I am okay with that….

Check back in the morning for my exciting running news.  Sorry to keep you hanging for so long but it is kind of fun.

For those of you that were wondering I use the ‘Kurt Kinetic’ trainer.   I absolutely love it and it barely makes a peep!

And for those of you that noticed…..I never make my bed.  I am okay with that.

Dinner was vegetable soup that I made yesterday with a slice of bread smothered in Feta.  Random but don’t knock it till you try it.


3 hours of Lost with Billy.  We just finished the series finale.  We are a little bit behind.

Time for dessert……


‘Healthy’ banana bread from last night, more bananas and chocolate chips drizzled with almond butter.

Do you have some form of dessert every day?

-For my first marathon I went off white sugar for my entire training.  I don’t know if I will ever be able to do that again.  I need something sweet at least once a day and I am more than okay with that.

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Oh I like this blog.. it has food. Almond butter rocks!! You just barely finished LOST?? You are behind! What did you think of ending? People either seemed to love it or hate it. :) Nice food pix!


There are very few days that go without some sort of dessert! Sometimes lunch dessert, sometimes dinner…but almost always. And dark chocolate is typically involved.


Oops…long story :)
What did you replace white sugar with?

We do a desert pretty often. I never did growing up though. Maybe that's why I had to start running!?

The soup and feta looks great! I love feta and that's just not enough :).
Funny- I have a friend who lives down the road. She has goats. She used to HATE them (Husband's idea to raise animals). They climb on her car. She researched how to make cheese and is making her own goat feta, cheddar, etc…now. Really yummy stuff. I have started to buy from her and will soon go broke if I can't get my feta passion under control.
Can't wait for your "news" hope it is that you'll be OKed to run!!

Come and visit!


The dessert looks delish! I do use a HR monitor but not 100% of the time. I love all the running gadgets but at least once a week I need to just get out there and run. I like being aware of my HR and knowing how to monitor it but I don't go crazy trying to stay within a certain range. It is nice to be able to go out on a hot day and see that my HR is elevated and understand why a run is slow or that sort of thing.
Jealous of your trainer. I'm asking for clip in shoes for Christmas!


I don't think I could go off sugar!

I usually use honey or maple syrup, but sometimes I need a cookie ;)


You guys were really behind on Lost! My Huz and I were fanatics though…. Did you love it or ar you one of those "ehhh" on the fence take it or leave it kind of people?
About that sugar thing… I imagine that from reading my blog you know I'm an addict. It is a rare day that I don't have dessert after all 3 meals. It's a problem that needs a 12 step plan…


I definitely have to have dessert everyday. My dinner doesn't feel complete without it. I've been trying to go healthier, though, so it's been rice cakes, peanut butter, and raisins lately. It kind of makes me sad lol.


I would go crazy if my bed wasn't made every day. That's the husband's job and if he doesn't do it, he's in the dog house.


Dessert every day. Whoops. :)


hmmm, a whole training cycle without sugar. brilliant, but impossible. i did abstain from desserts during the last week before my marathon, in hope that the sugar from gu and gatorade would really perk me up come mile 21…not convinced that it made a huge difference, but it did keep me from getting sick…


LOST is good anytime! That banana bread creation looks yummy. I am definitely a dessert-of-any-type, everyday person.


That chocolate banana bread looks amazing. My hubby and I have been on a bit of a banana bread kick lately so I will have to try adding some chocolate to it. Sounds yummy.


Can you send me some of his banana bread! Yum!! Wow–no white sugar?! Amazing! I have tried to reduce my sugar intake, but then I binge like it's oxygen!


I'm jealous…even though there is nothing wrong with my trainer I am lusting over the Kurt Kinetic. Everyone has such positive reviews of it!

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