Looks like from the giveaway (you can still enter) comments the main reasons we work out are:

-To keep our sanity

-So we can eat whatever we want

-To feel accomplishment

Overall, I think we are all a little addicted to exercise and I like that.

Well we are on our way to Denver, where we will stay the night and leave for Seattle tomorrow.  Flying with buddy passes makes traveling interesting but we got our flights so we are happy!

Photo on 2010-11-06 at 16.58 #2.jpg

About to play iSpy out the window of the plane with Billy and eat me some salty peanuts.

Here’s what I have been up to so far


30 minutes stair climber.

10 minutes elliptical

45 minutes taught a spin class (playlist at the bottom)

P.S. I do so much cross-training because I hurt my knee and I am staying off it until Boston Training starts on January 10th.  I have already put together my detailed training plan because I am not OCD or anything.


Somehow we were too busy to grab breakfast this morning and our first meal was after my nephews baptism. We were starving.


I had a baked potato with a little chili and sour cream, fruit salad, broccoli and a little bit of chicken/pasta salad.  Went back for seconds for the fruit and broccoli, I wonder how many lbs. of broccoli I eat a year.

I also had some of the dessert that I made: Full of sugar-free chemicals, but so so good.



Angel Food Cake, made from a box

Boxed Chocolate Cake mix made with 1 cup unsweetened applesauce and that’s it…no oil etc.

Sugar-Free Vanilla Pudding

Lite Cool-Whip

Peaches that I froze


My brother said it tasted like he was eating air.  It was the first thing gone on the spread so I will take that as a compliment.

Played some soccer.


I scored.

My parents drove us to the airport and I ate some more Halloween Candy… when will it end?


Cookies n’ Cream bars do not get enough attention.  I really think that they might are my absolute favorite candy bar ever but that is a bold statement.  My opinion will probably change after I eat my fun-size Milky Way in my purse.

Spin Playlist:

1. Shake It by Metro Station: Warm-up

2. Double Vision by 3oh!: 30-seconds sprint out of saddle, 30-seconds isolation out of the saddle.  Repeat.  I like my class sweating from the beginning.

3. Party All the Time by Black Eyed Peas: Jumps

4. Firework by Katy Pery (my latest favorite): Hill climb out of the saddle

5. Just a Dream by Nelly: Hill climb out of the saddle

6. Mr. Brightside by Killers: Fast, faster, fastest.  70%-100% maximum speed the entire song.

7. 2012 by Jay Sean: Weird dancing stuff cause I am lame

8. Alejandro by Lady Gaga: Four corners

9. Like a G6: Low tension lock n load.  BURN CITY

10. Not Afraid by Eminem: Aggressive hill climb

11. Raise your glass by Pink: Crank it.  Low tension and when the chorus comes crank the tension all the way up and attack out of the saddle.

12. Bawiditcha by Kid Rock: Pure craziness, this song gives me adrenaline!

What was your Saturday workout?

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oh yea, I need more songs for my spin classes, SWEEEEEET!! Enjoy seattle. Oh and by the way, we fly buddy passes too. :)


oh yea, I need more songs for my spin classes, SWEEEEEET!! Enjoy seattle. Oh and by the way, we fly buddy passes too. :)


oh yea, I need more songs for my spin classes, SWEEEEEET!! Enjoy seattle. Oh and by the way, we fly buddy passes too. :)


Thanks for the spin playlist/routine! I am really getting into it. Enjoy your trip! I can't believe you are not running until January. You are smart but I'm going crazy. Spinning definitely helps…


my saturday workout was a strength session & some stairclimbing!


i for one am totally interested to hear what your training plan is! i haven't yet decided on mine…but i want to get it nailed down soon. just so that i can stop obsessing over it!

are you going for sub-three at boston? have your other marathons been as hilly/challenging? what are you going to do in training to prepare for the course? these are the questions that keep me up at night…

i have those crocheted ugg boots :) we should start keeping a list, I mean really….

saturday is my permeant rest day so i did nothing but hang out with my mr. and celebrate his birthday.


My Saturday workout was organizing a buttload of baby stuff and hauling it all over the house. Not fun! Especially since my circuit Friday actually left me a bit sore. I was shocked.

And you remind me of myself. I'm not OCD at all either for having workouts planned for after the baby. ;) LOL



Yep-my Saturday workout consisted of primarily "hand to mouth"! I guess you need one of those days every now and again. I need to go to your spin class! The music is SO much better. I'm lovin' "Firework" right now too-especially on the treadmill-the chorus immediately makes me want to jack up the speed and the incline.

I'm excited to follow your Boston training! I'm so interested to see one drops their marathon time by 16 minutes in 5 months!! I'm jealous I can't be there this year and I'm sure I will just sit in front of my computer with my athlete tracker stalking people!! Have a great weekend!


I did a 12-mile run.


your cake looks fantastic!


That addresses several of my concerns atculaly.

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