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I am okay with that….

Check back in the morning for my exciting running news.  Sorry to keep you hanging for so long but it is kind of fun. For those of you that were wondering I use the ‘Kurt Kinetic’ trainer.   I absolutely love it and it barely makes a peep! And for those of you that noticed…..I … Continue Reading

Time to get my bike on….

During the winter months in the Rocky Mountains I don’t go outside unless it is to get to work, go to the gym, or get hot chocolate at 7-11 (they have the best mini-marshmellows this side of the Mississippi).  If you can’t tell I taught United States Geography today. When I got home from school … Continue Reading

Snack Attack 4

Round 4 of some awesome snacks.  Try them, you won’t regret it. Jessica Wueliner sent in….. “Veggies and hummus, however this is the sad version because my crisper was a little lacking today :(  I love the roasted red pepper by Sabra and sam’s also makes a good one.” MMMHH Hummus is crack in my … Continue Reading