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  Laura and I started blogging at the same time and instantly became best blogging friends forever.  Her blog is NEVER boring because she blogs about so many different things and her style of writing, her photography skills and genuine personality will hook you just like it did me:) —————————————————————– Hi HungryRunnerGirl readers!  My name … Continue Reading

Toasted Coconut and Frosting In My Nose.

Since when did this turn into a trillion recipes a week blog?  That is what happens when my mind isn’t consumed by running 23 hours of the day. As everyone else was getting dinner ready my mind was focused on what to make for dessert because obviously that is more important than silly dinner. I … Continue Reading

Should I call the dentist? Bonus: Fried Ice Cream Recipe

or should I wait to go get my cavities filled until I finish off all of the Trader Joe’s goodies first? 17 ounces (hence the name ‘pound plus’) of delicious chocolate with almonds in it. Some other Trader Joe’s purchases from yesterday…….. I think we may have been in the mood for sweets. The packaging … Continue Reading

Salads, Favorite People and a New Recipe!

After a 6 MILE RUN and weight training.…I was a hungry beast. The only thing that could satisfy my screaming belly was a salad the size of my niece.  It was a winning idea to go to Fudruckers (with my awesomest bro and sister-in-law Danny and Shelly) for my collosal salad and B could get … Continue Reading

How to entertain yourself.

William (I call him by his real name when he is acting mature) has some pretty hard finals today….that’s what you get when you choose a major like electrical engineering and you have to take a class titled, ‘Math for geniuses and people who scored a 36 on the ACT,” and so he was stuck … Continue Reading

Sleeping with the lights on.

Billy will no longer take me to the grocery store.  I begged and pleaded for this awesome pinata to fill up with skittles, sour patch kids and milky ways.  I have the perfect place to hang it in my house to keep me entertained during my summer afternoons alone. He reminded me we were there … Continue Reading

My New Favorite Recipe!

If you remember from THIS POST, my sis and I went to Costco and tried Taboule.  We became obsessed quickly.  My bank account didn’t like my obsession and so I was determined to make it on my own. I think I may have a problem because this recipe yields close to 10 cups and I … Continue Reading