I don’t even know who I am anymore.

If you are new to my blog I want you to know that something is wrong with me today, this is anything but normal.


I even considered making it Thanksgiving night.

I crave it, I look forward to it and I enjoy every second of it.

We always make our own dough, I can’t even remember the last time we ordered delivery pizza.

I knew something was really wrong when:

a. I did not feel like baking, I know I must have a fever or something.

b. Pizza didn’t sound good, oh the horror.


It kind of looks like my ankle is twisted in that picture, sure hope I don’t normally walk like that.

Dinner was once again free at the Subway.  I love gift cards to restaurants….hint hint mom and whoever drew my name from Billy’s side of the family.


Vegetarian on wheat with more jallepenos than most Americans eat in a year.

Maybe I will redeem pizza night tomorrow.  Until then I am just going to take baby steps towards getting back to myself.

I am sorry cheesy doughy goodness.  I just didn’t feel like being with you tonight.

What do you get at Subway?  If you are classy and go to fancy sandwich shops rather than Subway, what do you get?

-I like the Vegetarian foot long because the workers always feel bad there is no meat on the sandwich so they seriously load on the veggies.  Nothing better than 38 grams of fiber in your belly at once.  Sometimes I get chicken…but their chicken kind of freaks me out a little.

Do you want me to post what I eat throughout the day?

-Just wondering…it is kind of boring during the week days and it is awkward taking pictures in the teachers lounge….but oh well they already think I am weird.  I did this at the beginning of the blog but if you all think that is a little much and kind of creepy I will gladly refrain.

Does it feel like Christmas time to you yet?

-Maybe the fact that it is warmer than usual, we have zero decorations up and I am still eating ice cream everyday makes me feel like it is August.  Starting tomorrow I am going into full Christmas mode.  Expect chocolate recees santas at every meal.

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I used to live for Subway veggie sandwiches – I miss them. ::tear::

I usually don't snap pictures of my lunch at school – when I do is the only time I do a "full day" post. :)


High five for chocolate Reeses Santas!


Love hearing about the meals, they give me ideas for mine! You could just write about them and skip the pix unless something looks particularly yummy!


I like seeing daily eats! :)


totally doesn't feel like christmas yet to me. even though i have a tree up hahah!


Daily eats are good.

Christmas? nope. not yet.


hehe, this post made me laugh. I actually hate subway – the smell of it is weird to me!

Hooray for a pain free run yesterday – that's awesome. I feel weird taking pics of food sometimes too – but then, like you, I figure that people probably think I'm a little odd anyways! I like your blog the way it is, if that helps :)


I like subway because they will throw tons of veggies on your sub! (Meat or no meat) Haven't gotten a sub from there in a long time though. Or any sub, for that matter.

Post whatever food you want to post!

Doesn't feel like Christmas yet. I just bought the first things for my Christmas shopping yesterday, online. I think it's because there's no snow in NJ yet – it is cold though. We also didn't get a tree since we'll be out of town for a week at Christmas. The tree would have helped things feel Christmasy. Maybe I can convince hubby to at least put up some lights with me this weekend.


We are having a pizza party at work for lunch today! I can't wait!!

I don't go to subway very often, but when I do I usually get spinach, cheese, and tomato…I'm super boring.

I definitely feel like it's Christmas. We got our tree two days after Thanksgiving. I'm done shopping and everything is wrapped. I'm ready to go!!!


I've been a veggie for 20+ years, so I'm pretty predictable when it comes to sandwiches.

Aside from the local sandwich shops where I get things like hummus or portabella mushrooms, the best "fast-food" sandwiches come from Wawa. Hands down. It's the bread. And the pickles.


i would love to see your daily eats :)


No classiness here! Actually we have no options BUT Subway in this town. OK-their chicken freaks you out a little? It would bounce back up to your head if you dropped it-that freaks me out a lot!! It really tastes OK if you don't think about what your eating (lips and a**holes-ha!) I pretty much stick to the veggies. They LOVE me at my Subway because I'm such a frequent visitor and it's a small town. I make them LOAD it up to the point that they can't even wrap the sandwich and then ask for a salad bowl on the side! It's quite the deal!! There is not a SINGLE vegetable that I'm aware of that I don't like-EVEN olives!!

I LOVE pizza:)

Our tree is up but doesn't feel very Christmassy (is that a word) around here. Next week, we're going all out!!

Have a great weekend!


I like hearing about meals and food occasionally (for ideas) but the day-in-day-out starts to get old to me. I like your blog now – some eats, some running, some randomness. It's a good blend!

Did you know subway has veggie patties? (You have to ask for them – they're like a weird secret not listed on the menu.) They're really delicious, although probably crazy high in sodium. But more filling than veggie subs, I think.


I get the Chicken Teriyaki, Chicken Bacon Ranch or the veggie (depending on my mood). While I like subway, I love Pot Belly's. There sandwiches are just so much more filling!

I don't think it is necessary to post everything you eat especially if you only post once a day. I find that 3 posts a day of everything people eat can get old quick. One post with the important or exciting stuff is more digestible for the reader. Just my opinion… and I do still read the 3 time a day posters, I just find myself skimming their posts more.

Lastly, it is starting to feel like Christmas, but to me, it is not officially Christmas until I see my parents Christmas Tree!


What do you get at Subway?
I'm a total disappointment at Subway. I get 6" wheat bread with turkey and mustard. that's it. I LOVE salads but I have this weird thing about lettuce on other food.

Do you want me to post what I eat throughout the day?
I'm always up for seeing what other people eat! Gives me good ideas..and makes me hungry. hmmm.

Does it feel like Christmas time to you yet?
It was 70 degrees here yesterday, so, no not really. If I wouldn't have written the date on my board this morning I never would have thought it was December.


I am actually on an anti-Subway kick at the moment, I think I overloaded too much this past spring. If I am craving a sandwich I will usually hit Quiznos instead, their meat doesn't scare me, it looks like the real thing. I agree that Subway's chicken kind of freaks me out!

This is probably the first year in many where it acutually feels like Christmas to me, I think because it is so flipping cold here!


Hmm Subway, prb roast beast with spicy cheese, peppers, cucs tomatoes. I don't like the shredded lettuce it falls all over the place!!

You know when I eat know I want to take pics through out the day and show you! HAHA!!

Hmm no for some reason I'm not feeling the Christmas yet.. booo.


At subway, I always get either:
-Sweet onion chicken teriyaki (be sure to ask for sweet onion sauce). It's super delicious.
-Tuna. I don't eat any seafood ever, my whole life, EXCEPT subway tuna fish sandiches.
Man, now I'm craving subway.

I would be interested to see what you eat to see where you get protein. I love veggies and fruits too. But I have trouble getting enough protein. So where do you get your protein?


Yes, post pictures! Your food always looks better than mine somehow. I've never done just a veggie sandwich. I'll have to try it sometime. I like my meat. And ice cream is good anytime of the year! Haven't you heard of pumpkin and eggnog? Nothing says holiday spirit like egg nog ice cream!


I don't really like Subway. If I get a sub, I get turkey with provolone and lettuce and tomato and mayo! Yum!

it is definitely starting to feel like Christmas since we have like 3 feet of snow here. Looks like I am going snowshoeing tomorrow!


Eh, I like looking at pictures of food but personally find the blogs that post pictures of every single thing they eat to be a little…boring.

That being said, I love pictures!!!

And, as it turns out, all of the meat at Subway scares me. It all looks a little overly processed…


It does feel like Christmas here – I have two exams left, and the world was white when I woke up this morning!! :)

I always get a custom veggie foot long at sandwich, with sub sauce. Yum :)


I can't even remember the last time I went to a Subway! But if I were to go I would probably get the vegetarian as well, with no cheese!

I think if you wanted to include a post with everything you ate in a day it might shake up your posts a little! It can get a little boring, so maybe do a day when you have interesting meals?

It will feel like the Holidays once I return home from College next week, I am going to go crazy decorating two houses and baking up a storm!


Since I work in retail, it definitely feels like Christmas to me! And, I have all my decorations up and listen to Christmas music in the car.
As for Subway, I always get ham and cheese with only half of the ham on it. Too much meat on a sandwich grosses me out. Then I load it with lettuce, black olives, green peppers, tomatoes, and dill spread. I miss that they don't have spinach for the subs!


Okay – it SO doesn't feel like Christmas yet! We are hosting our annual Christmas party Saturday night (yes, that's tomorrow), and I have nothing done. ZIP. I think it's because our football season just ended (high school) last weekend, when it usually ends in October. I haven't bought presents, baked anything – it's so not like me! I'll start tomorrow with you. :)

I love updated food posts! My teacher friends think I'm weird too – they are always asking "what strange items did you bring for lunch today???"

Sandwiches – anything with a TON of veggies and spice! I sometimes get chicken or turkey, but the sodium count is typically high at most places. We have a local brick-oven pizza place here, and they have this sandwich called "eat your veggies" and it has artichoke hearts, red peppers, asparagus, mushrooms, and red onions with fresh mozzarella cheese and baslsamic vinaigrette, all served up on a toasted chiabatta roll. It is DE-LISH!


I don't eat at subway. They meat scares the hell out of me and a veggie sub that will keep me full for two minutes isn't worth $5.

If you want to post what you eat, that's really your choice. It doesn't work for me though because I eat the same foods over and over again and I don't want to bore people to death. I love food, but I don't want my life to revolve around it.


at least i'm not the only one eating cold food when it's cold out. i also have no decorations up yet.


Um, I LOVE jalapenos… but they give me the hiccups. All spicy food gives me the hiccups. I am so awkward on dates if we eat Mexican food. Like, "OH SORRY but if we share this salsa I will hiccup for a couple minutes…."


I like seeing what people eat because it gives me ideas of new meals to try. I actually have never been tp subway. (pause for sounds of shock and horror). I just never went to one when young, and when I was older I went to wawa (a northeast sandwich shop/ convenience store-not at all fancy). I usually rock a whole wheat shortie (6 in) with turkey, lettuce, tom, onion, and honey mustard. Low cal (relatively) and yummyyy.

You have inspired me to have pizza week! I am going to make yummy pizzas with wheat crusts as healthy as can be all week and try out all different kinds. Excessive? maybe. But it sounds like a challenge to me! haha. I also won't probably make my dough from scratch though. baby steps.

And yes and no for the Christmas time. Like I do feel like it, tree up, stockings up. But I have finals, etc then going to Florida with my family for a few days. They don't really scream Christmas cheer to me.


Doesn't feel like Christmas at all. It's plenty cold here, but the tree isn't up. I think we'll do the tree trimming this weekend and Santa/UPS deliveries are starting arrive, so we're bound to feel "the jolly" soon.


the chicken freaks me out too. I usually get it anyways and try not to look at it. Maybe I will go for a veggie next time ;).


– we have a lot of good sub shops around here, I like turkey or roastbeef, depends on my mood

– We got our first good snow last night, feels a little more like the Holidays


Mmm I LOVE Subway! I usually get turkey & american cheese on wheat with spinach, green peppers, pickles, cucumbers, lite mayo & mustard. MMM.

It doesn't really feel like Christmas yet to me because it hasn't snowed at all here yet. I know it's just a matter of time though.


Its starting to feel like Christmas!! Im getting kind of excited just wish I could do more this year for the kiddos.

Cant wait to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and eat cupcakes Christmas morning for breakfast.

For now Subway sounds good. :) I always get the chicken loaded with random toppings.


I love me som Subway, although I'm so boring. I get a flatbread with grilled chicken, extra spinach and mustard. And a cookie. :)


I'm with you on the veggie sandwich from Subway. And I like to put chips inside my sandwiches, too. It's been way too long since I've done that!


I havent had subway in years! I actually tried quiznos for the first time two weeks ago and was impressed!

… and yes, I"m totally in the christmas mood! For the first time in YEARS I'm ready!


Even though I'm not a runner…yet (I'm determined to become one after this baby gets here in May), I love getting ideas on healthy meals to eat. Food finally sounds good and I get hungry just reading your blog :)

Soooo excited for Christmas! Cannot wait for it to get here.

p.s. I'm going to Subway for lunch today. It looks too good to pass up.


Please more photos of FooD! We need them.

Chix at Subway is not as scary/creepy looking as the Tuna Salad/Mayo scoops they put on bread. Capriattis is the best, but very expensive and lots of calories for each sandwich. I really like Jason's Deli for not just sandwich's but bake potato's (football size). Do you have them up in Utah? We have a few here in Vegas.


Subway meat is a little scary. The last time I went to one it looked like the chicken had been sitting in it's little metal container for a few days, a little brown and sketchy. I go to a different sandwich place and get the smoked turkey.

It doesn't feel like christmas because it's 70 degrees and I don't have any decorations out.
I do like seeing what other people eat, but if it's the same oatmeal, sandwich or salad day after day it's kind of boring. I would hate to take photos of every single thing I ate and of all of my little snacks. I think you should take photos of anything interesting you ate, and maybe do a full day of meals once or twice a week.


At Subway and most other sandwich shops I get turkey on wheat with tons of veggies, spicy mustard. I LOVE jalapenoes and anything spicy. If places have crushed red pepper, I get that too.

Really the only sandwich place I order differently is at Spicy Pickle, I get half a Bastille panini which is vegetarian with a cup of veggie soup. LOVE that meal.

It doesn't feel like Christmas or December to me, it's barely been cold here, and even when it is, then it's like 80 the next day (like today)


I actually prefer Quiznos to Subway, but when I go to Subway I like to get either the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki or the Spicy Italian.


I wanna try that vegetarian foot long =) please keep posting food pics. I enjoy them immensely. It also makes me feel normal. At the resto, I get weird stares when I take photos of my food!


Oh no hope you're not getting sick!! I feel you on the pizza obsession! I'm making my own pizza dough for the first time tomorrow.

I get the veggie patty sandwich from Subway's but I also love the veggie delight. Try out the veg patty, my brother eats meat and swears by it also!


Love Subway. It would be fun to see what you eat!

It felt like Christmas til all the snow melted away this week. What's up with that?

Mint M&M's signal Christmas time to me….yum.


I like seeing your food! It gives me ideas of how I can eat better. :)

I have the WORST news ever and I don't know how to get a hold of you now that your phone is text-less. Our party at elevate is tomorrow morning, and I'm going to miss spin :( WORST NEWS EVER. for me…you'll probably be glad to give your ears a break from my screaming. I'm so sad…boooooooo…


I always get the Veggie Delite on wheat! I don't even get cheese, just give me the veggies!


SHOCK HORROR no pizza night?! Well I guess Subway is a pretty decent substitute! :P

I like seeing people's food! But I guess you don't have to post everything! And for me it's been Christmas for AGES! Got everything up, and have been blasting Christmas music all day! Time to get in the Xmas mood Janae! :D


It totally feels like Christmas to me just cause we have a ton of snow, and the lights and decorations looks so much better with the snow!


oh the horror is right! pizza night is sacred…although, aren't those all the same things you would have put on a pizza, and a similar dough? i say it counts. and what you were probably craving was the NO cooking or clean up. just sayin'.

i'm not feeling the christmas vibe just yet. i bought all my gifts online, no christmas decor in my house, don't listen to much christmas music. but, come next friday, when the last kid leaves and i'm on my way to the slopes of colorado, then i will be in the christmas spirit!


No, it doesn't feel like Christmas to me. But then, I'm deployed in Africa. So I told Shane next year we're over-doing Christmas, like National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

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