Round 4 of some awesome snacks.  Try them, you won’t regret it.

Jessica Wueliner sent in…..


“Veggies and hummus, however this is the sad version because my crisper was a little lacking today :(  I love the roasted red pepper by Sabra and sam’s also makes a good one.”

MMMHH Hummus is crack in my book.

Jamyn Miller, one of my Bff’s since FOURTH Grade, former Cougarette and seriously best body ever sent in….


“Here is my fave of all faves for snacks.  I found the best yogurt.  It’s the Kroger brand at Smiths and it’s called carbmaster.  It’s high in protein, low in sugar,  and every flavor is delish= winner!  I love mixing this yogurt with grapenuts and bananas.  SO good!!  I eat it at least twice a day. :)”

This must be the best snack ever because it works on this girl.

Heather G sent in…..


Cheap, easy and oh so delicious.  Have you ever eaten the sticker on accident? Because I have.

Anitra Patane sent in…..


This one is a coconut that I husked myself.  Woo Hoo!

Then I cracked it open with a heavy butcher knife.  A friend of mine told me about the many health benefits of coconut water/juice and said that they even sell it packaged in the store.  I saw some in Foodland the other day….but we have so much fresh ones here…I use it for energy.  Gives me a huge boost of energy before I go and teach P.E.

The third pic is just a prettier view of it.  The copra/meat of the coconut is mega healthy too and i use that for snacks too.  Just scoop all of it out and put it in a baggie for later.  Sorry, I don’t own any pretty cups so there’s the coconut water in my magic bullet cup.”

She lives in Hawaii…..let us all take a moment to be extremely jealous of her.

Tina @

Mami Camera 292.JPG

“So my favorite snacks are non-purchasable….at least in the US.  My family and I are Estonian.  This picture is with my two favorite Estonian foods/snacks (also my two favorite foods ever).  The bread in the middle is the traditional cinnamon raisin bread.  It’s *amazing*.  Like melt in your mouth, heaven amazing.  The things that I am holding are called pirukad. They can be filled with anything from meat to veggies to fruit.  Pirukad are awesome because each family has their own recipe and, of course, each family thinks that they have the best recipe.  Obviously my family actually *does* have the best recipe.  I’m just saying :p”

I could probably eat that whole thing right now, it looks so good.

Thanks for the picture ladies!! Hopefully you got some more good snack ideas.  Feel free to still send in your favorite snack and I will post it!!

Do you eat a morning snack? What is it?  Does your breakfast hold you over until lunch?

-I usually have an apple or a piece of fruit for a morning snack but a lot of mornings at school I am too busy to stop and eat something so I make sure I have a huge breakfast.  My students are scared of me when I get hungry.

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I always eat a morning snack! I eat breakfast at 6 and I'm hungry again by 9, sheesh! My go-to snack is either a banana or a cookie dough larabar!


May I also point out that Estonians make a to-die-for liquor. I doubt that falls into the snack category, though…


I usually skip the morning snack and have two afternoon snacks. Sometimes my workout kills my appetite and it returns with a vengeance later in the day ;)


I usually have coffee in the morning and have breakfast around 10:30 or 11 AM… yogurt/bran cereal/frozen cherries/chia seeds. Then I have lunch around 12:30, and a couple healthy snacks before I leave work!


breakfast usually holds me over until lunch. i'm typically pretty busy in the mornings: in college i always had morning classes and during breaks i'd run mid-morning so my body isn't really used to eating then. i do eat a snack post-lunch and post-dinner so i make up for it :)


I'm jealous of Anitra's access to fresh coconuts! I buy the prepackaged coconut water.

Sometimes breakfast holds me over til lunch (like today, because I had peanut butter and a banana in a multigrain w/flax FlatOut wrap). When it doesn't, I have a handful of almonds or I'll crack open my greek yogurt a little early.


I was a P.E. teacher before I stayed at home to be with my littles. Hopefully with my Masters I am finishing this semester I can get a job teaching again once the girls are in school…I am an elementary person.


Here's the two snacks I've been making a lot lately…a sliced apple with maple syrup (or honey) drizzled on top. I feel like I'm cheating when I eat this :) AND a green smoothie (love these lately!)

p.s. My crack used to be M&Ms. Gained TEN pounds eating such tiny little things (who knew they could add up!!)
Feel free to check out my big belly picture:


that cinnamon bread looks amazing! Darn, I wish I sent in my favorite Filipino snack =)


ok – i'm about to go get my snack on right now. you're killin me with all this good food! i didnt make the cupcakes yet but it's on my to-do list… :)


Umm, how about PB and spoon? Probably not hte most healthy option, but I could bathe in the stuff! :)


I LOVE that Carbmaster yogurt and was thrilled when King Soopers started carrying some new flavors (peach and vanilla) – take a bit to get used to it but man it fills and stays with you. Yum!


I am kindof like Matt- but I have the opportunity to eat whenever. Sometimes it's morning snack. Always afternoon snack. :)

I started running faster from the start of my races after having my third child. Something clicked when I was pregnant and running that said.."when you can run normally again, make it worth every second". But there is still an unconfident 13 year old girl in me that doubts I should ever be at the front of any race. So last race I had to weave around a few people.


I don't consider it a snack, but rather breakfast #2.

I eat bfast #1 leaving the house before work usually 6 am, earlier if I am working out before work(usually fruit, nut butter on Ezekiel, or a latte).

#2 if usually oats around 9 am


lol – I used to teach Kindergarten and I know those days when you have no time for snacks. I eat a big breakfast and it usually holds me over til lunch…but when I eat a small breakfast, I'm hungry an hour later.


Janae! Shut up! You are way to nice to me! You're my role model just so you know. I want to be you when I grow up. :)


I am not much of a morning eater, so I usually manage breakfast around 10 am… not much time for a snack between then and lunch :D


Found your blog through Laura Virginia! I just started running and training for a 5K. Perhaps I can catch the marathon bug at some point!


Thanks, I’ve been hunting for info about this subject matter for ages and yours is the best I have found so far.

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