IT HAPPENED!  First, see that little burn by my seatbelt?  I noticed it the other night but have ZERO remembrance of burning myself there?  Maybe I have been sleep curling my hair in the middle of the night or something.  Weird. Anyways, the kids wanted to do kid’s club at the gym so we went … Continue Reading

Today I am sharing with you different search terms that brought people to my blog. You can find these search terms that people type in that bring them to your blog in your google analytics if you are a blogger.  I always find some pretty great ones.  You can read my previous posts with my … Continue Reading

Hello!  It’s us. “Going to school at home is easy” -said no-one ever. Last night we went over to my parents’ to see how they are doing.  My dad just started working parts of the day at home and he is still making a great recovery, it just takes a lot of time (a month … Continue Reading

Gotta love seeing my sister at the gym!  She came over and chatted with me while I did my warm-up of 2 miles and the time flew by… too bad she didn’t stay to talk me through the workout portion ha.  I don’t know what it was about the last week or so but my … Continue Reading

We picked up the girls from school yesterday and went straight to our favorite celebration together. FREE FROYO day at Yogurtland.  I used to eat froyo like it was the base of my food pyramid but now we don’t go very often at all… which made the event even more special.  Brooke was just a … Continue Reading

I’ve got a few very important Monday Matters to discuss with you today: *Just a peaceful 8 miler while listening to my new playlist (I’ll share it tomorrow) this morning.  7:48 average pace.  47 degrees.  Shorts.  Some wind but not enough to make my brain hurt (really windy runs do that to me…).   Didn’t … Continue Reading

Just the weekly Sunday family picture. I don’t talk a lot about church on the blog but something that we do the first Sunday of each month (or I do it on a different Sunday or day of the month… not a day I workout though) is fast.  We (if you choose… and if you … Continue Reading