Best part of Wednesday—> KNOX CAME HOME (and my breakfast was cheesy eggs with guac and salsa)! Our morning started quite early… there is construction on a new house right by us and we get to hear all of the fun sounds nice and early;) An attempt at a self-ie with the sunrise. Okay, that … Continue Reading

If Beretta is within 10 feet of Brooke, Beretta will get every ounce of her attention.  That pup is a big deal. Let’s go right into the important stuff today…. Need a new workout to try!?!  I’m going to be including a new workout each week for you and please adjust according to where you … Continue Reading

Snowed in Utah on Sunday, back to the 60s on Monday.  Sounds about right for Utah:) We partied pretty hard for a Monday at our house. Yep, we did. Last night we were able to go on a date and take Mer out to Outback.  She may look little but she can hold her own … Continue Reading

I LOVED reading your different running memories on this morning’s post!  My sister got me to the gym to do some weights with her.  My nephew was clearly enthused to be at the gym taking a picture with his mom and aunt.  I’m sure he loved it. We did this workout again.  My sister enjoys … Continue Reading

GOOD MORNING!!!  I thought it would be fun to talk about some of my absolute favorite runs ever.  I put them in order by their date!  Most of them have to do with races because I just have some really good memories associated with those days!  I’d love to hear any of your top running … Continue Reading

1.  Day #1 (of 2) was a success at my coaching training!  My brain is fried from absorbing so much in the 9 hour session we had yesterday but it really was a runner’s paradise… learning and talking running all day long.  I’ve been running for more than half my life and it’s amazing how … Continue Reading

Andrew and I absolutely LOVED your comments yesterday, thank you.  He said he wants to guest post on the blog more often so get excited to have some breaks from me;) I woke up Friday morning feeling a lot better than I did on Thursday and went for a 2.3 mile run.  Earlier on in … Continue Reading