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The BEST Cowboy Caviar recipe, Sunday happenings and my training last week!!!

I hope your weekend was a great one.  Utah decided to join the spring bandwagon again and so we spent a lot of time outside the past two days. We started off the morning getting out of our comfort zone and making waffles instead of our normal pancakes. We did a whole lot of randomness … Continue Reading

You will be able to see me, NATIONAL RUNNING SAFETY MONTH and my romantic walks.

First, let’s address that a few people are questioning the fact that I have my Christmas tree up so early.  Don’t worry, I still have 4 pumpkins and a pumpkin scented candle up in my house to cancel out the fact that I have my Christmas tree up about a month too early.   It … Continue Reading

Healthy Lasagna and Motivation

Look at us go.  Not eating out on a non-school night and making something healthy(ish).  My sister apologizes for the half-smile, she says she was hangry. Sister’s Health(ish) Lasagna (added bonus is that it is ridiculously easy and vegetarian): 1 box whole wheat noodles 1 jar of Chunky Garden Combination Ragu Sauce 16 ounces of … Continue Reading

Charlie and Banana Crunch Muffins

Remember my best running/popscicle sharing/cuddle buddy from over the summer? CHARLIE…….. My Mother-In-Law sent me some pictures of Charlie today and it made me really miss him. Yeah, I don’t even know what is going on below….. Update in trying to convince Billy that I need a dog: I am one step closer.  I am … Continue Reading

An Amazing Recipe and an Important Marathon Question

How did I forget to show you some of the ways that I refueled after my Wonder Woman Century Ride because clearly that is the best part of endurance sports:) Please excuse the food that spilled on my camera lens that created a big blur where my ear was supposed to be. After the ride … Continue Reading

S’mores Bars (AKA How to Win Friends and Influence People).

You know that if the ingredients include butter, chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers you are going to have a good night. I have a brother that may be even more obsessed than I am with dessert.  I know, that sounds crazy but it is true.  He emailed my mom a ‘must try’ recipe and she … Continue Reading


  Laura and I started blogging at the same time and instantly became best blogging friends forever.  Her blog is NEVER boring because she blogs about so many different things and her style of writing, her photography skills and genuine personality will hook you just like it did me:) —————————————————————– Hi HungryRunnerGirl readers!  My name … Continue Reading