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The track to celebrate, our squad and bi-monthly….

Brooke and I decided that we would celebrate Global Running Day the best way possible—>  A trip to the track (and I predict years down the road we will celebrate with a trail run in the mountains). Her forward lean while she runs is spot on:) Brooke is the one that reminded me we needed … Continue Reading

My New Favorite Song and The Usual Randomness

I know that the first thing you wanted to see this morning was a picture that I took of myself with my eskimo hood on.  You can pay me in Milky Ways later.  Speaking of Milky Ways, I have a bag of them coming for me today after my students bribed me a bag of … Continue Reading

Playlist, Clementines and Kisses

I was questioning why in the world I chose to teach a 6 a.m. class as I drove across the street to BYU (literally across the street but remember it was 9 degrees) this morning.   As soon as we got moving and we were all sweating and yelling I was so thankful for this … Continue Reading

New Playlist!

I had my favorite little gym buddy with me today.  Not going to lie but my favorite thing to do with people is exercise (after going out to eat that is).  I have formed so many great bonds through exercise with people and some of my best conversations with Billy or my sis have been … Continue Reading