How is it already Thursday?  I swear this week is flying by!  Thank you so much for your sweet comments yesterday, they made my day!!! As you can tell, I am a little excited about the whole thing!  Okay, let’s get talking about things that have gone on around here since we last caught up. … Continue Reading

***Old Navy is featuring me this month as a leader in active living and inspiration for staying active this New Year!  You can see all of the photos HERE!!! I have been so excited to tell you about this!*** I’ve got a few stories to share with you today along with my favorite pieces from … Continue Reading

Turns out that speed work outside isn’t really a thing when Utah gets dumped on with snow—>  and it is supposed to snow tonight even MORE! Took my workout to the treadmill to get in some speed (half-marathon pace for me on this workout averaged to be 6:51) and I wore my Hyperion shoes for … Continue Reading

What do you do when it has been snowing all day long? You go vacuum your car out. And then swim at an indoor pool with Brookers.  Once I finished work yesterday afternoon, Andrew had a ton of school stuff to do so Brooke and I went out to make sure he had plenty of … Continue Reading

You know that you are starting to be desensitized to winter when 25 degrees for your morning run feels quite nice and you even get a little hot while you are out there. Six of us showed up to run up the canyon for 7.5 miles together to celebrate Josse’s birthday.  It snowed for pretty … Continue Reading

I hope your new year is already off to a great start!  I thought it would be fun to share a picture (or two) HIGHLIGHT from each hour yesterday (that we were awake).  It was my rest day from running and a Sunday so a little bit different than the normal day but here ya … Continue Reading

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I was excited to end my 2016 running year with a great run with Josse.  I was a little nervous about going out in the crazy weather yesterday but I missed Josse a lot and we needed some quality time on the roads together… even if that meant our eyelashes froze over … Continue Reading