Take that Quizno’s

They thought they could get away with making me pay 6 dollars at the airport for a sub the size of my iphone.  I stuck it to the man and ate at least five dollars worth of pickles from their condiments station.  (We filled those black cups in the background with pickles, jalepenos, banana peppers and spicy sauce along with my 2 lbs of pickles.)


Okay, so it was still delicious but I cringe at thinking about spending that much when I could have pretty much bought myself a wahoo’s salad with that money.

Snacks included that huge apple in the picture, trailmix and a golden Oreo. Golden Oreo’s  don’t hold a candle to the classic Oreo or the double-stuffed for that matter.

The plane ride was pretty uneventful except for the ridiculous amount of turbulence. I gave Billy my cookie from the flight.  That should make up for the fact I ate all of the dried fruit from the trail mix.


By the time we got back to good ol’ Happy Valley it was time for dinner. I was starving and Billy could tell the hunger monster was starting to unveil itself.  Hungry plus a lack of endorphins does not a happy marriage make! Just kidding I did pretty well:)

My bro-in-law and sister-in-law called us to go to dinner so we met up at Cafe Rio.

#1 Reason to live in Utah (and now there is one in Cali too)


Salad with a whole wheat tortilla, chicken, lettuce, cillantro and 4 tomatoes worth of pico de gallo.

My wallet is saying no more eating out.  Anyone wanna take a no eating out challenge with me?

Off to the gym to get my spin on, then I should probably do a little bit of lesson planning! See you tomorrow and I can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s blogs….I feel so behind and I need to catch up ASAP!

Please go check out ElktonRunner’s blog.  She has a homemade foam roller.  It made my day!

Giveaway winner announced after school tomorrow!


How often do you eat out?

-We try to only eat out once a week but when we are traveling or I am the laziest person in the world that goes out the window.


P.S. Rest In Peace Mr. Squiggles.  Best news ever to come home to.  I no longer have to live in fear for my life.

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Traveling will really do you in when it comes to eating out! I came back from my trip to Napa feeling like I needed to work out ASAP!! Try not to eat out too often. Tonight my hubby made me mediterranean pasta for my birthday and I took a picture and thought of your blog. :) Also, I always take a ton of pickles and banana peppers when I got to Quiznos!


Mmmm I love Pico de Gallo AND cilantro. And have never had a golden oreo.

Glad to hear your pesky intruder is gone!


bahahah. i do the SAME thing at sub shops. i make sure i get my money's worth of those veggies :)


That is the one part of traveling that I love and hate. I love trying new food and restuarants but by the end I get tired of eating out all the time. I rarely eat out when I am at home. After spending so much at the grocery store, I just can't seem to justify eating out. Plus, where I live there are few great places to go.


i know it's horribly morbid…but i am SOOO glad that the mouse is gone! i know you will sleep better now!

the worst part about flying is how much they are allowed to charge for food both in the airport and now on the plane. it's ridiculous! way to get your money's worth.

for the no-eating-out…does the school's cafeteria count? our little town has a taco bell, mcdonalds, and a couple bars. eating out means driving at least 30 minutes one way….so it doesn't happen often. but sometimes on the weekends, we make the trip.


Robbing the condiment station is only fair when they rob you blind for everything else. Good job!


That salad looks TO DIE FOR…Thank goodness you're finally back! See you at spin tomorrow and hopefully thurs for some hair time? I try to only eat out on the weekend nights…does frozen yogurt count as eating out??


Haha Janae I'm having a blast counting all the pictures of apples you've posted on your blog since the weekend. I take it you've eaten a lot of apples and it makes me want to try one!! :) I'm glad you ate out to dinner with us on our spontaneous Cafe Rio run! Love you!


I always get HEAPS of pico at CR. I didn't know there was one in CA~ cool!


I loooove eating out, but I have a bazillion kids, so it gets expensive. We try to limit the dining out to once every two weeks. Luckily, I love to cook, so it works out :D


I wouldn't exactly describe you as lazy :) I try not to eat out that much but it definitely happens. Oh well.
I got up to go to a 5:30am spin class today! Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the spin lingo and I thought that every time the instructor told us to turn it up, we were supposed to turn the nob an entire turn. He kept telling us to turn it 5 times then 5 more so I kept turning 5 whole turns and then I find out that he meant 5 clicks or 8ths of a turn?!?! I was like no wonder I was dying. I had no idea how everyone was going so fast and I could barely peddle! Needless to say, I got an amazing workout haha


Gotta say since watching Food inc I NEVER eat out anymore LOL!


I hate how airports inflate the prices on everything…makes me angry because you have no other option!

I eat out a couple times per week, which has increased a lot since I moved to NYC….too many options!


I usually try to only eat out once a week too, but when I end up eating out it usually comes in waves, typically during a uber-busy week. And then I usually get so annoyed at home much $$ I spent eating out in one week that I go on a several week hiatus- ah the vicious cycle!

Yay for a dead mouse- rest esay now!


Oh, airport food. *thumbs down* I'm too ashamed to admit what I paid for a really gross hamburger when I arrived back in Detroit after 2 weeks in France. I'm glad you found a way to get your money's worth!!

Boyfriend and I are really working on not eating out so much (especially since our options are really limited in our tiny, tiny town, so it really winds up being not worth it in the end). I don't know if I could commit to a full challenge, but it's something to definitely work on!

(PS–thanks for the comment on my last post! I'm glad to know I'm not alone in my craziness!!) :D


Cafe Rio — yum. yum. yum. went to one in park city. Yes, my plate looked just like yours.

Here's the creepy thing —- the pickle sandwich — that's me too. Can you just take over my blog? I swear we are the same. ;)

I eat out a little/WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too often. But there are always healthy choices [should I go that route. ;) ]


We had a mice problem a few years back and hubby bought those 'humane' traps. Well, we caught the little fella (who must have been working solo as we never had a mouse problem again and not caught another mouse), and the kiddos wanted to let him go out in a field by our house. They even named him: Cheddars. Poor little guy was so scared that he peed all over himself. Yep. SO glad that's over. And for you too =)


Hey girlie!
ughhh airport food is so expensive! booyahh to getting you pickle lovin on! :)
I am a huge mexican-bowl fan…delicious! I usually eat out once a week, depends on if I wanna go to the grocery store or a restaurant. But usually my pantry is stocked with easy to cook meals ideas, i can re-create a pretty bomb mexican-bowl!! :)
I hope you have a great wednesday!


Aw thanks! Then I got all spiritual today and might scare everyone off :D

I LOVE Quiznos but hate the price. I always go crazy on the condiments too!!!

BTW..that book is a fantastic resource, but be warned: A lot of it reads like a textbook. Still a great tool, though :)


How have I not come across your blog either?!?!?! Can I please have your marathon finish times???? I'm actually in Bountiful… My husband loves Cafe Rio. And everytime he gets paid say's 'We are not eating out…' two hours later we're in the car deciding where we're going to eat. :) Maybe a challenge would work – we'd have to have a pretty good incentive tho!


Hahaha, glad you stuck to it Quiznos with the pickle mania! Airport food is redic!

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