Don’t forget to send me your favorite snack!!! Learn more about it here!! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

My mom hasn’t seen me for a full 7 days.  She obviously couldn’t take the distance any longer so she just had to come bring me lunch at school.

This ladies and gentlemen (Billy and my brothers are the only boys that probably read this) would be a Kneaders turkey sandwich on wheat.


In case you didn’t  think that looked delicious enough for your viewing pleasure, same sandwiched but the stacked version.


Breakfast was the usual oatmeal:  I cut two apples up and add 1/2 cup plain oatmeal and cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice.  Microwave for 3 minutes.  Keepin it classy. Honestly, breakfast during the week is purely fuel for me. I don’t really care how it tastes as long as I can eat it quick and it fills me up until lunch.  The rest of my daily eats is pretty much the opposite….pure pleasure and bliss.

Snacks may or may not be sour patch kids as I am typing this. Whoever thought to coat a sugar filled item with more sugar should win the Nobel Prize.


15 Minutes Stairs: Fat burner level 16

45 Minutes Spin Class

30 Minutes Pump-Ridiculous.  I am telling you this 57 year old instructor could take us all on in a cage match. She is hardcore.

Get excited…..I have somebody for you to meet.  It’s the newest member of the Jacob’s family and it is a girl.  We need help choosing a name.


I think we peed our pants a little we are so excited.  1968 Barracuda.  Don’t be surprised to see us in a car magazine someday once we are done fixin this baby up!


Did the title fool ya?

What was the best part of your Friday?

-Tough call for me…..either an awesome new car or a ridiculously good turkey sandwich.  Can’t choose.

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awesome!!! Food, running, old cars!!! What a great blog. You better post update pictures.

Best part of my Friday – homemade tamales.


talk about awesome workouts. i wish i could take one of your spinning classes. i have a feeling you would kick my butt!

she is a beauty! i can't wait till mr. dawn gets home so i can show him the pictures :)

i would love to hear more about your latest marathon…so when you get your analysis done it would be awesome to share it :)


Oh yes-that car is HOT-or perhaps I should say potentially HOT!! My hubby would drool a puddle over that but I'm not going to bother showing it to him. He has too many expensive hobbies as it is-ha!

Umm yeah-I won't ever be posting any videos of me in hockey pants….

Best part of my Friday yet to come! Girls night out!


oh she is gorgeous! She's gonna be a beauty too!


oh she is gorgeous! She's gonna be a beauty too!


oh she is gorgeous! She's gonna be a beauty too!


Your awesome!! Great food, great workouts and a beauty of a car!! WOOT!!


Cars definitely need names. No question. I'm thinking Bertha. Or Matilda. Any front runners?


Wow! Nice car!!! Billy looks so tiny standing next to it! The car must be up on something cause I know Billy is taller than that!!
Best part of my Friday? Meeting Jimmy and Dad for lunch at Pei Wei's!!! Had a great salad and brought some home for dinner.
Love reading your blog!! I'm proud of you cute girl!!!!


The title didn't leave me hanging – I thought someone you knew had a baby. Although, you must watch out when it comes to your man and a car. You never know how much he will come to love it.


That sandwich looks yummy….as does that car! I never named my car….so I'm of no help there.


what camera do you use, girl? your sandwich pics are awesome!

I already emailed you a pic of my favorite snack =)


Color me jealous! Love that car! I can't wait to see it as you restore it and the finished product :)


We like the name "Bermuda the Barracuda", with the option of "Bermie" for short


Woot! That's a RAD car. We have an old ford pick-up that would be sweet to take through the local shows, but it needs some serious TLC.


That car is as old as I am (well, actually it's probably older because The Day Earth Got Just A Little Bit More Awesome happened in December that year). I'll enjoy watching what you do with it. Cause you'll for sure put pix up about it, right?!

Okay…I am de-lurking to make my first comment. I don't know if you have a site meter that tells you all the facts about who is stalking your blog, but if you do, then I'm here to confess that the spike this past day has come from me. Because I don't have anything better to do in the final hours before Christmas than read all the posts of a new blog. All i can say is it's a good thing you didn't start blogging a year ago…it's one thing to read 2.5 months of back posts (especially since you had about 2.0063 posts per day in November), I'd have been in deep guacamole if you'd been blogging longer than that.

My awesome sister who lives in Hawaii (don't be hating that I have a sister in Hawaii and you don't. You have better legs than me so we're even.) had the gall of sending me an email that said:

"You may have already found this one but a friend of mine just tipped me off to a truly fun blog I think you'd love to follow:
She's hilarious and inspirational all at the same time. I can totally relate to this woman on so many of her posts. I wish I could relate on others – like loving vegetables for breakfast, eating better in general and being super faithful about her workouts. Anyway I wanted to pass this along and hope it brightens your day. She seems like the kind of woman you'd have fun hooking up with.
Love you!"

So I am behind on making my famous toffee out of the 12 pounds of butter in my fridge (Smith's was having a sale!) which, if you're lucky enough to meet me someday, I just might bequeath some to you, so the neighbors aren't getting neighbor gifts this year but oh well, they have to deal with the fact that am busy perfecting the art of telling myself that reading about YOU working out is equivalent to ME going to the gym and doing it myself. We like to play two truths and a lie every day at dinner, and this paragraph has two truths and one lie…can you guess which is the lie?

Merry Christmas HRG! ♥~Blue

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