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Didn’t Cut It

Friday Favorites (more cabin pictures!!!) and YOUR Running Accomplishments!!

We survived 5.1 miles yesterday at 10,000 ft and we were pretty stoked about it (finishing it).  I am not even exaggerating—> going up the stairs in the cabin here leaves me really out of breath and so running has been quite interesting. We take a breather break often (the hills here are no joke … Continue Reading

More Sunday Fun

My family is very interesting, that is all I know. They liked the new bracelets I got for them! Billy’s first try ever of Red Velvet Blue Bunny ice cream, he loved it.

Bridal Shower Awesomeness.


Charlie is a very healthy dog and picks his own apples straight from the tree! Foot massages are a very common thing in this household! Isn’t that beautiful?!?!?!