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Ten things I do to gain motivation when I don’t feel like running and some Monday Matters!

Utah realized it was spring again and it felt so nice to be able to wear a tank top and shorts! It’s warm enough for me to start playing around with how I want to hydrate my running this summer.  I know where there are plenty of water fountains for me to stop at but … Continue Reading

Why running is a lifestyle and let’s be honest.

Rest day so that my body is ready, recovered (and EXCITED) for another week of running √ Church day √ Refill all of my glycogen stores with my favorite carbohydrates… I’m not going to be bonking anytime soon √ Successful Sunday in my eyes. I never want you to think these two are perfect (let’s … Continue Reading

Our day summarized in 16 Pictures & I really need to know this…

A little over ten miles for my Saturday morning GLOVELESS (that is important after the last few days of freezing cold running).  A few miles with a friend and a few miles on my own. I even attempted a self-timed picture while I was out.  A few of you recommended the Runner’s World podcast and … Continue Reading

Silentish Saturday… a day with all of my siblings.

A day where all of my siblings and parents are together doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it’s the absolute best.  One of my brothers flew in at 3:30 a.m. to get here in time for my parent’s anniversary.  We are looking at a different camera in this picture but I love it. … Continue Reading

10 Friday FAVORITES + Your Running Accomplishments!

The fam all met at Chick-Fil-A for dinner last night!  My sister went darker with her hair… I love it! I tried the wrap at Chick-Fil-A for the first time and my thoughts were that it is perfect. The kid’s table had quite a humorous conversation going on. And this little guy thought it was … Continue Reading

Sentence Per Picture!!!

This morning it was 33 degrees when I went out for a run… 8 miles of easy running after doing speed yesterday. Another glove picture but this one can also be used to explain how happy it makes me that it gets so light outside so early each morning… it makes getting out of bed … Continue Reading

SPEED again, I wish I had read this when I was younger & plenty of tears.

Let’s catch up on yesterday shall we (as Brooke looks off into the distance with some important thought on her mind below;). Yesterday was a cold one in Utah.  Thirty-six degrees on May 17th, sure… why not?  My right hip is feeling like itself again so I felt really good about getting some speed work … Continue Reading