
My Students :-)
Oh. My Husband. Sorry honey….


Running, yoga, dark chocolate!, cuddling, and SNOW & snowboarding!


There was a Nordstrom's near where I went to college – my friends and I would go in and try on hats. And take lots of pictures.

My favorite things?

-Movie double features (really, regardless of what the movies are, so long as the second is better than the first)
-Candy mixes from bulk bins
-Hiking with my husband and the pups
-Board games with friends
-Traveling. Traveling. Traveling.
-That weird sensation you get when you've been racing for 48 hours straight and you're positive that you're staring right into the eyes of a 200-pound badger/mole – even though you know it couldn't possible be a 200-pound badger/mole.


Um, Swedish fish during long runs?? I love it!

While a huge coffee addict, I have recently rediscovered the wonders of hot chocolate. I had an awesome hot chocolate on Saturday that had hints of almond, cinnamon, and vanilla! And I got some today from a nearby dairy/ice cream place made with their milk & dutch chocolate and of course whipped cream.

You look so wise in your Nordstrom's pic…haha

I just like other people's children, for now. I like being able to give them back! Or watch them leave at the end of my work day.

Guacamole is definitely on my favorites list. As is iced coffee, running, my dog, knitting, and pretty much any kind of cheese :)


my favorite things are: the internets, my dog, candy, books, and baking


My favs–great idea for a post!

1. doggies
2. a crackling fire (love the smell)
3. sunshine warming your skin
4. waves
5. hiking trails
6. when my pants feel loose! :)
7. vanilla fields perfume
8. peppermint ice cream and hot chocolate
9. the feeling during/after a long run


You did lots if crazy sweating today girl! And I Love your list, mine would veto include:

Sour patch kids
All things Nike
Running again:)
My puppy
Bloggie friends:)
The cold weather
Living 10 minutes from the beach
A job I actually like that doesn't make me want to stab myself in the eye


I love the fact that you're not afraid to admit or broadcast to the world how much you love candy or eating!

My favorites:
1. Blogging (new favorite)
2. Napping
3. Running
4. Moose Track's Ice Cream
5. Snuggling
6. McDonald's Vanilla Iced Coffee


Bahaha–that picture of Billy is great!

Some current favorites:
~the Straight no Chaser station I just created on Pandora. Accapella holiday music is truly wonderful!!
~Christmas music as a whole. I'm going to get burned out on it in about 3 more days, but right now it's great.
~Hot Chocolate in all its fabulous incarnations.
~Dogs, especially my family's Chesapeake and my sister's Shih-Tzu. There's a little snowy puppy face looking at me on my desktop right now. :)
~My boyfriend's interesting sense of humor. He keeps finding a million different ways to crack me up. <3
~The Great Lakes, even when the wind shifts and we get pounded with Lake Effect.
~Hockey. Hockeyhockeyhockeyhockey!

I have to ask about the candy picture–is that a wedding?? Because if it is, that is the cutest thing ever!! :D


today. at the store. i found. mint chocolate silk. DELICIOUS! i even tried it will a little sprinkle of salt (cause i saw that on modern family and have be curious ever since…then i had the salted carmel hot chocolate from starbucks…). and the pumpkin spice silk. oh…and almond silk. i must be thirsty, cause all i can think of are beverages…

love the pics :)


Asics Gel-Nimbuses
fresh flowers in my house
bubble baths
Welches Fruit Snacks
coffee + tea
the baking aisle at any grocery store
The Simple Life (season 3 especially)
Cold weather = Ugg season
golfing (or pretending to)
Britney Spears

Imagine how much more you will love running when you get to do it in California! OMG!


My favorites:

Peanut Butter
Coffee… LOOOTS of coffee.
john – :)


coffee, coffee, wine, coffee, running, nutella, and baking warm gooey treats for friends and family!
We have a wahoo's too! Its my husbands favorite.
And of course I miss the beach where we used to live. So theraputic.
Peace out homie!


coffee, coffee, wine, coffee, running, nutella, and baking warm gooey treats for friends and family!
We have a wahoo's too! Its my husbands favorite.
And of course I miss the beach where we used to live. So theraputic.
Peace out homie!


coffee, coffee, wine, coffee, running, nutella, and baking warm gooey treats for friends and family!
We have a wahoo's too! Its my husbands favorite.
And of course I miss the beach where we used to live. So theraputic.
Peace out homie!


One of my favorite things is…

YOUR BLOG! (You make me laugh)!!

I also love:
1) Puppies – especially mine!
2) My husband
3) My turtle – his name is Simon
4) Scrapbooking – my races
5) The 4th of July – it is my favorite holiday!


1. Mountain Dew
2. Swedish Fish (honestly, I sometimes have them with breakfast!)
3. Pumas (the shoe, not the animal)
4. Dolphins (the animal, not the team)
5. Boston – everything about the city
6. My Honda Fit
7. Running – even though it made my knee hurt tonight.


Aww thanks for your comments!! I MAY try to get in a couple posts in HAWAII…I have to rub it in a little, don't I?!! :)

p.s. Billy is cracking me up with his finesse on the ice rink!!


What fabulous ideas for dniing rooms! With some great people + good food.. could you imagine! Time to rethink the eating area. Love the placement of the mismatched chairs in the third picture.Thank you for sharing!


Great list and great idea for a post :) Dont be surprised if I steal it!

My favs right now:
Of course hot chocolate has to be on the list!
lip gloss
knee high boots
snow (we dont have any yet)
Christmas decorations!


favorites: coffee (particularly Dunkin Donuts iced coffee), Netflix, sunshine, lip gloss, new office supplies, my DVR, running, yoga, peppermint+chocolate in almost any form, reading, baking, naps, my soon-to-be-husband, potatoes (yes that's weird I know), my friends, traveling, and driving with the windows down + music on.


OH! and Boston (just about everything about it), and Coca-Cola. I would give up SO much for it.


Do you really eat swedish fish while running? That's awesome. :)

Favorite things:
– M&M's (eating them now!)
– Ice cream
– Long runs
– Christmas morning
– The first sip of coffee


Favorite things right now: Glee, hot brownies with ice cream, pasta and cheese, my dogs, our Christmas tree, my niece and nephew, kickboxing


Fun post! I'm probably going to have to steal this idea because I'm so original! My faves…

Trader Joe's creamy almond butter with sea salt.

My Minnesota Gophers fleece Grandma pants. I swear these would fit a 6'4 250 pound man but they are my FAVORITE!

Sushi in the city. Not so much sushi from the Shwann man….

Smart wool running socks.

Dressing up! Almost never happens around here but I LOVE going out to a classy restaurant and pretending I actually belong there-ha!

Obviously my husband and my babies.

And yes, running! Thank God for running….

PS-hardly have perfect skin-ha! You would think by 35 you would stop having massive PMS breakouts but apparently not. Ah-perhaps I should just take the compliment. I enjoyed your last post!


1. The Hungry Runner Girl
2. Bermuda the Barracuda
3. Mint Hot Chocolate


I LOVE Nordstrom! I can't believe I have the honor of commenting under your husband's cute comment. Y'all are just awesome. And I agree with him – one of my new favorite things is YOUR BLOG! Other favorites: (my) Billy's sleepy face in the morning, when Billy rubs my feet from the opposite end of the couch, riding bikes with Billy, fresh baked cookies, huge bowls of oats for breakfast, avocado on everything, dark chocolate chips, wood-fired pizza and running races. ;)


1. Frozen Yogurt
2. My bed
3. Laying Out by the pool and being tan
4. Modern Family/Friends/Friday Night Lights
5. Running! wahooooo!
6. My family
7. Not having to wake up to an alarm clock
8. Oatmeal and Cold cereal
9. Shopping…H&M, Nordies, F21, you name it…


Favorite Things:
Coffee with just cream or milk–none of that flavored stuff
Being with my sweetie
chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
swedish meatballs
cheese of any kind!
peanut butter
Visiting my brother in Santa Fe
an ice cold beer on a hot day


Hahaha!! "Children. Until they get stinky…. then I give them back" <-I totally concur.
My laptop
Starbucks ~ As a place to go to work… not because of any particular food item although I do enjoy my coffee in the eary mornings.
Family and Friends O course..
Trader Joes ~ Peppermint Joe Joes
iTunes Giftcards


great post btw!


In no particular order: Swedish fish, frozen yogurt, Mexican food, candy, the beach, my awesome puppy, coffee, pandora, my iPhone, hot yoga, running, spinning, reading, being lazy, my bed, food, and fiance :)


My faves:
running alone
swimming in the ocean
riding for hours with friends
Uggs slippers & boots
new racing flats
my family (of course :)
sleeping in
dark chocolate
chicken panzanella salad
iced peach/mango tea
snow skiing

Love your list idea!


2.My family
2. My Hubby
3. Bosco
4. Laughter
5. Health


Ok this is just scary because I love swedish fish and hot chocolate too. And I love candy too. So pretty much everything on your list is what I love too. Except for Billy, I have Brian. Close.


My favorite thing is reading your blog! Seriously I am obsessed with you! Good thing we are twins!




warm socks

smell of coffee

fresh baked breada

call from my hubby

finish lines


some of my favorite things: penguins, lime green, sparkles/glitter, boots, dresses, purple anything, college football, my camelbak, my blackberry, friends, BLOGS!!!, cookies!!, your blog! :)


I LOVED your faves list! So fun to read :) My faves~ dogs, snowboarding, coffee, ice cream and live music.


My crazy doggies, coffee, my iPhone, wrinkle cream, a good pair of jeans, getting a drench-your-clothes-in-sweat workout in, sour patch kids, margaritas, cream cheese, Christmas, reading in bed.

Oh, and your fabulous blog :)


These are a few of my favorite things: No joke, I actually was thinking about changing my blog title to theseareafewofmyfavoritethings.blogspot.com. No kidding…to keep it positive and all. I love chocolate, cheesecake, birthday wishes, compliments, presents, winning stuff, tough workouts, good friends, family, meeting amazing people, good news, cute workout clothes, accomplishing my goals, the internet, oh there are so many things that I love! Thank you for making me think of these things. I love your blog!

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