Clothes, Buffets, Serendipity and Pictures Galore

Today. Was. Amazing.

Have I told you I love Vegas?

We started the day with a little sweat, even though I said I wasn’t going to work out.  I will take a break tomorrow:)  Shelly and I hit up the state of the art gym at our $55 dollar a night hotel room that the four of us shared.  We do Vegas cheap.  Okay, really the machines were at least 20 years old.   At least they had an awesome bar to practice up on my ballet. I did an hour on the elliptical and it felt so good!


Showered and went to Blueberry Hill Family Restaurant.  So Good.  We were so hungry, it was already 11 AM and I am used to having breakfast by 8 AM. I had egg whites and a waffle with sugar free syrup.




We then went to the tracks to watch drag racing but tickets were $55 a person per event. Yeah, no.  Instead, we went shopping for hours, people watched, walked miles up and down the strip and the best part was Serendipity 3.  For lunch we split a frozen hot chocolate and a ginormous donut among the four of us…. I don’t remember the last time I ate a donut.  If you were like me and you cut donuts out of your diet, DON’T.  It was so good and you only live once.


I find it interesting that I would rather spend our savings in the Nike store than any other store in Vegas.  I will own every color of tempo shorts someday.


Foodie heaven, too bad we were stuffed. Next trip to Vegas I am saving myself for this store.






This post is ridiculously long, sorry but not really.

After going to H & M for 2 hours we were finally ready for dinner.  Enter Mandalay Bay Buffet.  I started off good…. but it went all down hill from there.  I am one great healthy living blog. One day of bad eating never killed anyone:)  Maybe it did, I don’t know.



Many plates later, we filled our table with desserts.  The best was the fruit tart in a chocolate shell with raspberry mouse.

There were some hilarious Halloween outfits today.  I saw a little too much skin and hairy chests/backs for one day.  Long live The Vegas.

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Janae have I told you how much I love your blog? I love when I see updates! I'm pretty sure you've been to Las Vegas more in the last year than I have. I'm glad you can appreciate how awesome it is!


Um…so guess what? What happened to your arms? Seriously, girly! You are such a skinny-minny! I wish I could like running as much as you do. You guys look so cute!

BTW, I'm glad to finally have a blog of yours to stalk. It's about damn time! :)


I just love you blog posts! Looks like you founds something to do in Vegas after all!

I had NO IDEA there were that many options for tempo shorts LOL. I only have one pair because I always think they look like a balloon on me. On you, they are cute :)

TM's working out great. Only using it for doubles or PM runs. I hit my highest MPW ever this week, though =D . Is Logan the same as top of Utah?


apparently my life is turning into copying you… for my birthday i asked for your camera and nike tempo shorts, i love them and am the proud new owner of a highlighter yellow pair among others


Looks like so. much. fun! I'm jealous. I've never been to Vegas before…


we went to serendipity last time we were in vegas and shared the frozen hot chocolate, so good!


Janaester… I'm so proud of you for practicing your ballet, especially while on the road! I can tell you have improved since 5th grade. Your passe looks great! PS I love this blog!

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