Happy Thursday!  We have a lot to catch up on over here so let’s just jump into things! Tuesday morning started with one of my best feeling tempos ever.  I don’t know what my deal was but it just felt so good (during… I was very sore the next day ha).  I woke up, grabbed … Continue Reading

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!  I hope your day is a great one so far.  I can’t wait to share with you an amazing discount at the end of today’s post for one of my favorite places to shop for the kids and me.  I’ve also got a chance for you to win an awesome giveaway!  This post … Continue Reading

TODAY IS ANDREW’S BIRTHDAY!!! He is 29 now and I cannot wait to celebrate as much as possible today (I love birthdays… probably too much).  Feel free to wish him a happy birthday in the comments.  He always reads the comments.  In fact, the other day he told me that whenever he forgets what happened … Continue Reading

I hope your Monday has been a great one so far!!! We are on our way back to Utah but I thought I would fill you in on some Monday Matters! *When you just bring your small purse on your trip and you no longer have enough room to pack your candy with you… luckily … Continue Reading

We had great plans to wake up early and drive to Muir Woods to go explore but then sleeping in turned out to be a much better idea.  Of all the days of the year to not have kids with us, yesterday was probably the best one because of Daylights Saving:)  No little alarm clocks … Continue Reading

Starting off our Saturday with my favorite type of running.  Trails with some perfect temperature.  PS I have a new half marathon that I am signing up for and I’m very happy to have a race coming up soon.  Races give me excitement and motivation in my training.  It helps me to get out on … Continue Reading

Happy WEEKEND!!! Enjoy your long run, a little extra sleep today (hopefully) and some good weather (hopefully). Brushing my hair with the My Little Pony brush. Met Megan D for 5 miles.  Lots of talking and soaking in a run together because it doesn’t get to happen as often as it should happen. Post-run foam … Continue Reading