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Why I think we run races (& pay a lot to do them), and 6 years of blogging!!

One last run on the Arizona dirt trails until the next time I am in town.  I held about an 8:06 average for an hour and that felt really comfortable.  I am taking that as a sign that the post-marathon recovery has gone well and that my body is starting to wake-up again. It only … Continue Reading

Arizona running, what the rest of the crew is up to and YOUR running accomplishments!

Arizona running (other than during the summer months) is one of my favorites. Near where we are staying they have miles and miles of canals with dirt and paved paths right next to them.  They are flat as can be, carless and make it easy to avoid getting lost because you just follow the canal. … Continue Reading

Coming Back From a Serious Injury (by my sister).

We’re back!  And with a spontaneous selfie: Just kidding.  Definitely not a spontaneous selfie where we all happen to look okay.  In fact I did my hair and makeup just to take this selfie:)  Luckily I had leftover hair from Sunday so that didn’t take as long.  Also styled both boys hair for this “spontaneous” … Continue Reading

Sentence Per Picture!!!!

Got in a 6-miler with Andrew today!!! We found a new spot to run—> flat and gorgeous. Have I ever mentioned to you that I really love Utah? Her hair is quite long at this point. We all took Beretta for a walk and then got busy on lunch.  Identical salads minus the whole beets … Continue Reading

How I distract myself when running/racing gets really tough plus our date night.

Brooke got new pajamas (from Costco of course) and she decided she wanted them on starting at 4:50 p.m. You should have heard the giggles and singing and seen the dancing that accompanied the first few minutes of these pajamas being on her.   She probably learned the song and dance from me from the … Continue Reading

Six reasons why I adore early morning running and family reunions at Costco.

Josse and I hit the running trail quite early and even though I woke up 4 times in the middle of the night freaking out that I was late meeting her for our run, early morning runs are my favorite for a few reasons.  *Please note I will be most likely changing my tune on … Continue Reading

The waves of a runner, huge family dinner plus a life video from us.

Sunday church day with the family.  The kids did their best ever at church yesterday so that was a big accomplishment for all of us:) We went with my sister and her family. Little guy has quite the cool hair style these days. Andrew and I have been craving sweet potatoes for quite some time … Continue Reading