Wraps of Champions.

This post is going to be short because my arms are too sore from pump to type very much.  Seriously.

Work-Out: Pump 60 minutes and 10 minutes on the stair-climber.  Anyone want a video of some of my favorite moves from body pump?

What do I wrap up?  So I had a question about what I put into my wraps for lunch that I eat every day  of my life.

Start with the La Tortilla Factory High Fiber wrap:  Stats: 80 Cals, 8 g Protein and 12 g Fiber.  Boo-ya Costco.


I am creepy sorry.


I always start with spinach- It is a nutritional powerhouse

Next, any vegetable that you can think of.  I have been known to add broccoli, onions, baked potato, sweet potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes or cucumbers.  Pretty much anything that grows from the ground minus olives those are gross.

Protein:  Egg whites, tuna, deli meat, laughing cow, string cheese or cottage cheese.

Dressing:  Rather get my calories from dessert so I use salsa or mustard.  Plus, I love the taste of these tortillas, dressing messes that up.


When I want to get fancy (aka I haven’t made my weekly trip to Costco to buy every vegetable they have in stock) I make a PB, banana and apple wrap.

My goal for tomorrow is to stop stealing all of my students Milky Ways, Skittles and Milk Duds Halloween candy.  I am setting myself up to fail.

P.S. I am doing a rocking giveaway tomorrow.  You won’t want to miss it. I am even entering it, I want it so bad. Okay, I won’t but I might make Billy buy me the same stuff.

See you after spin-spin and din-din. I promise to never do anything like what I just did in that last sentence again.

What are your favorite wrap fillings?


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I'm pumped for your giveaway!!! My favorite wrap/sandiwch fillings are spinach, any kind of grilled veggies (or squash!) & hummus!


There is no way that wrap closed :) yes to body pump moves!


I love hummus too. And those costco tortillas rock. I love the protein content! Black beans are good with anything- especially olives ;). Feta is another favorite. The brick of feta costco sells is a great deal too =D


That wrap looks amazingly delicious! Looking forward to reading about your giveaway!!


yet another reason to lament the fact that the closest costco is 3 HOURS AWAY :( mr. dawn and i searched high and low for the idea tortilla. turns out its from costco….who knew.

love the picture!

and i'm on the hummus bandwagon for sure.


Oh Yeah! LOVE those wraps but I have to order them online! Nearest Costgo is like 5 hours away from the end of the earth in which I reside! Spin spin and din din-sounds like a Nikki Minaj rap! Love all the veggies-HUGE fan of fresh basil and cilantro in mine (not together). I could literally sit and eat basil leaves right off the plant. Looking forward to the giveaway!


Dear HRG,
Thank you SO much for inspiring me to join you at the gym this morning. The pump class was just what my rear needed. Now it is sore. YAY! :) You and your big weights made me look like a sissy, but at least I was there. RIght? :)


Yay! Thanks for the wrap info!! I'm going to try it out! Ok 2 more questions: do you use salad dressing ever? If so, what kind? and do you eat yogurt? I swear we used to love yogurts when we tried being healthy in 6th grade. Rachelle would eat jicama like it was the cool thing to do… so we tried to be healthy too. ha ha!


I really need to try those wraps, I always see them at costco and pass them over- no more, the stats on them are great! Any time I make a wrap or sandwich I ALWAYS throw in spinach, need to get the veggies somewhere. I have also started using hummus more as a condiment than anything else.


I love those wraps! And I love that they are at Costco. I am a fan of hummus in wraps rather than some other condiment. Have a good weekend!


Janae! I love you and this blog. I am a very faithful reader! You are such an inspiration. I also love wraps. I love to load on the veggies and I also love to add some veggie burger (like Bocca). Loves!

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