Boot-camp kicked my trash; Tuesday Night.


You complete me.  Seriously though.

Dinner was quick and easy.  Squaw bread (from Costco), two whole eggs and mozzarella cheese with an apple and pb on the side.

I am trying to increase my daily intake of fats in case you cared.


You know your life rocks when you are eating melty cheese while watching ‘Friends’ on your laptop.

So, I talk about Megan all of the time…..she is amazing, I want to be her and she is a fitness queen.

I went to her boot-camp class tonight and it burned so good.  Sweat in the eye-balls for the third time this week, score.

I was shaking in places I didn’t even know I had muscles.

Don’t even say the word plank in front of me for at least a week.

After class I met up with my two best friends from high school.

Every year we promise to meet up for ice cream and exchange a pair of pants (Okay not really, I just wished I was part of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)

This year we went for all natural frozen yogurt, my friends are crazy sauce and don’t eat sugar anymore, I don’t even know who they are anymore….what do I talk about to people when they don’t eat candy?  Just kidding I am obsessed with these two girls!

I almost boycotted ‘Spoon Me,’ until I saw the gummy bears.  They saved me from running next door for a bag of skittles to put on my sugar free yogurt.


Some people have noticed that every time I hang out with my gf’s we go for ice cream.

You caught me red-handed….but in my defense it is only my idea 85% of the time.

P.S. I am teaching the Human Sexuality Unit in Health right now……you wouldn’t believe the questions I get.  We will just leave it at that.  Just make sure you are teaching your kids at home these things so they don’t embarrass the crap out of themselves in school.

Time to go eat Cheeze-its in bed while I watch The Biggest Loser.  Life is good.

Have you ever been to a boot camp type class?

-First timer, but I think I am hooked.

Are you a fan of the Biggest Loser?

-Love it, but they are getting way too dramatic…the first few seasons were my favorite!

Do you like ice-cream cones?

-I prefer cones to cups….there is just something childlike about ice cream cones and I don’t ever want to grow up.

Are you sick of all my questions?

-Too bad if you are…I am kind of obsessed with getting your opinions on things.

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I am a fan of the BL as well, though this season, it seemed they were playing it more like Big Brother then trying to get healthy. I am pulling for Ada

We are on Team Snowflake for the xmas card exchange, just stopping by and signing "Hi!!!!"


I'm never sick of you questions. I love bootcamps too! I teach 2 outdoor conditioning classes a week and we have a blast. And yes, I am sore the next day. In a good way, well most of the time. haha. I like ice cream cones but wish they made more Gluten free, sad. Lovin the gummy bears in the ice cream. Great combo!


I'm never sick of you questions. I love bootcamps too! I teach 2 outdoor conditioning classes a week and we have a blast. And yes, I am sore the next day. In a good way, well most of the time. haha. I like ice cream cones but wish they made more Gluten free, sad. Lovin the gummy bears in the ice cream. Great combo!


I'm never sick of you questions. I love bootcamps too! I teach 2 outdoor conditioning classes a week and we have a blast. And yes, I am sore the next day. In a good way, well most of the time. haha. I like ice cream cones but wish they made more Gluten free, sad. Lovin the gummy bears in the ice cream. Great combo!


Love, love ice cream. I think my now husband and I went out for cones every day for a year when we were dating. Last night I made cones for all the kids at home (it was 20 degrees out, let's stay home and eat ice cream).
Love a good boot camp class. Def needs the 'right' instructor. Tonight the best instructor is teaching Cardio Kick Box, and I plan to get sweat in my eye balls … it's my happy hour, and I am already looking forward to it.

LOVE biggest loser. Last night I watched it with a huge bowl of buttered popcorn.


Never been to a Bootcamp class, but I am obsessed with planks (sorry lol)!

I used to watch BL all the time, but I didn't watch this season. . . until last nights episode which was AWESOME and I wish I had been watching all along.


You know what's really sad? I took a human sexuality class in college as part of a requirement and there were questions in that class that I had learned from my parents and health classes in middle school! So, I'm really glad you're teaching kids about it at school, because some parents and school just don't and it's terrifying!


(1) Love the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants reference!

(2) No bootcamps for me… I may enjoy it if I tried, but I've never had the urge to try. I'm about to leave to meet a friend and run around in the woods. More my cup of tea these days.

(3) I watched the Biggest Loser early on (especially from the gym – nice motivation for sticking with a long treadmill run), but haven't caught it the past couple season. I feel like it's become worn out.

(4) You now know how I feel about cones!


1. I always find myself eating during Biggest Loser, too. Ironic.
2. The show itself is a little too drama-drama for me – but I love the finale and the "where are they now" and the makeovers!


I would love a bootcamp class!!!! Strength and Cardio together in one butt-kicking class? Count me in!!! =D
Looove ice cream, but I have issues with the cones. Maybe its because I eat ice cream slowly so as to savor it, and end up with a soggy, mushy, cone?


in july, I had never done physical activities, so I signed my bf and me up for bootcamp. Month 1: I wanted to die. I tried to come up with plans to sneak back to the car without people noticing. Month 2: I didn't want to die anymore. But I didn't like it. Month 3: I like working out. How did this happen?

I love Ada on Biggest Loser. She's my fav!


Never been to a boot camp class, yes I love biggest loser but not sure how they run a marathon in 6 weeks. My husband is the ice cream fanatic, I do like it but always afraid I'll become a fatty


Not sick of your questions cause they're always fun to answer.
I've done a bootcamp type workout in high school…we had a week of hard workouts before indoor track one year. I really want to try bootcamps or spinning this winter when I have more indoor workouts.
I actually hate cones. I think they taste too cardboardy (unless they're covered in chocolate) and prefer a cup. Plus, toppings fall off too much on cones.


There's a boot camp at my gym but – I hate to say this – the guy who teaches it isn't in outstanding shape and I never feel like I worked out after! Gah!


Wow lots of questions today! I DVR'd Biggest loser so don't tell me what happens! I never watch it on the night it is on because its on past my bedtime. I sound like I am 14. Wow. But it is, how can I get up at 430am to workout, if I have to stay up till 11pm watching TBL?!!

I have never taken a boot camp class, honestly I dont even know if my gym offers it, but I really need to branch out and take some different classes, I am just afraid to go alone.

i agree on BL – too dramatic and too much game playing. Its about losing weight and getting your life back. I do love Ada this season tho.

I love ice cream cones, but right now it is TOO cold out for ice cream. Its like 21F here today. I drink hot chocolate instead.


Never been, never seen it, yes and no ;)

I really want to try a boot camp style class but its hard enough now getting a sitter just to run.. Baby steps, right?


Ughhh I triple hate bootcamp. Took it today at 6 AM, and I need to remind myself that it hurts a million times more than spin. I took a hot yoga class on Sunday, and my arms/chest STILL HURT… so all the plank movements kiiiiiilled me this morning. UGH!


I LOVE icecream, I LIKE the biggest loser, frequent bootcamp and am a fan of the questions!

… Poor you teaching that class! I remember some of the questions people asked back in middle school and even I thought they were crazy so I can imagine if I heard them NOW


ACK! I fell asleep before they finished their marathon. What was Ada's time??
Did Elizabeth even finish?


I really like the biggest loser, but like you I am getting sick of all the games behind it, but love the premise behind the show.

I love ice cream in all forms, no wrong can be had there!


I love your questions! :)

Okay, first off, that sandwich looks delish.

Second, LOL about the health class. I can only imagine.

Third, never been to bootcamp although I'm dying to try.

Fourth, I agree with you about biggest loser. I've always been a loyal fan, but I'm kind of over it this season.

(Just had to scroll back up to remember the questions)

Fifth, I like cups, mostly because I don't eat the cones!


Well I guess it's okay you have ice cream pretty much every day since you workout all the time!! I also work with kids and get some RANDOM questions about sex… too bad parents didn't do a better job of teaching their kids stuff! I love Biggest Loser and I watch it every week. I don't like that there are mini-therapy sessions every week now because it gets sort of annoying but I do still enjoy it. I can't wait for next week! I just tagged you in my most recent post, it's a fun little survey if you wanna do it! Good way to get to know your bloggy friends!


Funny about the Cheez-its. I have been strong and avoided them for a long time but Sat. I caved, and can I just say YUM! (they are the reduced fat version ha)

Love waffle cones, but try to avoid.
I usually have BL on, but most of the time I'm either on fb, twitter, reading blogs. Most of the time, if I'm watching, I notice I'm eating….what's up with that???

I'm a yoga girl, but totally need the boot camp


Squaw bread?! I saw that at Costco and thought —- ummmm, can we do an impromptu sampling please.?!?!

I will buy it now. Looks YUM!!!!!!!!!


Love ice cream cones.
You must try Havarti cheese, it is to die for.
Don't watch the Biggest Loser.
I have great admiration for you and your teaching abilities. I have a 16 year old and our district cut our Drivers Ed program years ago. Every time I get in the car with him I pray a little because I'm scared to death. Are you for hire?
Please post the sex ed questions. Too funny!


Love boot camp class. Then again I love being sore. Weird? Maybe.
Love BL – I DVRed it too… I was so sad to watch the episode before Thanksgiving and see a few of my favorite past winners to put the weight back. Dangit…

Never sick of the questions… :)


I love ice cream!!

I've never been to a bootcamp class. They freak me out. :D

Mmmm… Costco.

And plank is my least favorite move ever, ever, ever. Awful.


I watched the Biggest Loser last spring when I had a tv. I would watch it again if I had a DVR. Then you can make it short and sweet and still know what's going on, without all the playbacks and drama. Too much time filler!


I <3 your questions… especially since you answer them too!

I love biggest loser, it's really inspiring. But you're right about the newer seasons being more dramatic :( I haven't watched the new season for that reason.

I LOVE ice cream cones. It's stupid to eat ice-cream without them… you then have to do dishes or throw away your cup :(


Yes, I have been to bootcamp. Not recently though. It kicked my butt!!!! I seriously was sore for 4 days afterwords.

I love the biggest loser. I just did a post of their inspirational last episode where they ran a marathon. If they can do It I know I can..

Yes I like ice cream, but i prefer it in cups. :-0

and no I love questions!


12 miles on a treadmill followed by a bootcamp class later? Man, I am surprised you ate only ONE yogurt cone. Ahh, to be in my early 20s again! :-)

I liked the first few seasons of Biggest Loser too.


12 miles just like that… ummm, my hero?! I am totally clueless when it comes to both Bootcamp and Biggest Loser, as I've never experienced either one! I don't love cones but I'd never turn one down… unless it was a waffle cone… gross! Because you are such an ice cream fiend you should do a post on your favorite flavors…


Holy question! :) Just ojking, I <3 them.

I love ice cream – but I have to have coconut milk ice cream and shell out like 6 bucks a pint for it. So. Worth. It.

I would love to be a fly on the wall in your class. SHARE SOME QUESTIONS!


i love biggest loser! they dramatize things to death, yes. but the marathon episode makes me cry every time. cause that pain and drama? totally real! and i know how it feels–intimately.

i can't believe that you have to teach health. seriously i would die of embarrassment. blushed to death, is what my autopsy report would read. no joke.


1. Have you ever been to a boot camp type class?
Nope, but i'd like to try one sometime.

2. Are you a fan of the Biggest Loser? Yes.

3. Do you like ice-cream cones? No. I just want the ice cream :)

4. Are you sick of all my questions? Nope, ask away!


Girl, I always am snacking while watching BL!! I guess it kind of defeats the purpose of the show and I SHOULD feel guilty, but I still munch away!!

I am CRAVING fro-yo now and it's not even 10 a.m.

P.s. Can you bottle up some of your stamina and ship it to me? Also, I had to tell you that I was channeling you on my treadmill run last night. I was thinking, Janae JUST returned to running and raocked 12 like it was nothing, so I pushed my speed up and kept going. Not for 12 miles mind you, but the only way I'm going to get faster…is to train faster!


planks planks planks ;)

i need to start doing them again.


I need to get back into Boot Camp! Looks like fun! And I like cups and it takes me forever to finish ice cream… I'm crazyyy but it hurts my teeth hehe.


I've never done boot camp and am sure with my zero muscles that it would kill me. I've actually never seen BL and no longer have cable so I may never! Love the cone over the cup, nothing is better.


What does that bread taste like? Looks like pumpernickel. I like the contents of your sandwich anyway!

1) My first bootcamp was last Thursday (I think you commented on that post of mine, maybe). I had been so proud of doing like 3 minute-long planks the night before…then I went to bootcamp where we did wayyy more than I can remember.

I was sore after. My husband said he was not going to feel bad for me, because I did it to myself. Nice.

2) Have never watched Biggest Loser

3) Sugar cones or waffle cones are far superior to cake cones, which are superior to cups (I can say this as a former ice cream shop employee and waffle cone maker, circa 1998-2001)

4) I enjoy your questions.

Also– I agree with teaching your kids something about bodies/puberty/sex etc before school! approximately 14 years later, I still remember when a male classmate answered a question incorrectly (aloud) while doing the puberty unit in health class in maybe 8th grade (I think we began learning about that stuff in school in 5th grade, and he had both brothers and sisters). I believe it was in the format of 'myths'- true or false. "A girl can not shower when she has her period." He said: True. and was totally serious.


Never been to bootcamp, love BL (but haven't watched much this season), always love me a cone, and I love your questions… keep me thinking! :)


I laughed out loud at the traveling pants comment. I'm so glad you came last night! You make my day…always.
-I love Biggest Loser, although Jillian scares me.
-I love cones…Maverick anyone?

See you tonight!!


Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, yes please! Love it! Biggest Loser, also love!!! I watched it yesterday and cried. Shane thinks I have serious problems, but I love watching people become healthy with good old fashioned hard work. Thirdly, I would choose cones because I cannot eat the cup and I want more to eat.
Fourthly, I have never gone to boot camp so next time you go you should tell me because I want to become strong like your friend Megan. I watch her from my back little corner in spin class and wonder how she is so insanely fast and strong.
Fifthly, nothing wrong with going out to ice cream with girlfriends always. I would recommend it 100% of the time.
Sixthly, I love teaching sex ed and I hope one of your students asks you how mermaids get pregnant. Got to love our jobs!
Sevenfthly, I just love you to death and am so sad I have a game tonight and have to miss spin. Go a few of the dancing moves to Black Eyes Peas new song for me, that one always pumps me up!


Havarti and Provolone together are the best! Smith's has them both in Kroger brand already sliced. Super melty and smooth. YUM! You must buy today!


I'm glad I'm not the only one that can hardly move after last nights class. Megan is BRUTAL!
Anyone in Utah County, you should go to Megan's boot camp class…she's killer!!


I thought I was the only one who didnt want to grow up. Adults are so serious, it's boring. I teach lower grade p.e. and always play things that I want to play or loved when i was in school. I think I prefer hangin' out with kids over adults…

Love the questions, makes me think about what I really like…cone or cup? I mean these are some serious subjects that make me do some deep soul searching. lol. I think I spend more time on your blog than mine.

I've been to a boot camp a long time ago. Kicked my butt. Insanity is just as crazy…makes me sweat in my eyeballs which I love bc that's how I know Im working crazy hard!

Love ice cream cones over cups for sure!

Love the Biggest Loser, but always miss it….not much of a t.v. watcher unless there's a Kardashian or America's Top Model marathon…then I can watch all day.


Way to come back with a vengeance and 12 miles on a treadmill? It's hard enough for me to stay on for ten minutes, you're my hero!
I've been to bootcamp but I wasn't really a fan, mostly because the guy was playing awful death metal and wasn't very encouraging- maybe I should give it a go with a different instructor.
Not really a biggest loser fan but I did watch some last night.

Your froyo looks amazing! I usually like a cup so I can dump on a bunch of toppings without worrying about spillage.

PS- not a fan of The Stick, it never feels like it does anything for me. I like the foam roller so much more.


Last year after my then 11 yr. old son got done with the Health/sex study at school, he came home and told me he was going to be really nice to me, because he learned all about PMS, lol!!

I love BL and bootcamp and icecream :)


That must be tough teaching human sexuality! I remember my little cousin saying some crazy stuff! It was funny but sad that he didn't know some of the basic stuff. Let's just say he though there were 2 ways for a girl to get pregnant so he figured it wasn't worth using protection. Crazy!


There was a human sexuality class that a lot of the athletes at my college took (it was an easy A)…except, they had to "Act" things out at the end. In a large auditorium. One of my teammates had to act out the big O. I totally skipped my calc class to go watch. Hilarious.

I can't imagine teaching that class. I couldn't keep a straight face. My husband and I laughed right through the sex talk during our pre-marital counseling.


I used to teach boot camp classes but wish my gym had them for free (they're an addtional fee unlike the other group fitness classes) b/c even though I teach it, I still need my booty kicked by someone else, ya know?


snacking while watching the biggest loser is a requirement or at least it is for me.


I used to go to boot camp at my old gym. All girls and it was awesome and so, so hard but we all kept going back for more. I'd love to find another one. I've never really watched the Biggest Loser. And by "never really" I mean never. But I'm not really sure why. Actually, I think if I watched it I'd become hooked!

Cones all the way. The best part is that last bite of ice cream + crunchy cone.


I actually prefer cups, I am a messy eater :)


We're going for real ice cream next year and I'm going to eat all of it myself.


McDonalds Ice Cream is my fav. I love the biggest loser.. season finale next week!! I have been to a boot camp style boxing class… but I don't know if that counts.

Uhh this made me laugh right out loud when I read it – "Every year we promise to meet up for ice cream and exchange a pair of pants (Okay not really, I just wished I was part of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants)"

I love this blog!! Hahaha


I've never watched the BL. Maybe someday.

I love cones, but I like how I can fit more toppings into cups. :)

And I love the questions, but I can't comment when I'm at work (it doesn't allow it), so I don't usually get to.


This does look prsinomig. I’ll keep coming back for more.

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