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Don’t even ask me how Brookers is already 11 months old.  I think someone is playing a cruel trick on me and making time go by way too fast.   Brooke is definitely our little best buddy and makes everything we do that much more fun because seeing her reactions to life is the best. … Continue Reading

Breastfeeding Post

I get a bunch of emails and comments asking about how breastfeeding is going for me so I finally got around to writing a post about it:)  I didn’t ever talk about breastfeeding on the blog when I lost my milk because I felt really bad about it (like really bad) but I now realize … Continue Reading

Happy NINE MONTHS Brooker!!!

 I know every parent in the history of the planet asks how in the world their children grow up so fast but S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y how is Brooke already 9 months old and looking like a toddler.    Remember when she was just a little spiky giving me attitude?  -At 8.5 months she started standing up all … Continue Reading

Why working out helps me personally to be a better mom.

For the first couple of months after I had Brooke I would often feel a little selfish for wanting to run and work out. I sometimes felt bad for leaving Billy and Brooke on a Saturday morning to go out for a long run.  I felt that maybe during Brooke’s nap time I should spend … Continue Reading

How to feel good about your post baby body.

I actually wrote this post when Brooke was 8 weeks old but for some reason didn’t post it until now.  Hopefully it can help any moms reading that are struggling with that post baby body:) ——————————————————————————————————— Let’s be honest here mkay.  After you have a baby your body just isn’t the same for a while. … Continue Reading

7.4 months OLD!!!

It is actually mentally impossible for me to even think back to what life was like before Brooke.   Both Billy and I agree that life was awesome before Brooke but now it is REALLY awesome with her here with us.   The last few weeks have definitely been the best with Brooke.  She is … Continue Reading

Favorite Baby Gear!!!

Here are a few of the things that Brooke and I have been loving. 1.  BOB Ironman Running Stroller. I used a Baby Jogger before I had the BOB and the BOB is 1,000,000 times easier to run with.   It is smooth, easy to control, Brooke is extremely comfortable in there and you have … Continue Reading