I hope your weekend was an amazing one!  I cannot wait to talk to you about something today that is my biggest passion—> spending time with my family.  There is nothing in the world more important to me than family.  I’ve felt that way since I was just a little girl trying to convince my … Continue Reading

1.  Longest run, 12 miles, since April 1st (my last half marathon).  My right hip is feeling better after getting it scraped. I’m happy the mileage felt great… next step, trying some speed work again in a week or two! 2.  Andrew got back yesterday morning from his mountain biking trip.  He shows me pictures … Continue Reading

Six treadmill miles for my Friday morning! Andrew was in gorgeous Moab all day yesterday mountain biking… The kids went through my medals while I was running.  It was fun to think about where each medal came from during those treadmill miles. She has gladly adopted Andrew’s favorite… graham crackers dipped into milk. Picnic at … Continue Reading

It was the last day of school for these two!!! I cannot believe how fast the year went by (and how early they got out of school this year;).  They have a graduation next week and then we are on to splash pads, swimming pools and testing out each shaved ice stand in the city … Continue Reading

Isn’t it beyond amazing how our body can adapt to running?  How does it go from not being able to climb the steep hill up the road one week to being able to do it just a few weeks later?  How does our race pace drop 20 seconds per mile over the course of a … Continue Reading

1.  Seven miles done and done before Brooke woke up.  On my run I was thinking about how nice (among a million other things) it is that I can do this again. For many years the treadmill was my only option most days because I couldn’t leave while Brooke was asleep.  Turns out that I … Continue Reading

Good MORNING everyone!  I’m excited to share some new products I’ve found and am LOVING!  I have a killer deal (like a HUGE percentage off) on a starter set so you can try this out for yourself!  This post is sponsored by NxN.  I hope you are having a beautiful day!  Would love to hear … Continue Reading